Friday, October 2, 2009

i hope u like it... ♬

i jus came back from gary's memorial was slightly different compared to his wake service..its more joyful (but i stil cant hold back my tears..huhu)..weeks ago..i told myself..i wud love to dedicate the song 'the prayer' to was like our song..even during his 21st bday..there were people asking it to b sung..but was different..i cud not sing with him by my side..

alex the MC and also the one who sung the song with me today made a great introduction..

"in 2006, techflow produced a christmas musical entitled 1941, a is a story of a small malaysian village torn apart by the japanese the midst of all this..the worlds of sue ling, a young local girl, and shinoda, a sympathetic japanese general, meet and collide, changing their lives forever..during the play, shinoda and sue ling prayed for each other, culminating in a song 'the prayer'..val played the part of sue ling while gary played the part of shinoda..on the opening nite of the musical, gary gave the performance of a lifetime with the beautiful rendition of 'the prayer'..tonight..3 years later..val and i wishes to present this song as a tribute to gary.."

even this intro brought tears..wat more the slideshow of pictures during the i sang the song..memories singing it with gary flashed tru my mind..i remembered his indian slang..i remembered how he was determined to hit the high note correctly..i remembered how he laughed at his own voice..i remembered how he helped me with my singing and acting..i jus miss his company so much..

shinoda and sue ling

besides this song..we also sang him a song we sang for him during his 21st bday..its an improvised version of the f.r.i.e.n.d.s is the lyrics of our version of f.r.i.e.n.d.s for gary...

we'll be there for u

so no one told u life was gonna b this way,
ur studying in uniten..ur fed by jpa,
its like ur life is alwiz stuck with us,
but it really wudnt b ur day
if we..din find our way here...

we'll b there for u..wen u play for sao paolo,
we'll be there for u..wen u were shinoda,
we'll b there for u..coz ur there for us toooo...

some people think ur malay but ur actually chindian,
ur alwiz playing sumting..either football or futsal,
u never really made any props before,
but u ended up being the christmas nite..props director...

we'll be there for u..wen ur supporting MU,
we'll be there for u..wen u need a helping hand,
we'll b there for u..coz ur there for us tooo...

no one cud ever know us,
no one cud ever see us,
sumtimes the only one who knows that it's like to be us,
sumone to face the day with,
make it tru all the mess with,
sumone we'll alwiz laugh with,
even under the worst we're best with u..yeah!

valerie and gary

gary, i hope u love the song 'the prayer' i sang to u..remember the lyrics..'wen the stars go out each nite..remind us wer u are'..i noe ur rejoicing in heaven..but do come into my dream once awhile ya..miss u my dear fren...hugs!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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