Monday, February 4, 2013

a letter to my granny

dear mama (granny),

thank you so much for always being the one who supports me no matter what..the one who is happy as long as i am happy =)

i remember when i was a child, you always cook every meal for i grew older and went to were there when it was my 1st day of were there during my recess time..i remember running to you for my home cooked meal!! YUMS!

as time passed, it was time that you trusted me to behave well in school =) but you still waited for me in the guard house when my bus came know the days i had to stay back or come home early.. =)

mama, days when i brought back terrible results and got caning..its you who hugged me and put the medicine for always told me that i can do better next time and now i am an engineer already!! big girl already like what you always say =)

mama, do not worry about me..i will always remember your advises and i know you are watching from above...taking care of me although from afar..thank you mama..LOVE YOU!!!! till we meet again..miss u!!! A LOOOOTTT!

cameron highland trip with mama

always her favorite grand daughter

a decision i am sooo thankful for!
got mama's blessings.. =)

my cute mama

till we meet again, mama!



 -thanks faithful listener-