Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My first bestie to be married!!!

from the moment i found out that Afwan (the husband) asked Nissa (the wife & my bestie) to marry him, i was super excited for them!! to see their journey unfold to this blissful marriage is such a happy thing!! =)

here is my dearest bestie

the sweet couple during akad nikah!

with the official husband and wife.. =)

 a picture with all her pinky girls.. =)
this shot was hard to take!! haha

~that's the akad nikah~

beautiful couple for the 'sanding' at nissa's side...

the cute photobooth!!

we still need to be crazy during a wedding! haha! =)

~that's the wedding at Nissa's side~

this is during afwan's side... =)

its like a mini reunion here! weee~!

me with another bestie of mine who is the pengapit!

this is such a great celebration..super happy to see two of my very good friends now being called husband and wife!!!

Dear Afwan and Nissa,

love one another everyday!! when disagreements take over..remember the days when afwan sang love songs to you and remember the days when nissa was willing to go the extra mile for you!! =)

looking forward to double dates with you and little kids of yours calling me 'auntie val' =)


-thanks faithful listener-

hello my home, Penang

this is a really outdated post..sorry! but i really had a great time back home with dear =) we drove home to attend his friend's wedding celebration..we spent 3 days back home..amazing time with great food! =)

thumbs up laksa...
this is near kek lok si market =)

super duper yummilicious!!!

it is his first time being in penang after straits quay its a must visit place for sure!! the yacht gives me the aspiration to own one..hahaha!!! =D

my future yacht will be parked here!! some day~! =)

after eating so new lane, sua tow lane..and so many more..its time for the main purpose..the wedding!!! =) 

Congrats Howard and Vivien!!!

adorable door gifts

 after the wedding..his friends wanted to go to a nearby mamak to catch up..its been some time since they last met..these are his form 6 friends!! super long time ago!! =) it was nice to meet his friends too!

line clear!!

one of the famous food that he was really looking forward to is the APOM! =)

accordingly this uncle has made apom for the royalties..!!

super yummy!! the best breakfast ever!

so soon it was time to drive back to K.L =( i remember how much i wished i didnt have to!! but no matter where i am..i know he will be around =) close to me!!! awwwww~!!!!

-thanks secret keeper-

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


this is my 2nd time in Jakarta..but this time i was a little luckier.. =) i got to go on a business trip with a colleague..usually im alone during business trips!! =( this country is very near Malaysia..but honestly the lifestyle there is very different..there are people who are really really poor and super super rich!! and the traffic jam is CHAOS!!

since i have a friend with me today..its time to explore a small part of the busy off we went to MONAS (monument nasional) right after we landed and checked in our hotel =)

here i am!!!

there was a horse 'carriage' at the entrance

this is 'bajai'..we didnt try this..
during my last trip i tried the 'ojek'..motorcycle taxi!!
it was SCARY along the crazy jammed roads!!
thank God im alive!! =)

along our way back to the hotel..
i spotted heart broke when she begged from me! =(
all she was asking was 1000 rupiah..its only a few cents in RM..

the next day it was all about work and living the life at the richer side of working of coz..


i met with this Indian customer which was really hard to handle!! =( he was shouting at the top of his voice and was really asking and talking about rubbish!! super difficult to handle and it was my 1st business trip where i spoke till my voice shattered..i was about to cry!! =(

after all the stress..i needed food and shopping therapy!!!

we had fine italian dinner..
mine is the picture on the bottom right.. =)
my German friend said Bintang was yummy!!

all in all it was a great trip..handling a tough customer with grace..seeing a small part of the country and seeing what it really was to be called poverty! =(
thanks for sharing this great trip Florian! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, November 19, 2012


it is always a little more fun when you are out for work not alone!!! =) here are some photos of the fun i had in Malacca...

our 1st Malacca meal

satay celup!!! YUM!

the most famous street

Jonker street!!!

very baba nyonya styled hotel..
Hotel Puri

giants??? haha

our 2nd day was all about walking around this historical much fun and i feel so patriotic to my country explaining the history to my German friends..haha =)

kincir air..oh no!! i dunno what this is called in english!! =P

maritime museum

malacca river cruise..
i just found out that this river is in the shape of a dragon!! =)

taming sari tower!

the famous plane!! haha

trishaw ride...

the famous wall that has protected my country

smile!!! everybody that climbed up those stairs need to pose here!
its a rule!! haha

duck tours..heard of it?
this 'duck' can go on land and sea!!!

streets of malacca!!
lovely and sweet with honey sticks...

Portuguese settlement

i had so much fun this trip..just being less serious during a "business" trip =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, November 18, 2012

suprise 24th birthday!!!!

this was back in october too!!! 2nd week of october i its a really belated birthday surprise..but my friends got me really well!!!

here is what actually happened...

it was a very rushing weekend and 'P' asked if i could go with him to buy a belt..he really needed it as his current buckle broke!! without thinking much..i agreed..along the way..he told me that wondermilk was having a 'Buy 1 free 1'..i was actually very tired that day so i just went with the flow..

when i went in the shop i was all crazy about the cute little cupcakes!! =) i was busy choosing and wondering where is the promotion?? no where to be found!!! but 'P' still insisted we should have some..i was super blur when i saw Yati and Aisyah and i sat on a different table!!!! OMG!!! and soon enuf i knew this was for me!! AHHHH!!!

my girls....

a must have photography! =)

more...hahahaha!! =)

this has been a very suprising party...thanks so much my girls and your other really made my day!! totally no hints!!! =)

 thank you all!!!!!

 -thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, November 17, 2012

back to my hometown, Penang.....

it was one weekend in october that we decided to drive back home for his friend's wedding..since its in penang, its time to have lots of yummy food too!!! =) it was just a 3 days 2 nights trip...

started our morning with dim sum!! YUMS!

upon arrival to my fav laksa stall near kek lok si =)

AHHH...i wish i can cook like uncle..
but i think the secret is kept under the pot..hahaha! =P

oops..sushi is a must again!! =P
cute lil froggy with seaweed

this is also my favorite!!! AHHH!!!
so many food that i love along this street...
~new lane~

this is straits quay!! =)

love this... =)

so here is the main reason why we came to Penang.. =)

love the door gifts!!

 all his school mates =)
it was great to meet them and to see who his friends were back then =)

mamak sessions are always a good bonding time!
look at the line clear "boss"!! haha...

a yummy breakfast before our journey back to KL

super yummy and it is his favorite!!! =)

bye bye penang...i will see you very soon!!!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-