Monday, August 31, 2009

merdeka!!!! merdeka!!!! merdeka!!!

it's our country's national day..our freedom was taken in 1957 from britain by Tunku Abdul Rahman..(he's the man!!!) he officiate 31st august as our independence day at dataran merdeka...

thats him!! claiming malaysia!!

this year..2009..our prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib officiate the slogan for our merdeka, "1 MALAYSIA!!!"..he has a different mind set on his nations..he wans his nation to b united as 1!!! =) (that's the way!!)

our logo!!!

im so blessed to b staying in this country..its so peaceful..there are no fearful terrible life taking disasters.. ★ (stars to malaysia!!! hehe)..i pray that malaysia wil continue to stay so peaceful..continue to b safe from all dangerous disasters..and may our leaders lead the nations with right decisions.. =)

sumtin i found out regarding our country...

Rahman (1st prime minister)
Abdul Razak (2nd PM)
Hussien Onn (3rd PM)
Mahathir (4th PM and the one i love most!)
Abdullah (5th PM)
Najib (current PM)
*wonder who wil b the nex PM..hehe*


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

such a heart wrenching news!!!

this happened in san francisco..a gal was 11 wen she was kidnapped..n found 18 years later!!! oh dear...she was caught n taken to a very remote area..she was kidnapped while waiting for her school bus..she has hidden in a shed behind the kidnapper's house all this while..

she was raped several times..she was 1st pregnant at the age of 14..she has 2 kids with the kidnapper!!!! now the kids are 11 and 15...wat a poor gurl to have to bare the pain at such a young age...wen she was older..she was forced to b a prostitute to earn money for the silly kidnapper...

wondering how was she found??? the police actually rated the area she was "working"..thank God...they found her n also the kidnapper!!! wat a cruel heartless guy!!!!

the cute sweet gurl 18 years ago

my dad showed me this..he was warning me not to walk alone in dark areas n all la..i feel its very penang..the crime rate now is so high n its also frightening..the snatch thief here dun only push u but stab u..almost like trying to kill u for ur valuable stuff..haihz... *worry* be careful ya frens out there!!!!! think of safety at all times... =)

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

♪ im goin a place wer i belong.. ♪

yesterday..after my test..i went for a movie..'Imagine that'..its a comedy movie..main actor is eddie comedian.. =)

i rate it 5/5

for me its a must watch movie..hehe..its so hilarious..the story is about him who is crazy over shares..wants to talk to his daughter's imaginary fren for clues on which share wud make it n which he should let go..the ideas he had..jokes he did..made this one of the very few muvees i watch completely during a midnite muvee.. (its usually hard for me to watch tru a muvee during midnite)..but i did this time!

today early in the morning i went to subang airport..checked in around 8.30am..den i boarded the plane at 9.10am..

this is my boarding pass...

while waiting to board the plane..since i was alone waiting..i started taking pics..hehe..this time not pics of myself..but pics of the plane im gonna b in..hehe..its my 1st time sitting firefly..i usually go home by bus..but this time i had 2 go back by had to choose to go home by air..

small n cute..hehe

once i reached home..i rushed to the food fair..n so sad..i forgot my camera!!! ahhh....n my phone battery was not enuf to last..din charge it the nite no pics..huhu..sad sad..but i had fun n i enjoyed so much of penang food..hehe..i bought laksa, hokkien mee, chee cheong fun n cendol..yum yum!!! (of coz i din finish the food on my own..i got a target to achieve remember? haha)...

the fair ended at 4pm..after that..came back home..rested..rolled on the bed..den i was surfing the net..n i heard this song on the radio again..i love this song!!!! brings the merdeka spirit!!!!!

this song title is "satu malaysia"..its sung by all the DJs...nice song!!! oh ya..another thing that i love this merdeka is an advertisement...

isnt that sweet? all nations are 1? no difference on skin colour.. =) wonderin wer wil i count down 2moro..i think i wil join my brothers countdown event in he can fetch me there n back..hehe... =P

to all Malaysians, lets keep the MERDEKA spirit burning..hehe

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Friday, August 28, 2009

we are officially dissolved..

the final report is done..meaning im DONE!!! hehe..we had techflow's agm las wed..26th aug..

thats d compilation of all the 2008/09 committees

we had to present our accomplishments to all the members..letting them know wat was done for the one year..for the pas one year..we were moving ahead with the theme "transform-us"..

me presenting my final report..welfare 1 =)

after all the mike were asked to give a few words n dissolve the old committee..hehe..i was feeling happy at the same time..i miss working with the committees!! awwww...

our advisor dissolving the committees

after the was time for pictures!! and food...this time is nasi goreng!!!

the old comm with 1 sesat..adam..hehe

the welfare 1 & 2

my great committees..nice serving with u all!! hugs... ♥

this agm is not only about the old committees stepping down..but also the new committees stepping up..wish u guys all the God n He will provide...

2009/2010 committee board

i had a great year serving in the committee..thanks for all the guidance n sweet memories..!!

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books til 8pm..haha

today..i haf no plans till 8pm..i haf to study random!!! probabilities after gonna sit for my test 1 at 8.30pm...wish me luck ya...! my test wil b for 1 and a half hours..meaning at freee!!!! hehe.. ♥

♫ i've got a feeling...that tonite's gonna b a good nite... ♫

2moro i wil b goin church back home is having a food carnival in PISA..(penang international sports arena)..i wil b helping out..helping to buy more food to eat!! hahaha... =P..c all of u who wil b there!!! those in penang for drop by okie? =)

im sure the details are clear c u there!!!

okie..i haf to get back to my books!!!! random random random..huhu..i hate the test stress!!! bleks......dun forget to wish me luck..hehe.. (need lots of it!!!)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

thanks to all my faithful readers....

wow! its such a wonderful feeling to know that all my blogs dun go to waste...i know people are reading it... =P it was exactly 26th of may that i wrote my 1st post..n now its 3 months later n i achieved 3000 readers~! weee.....! im so happy..i reached almost 1000 readers a month on the average..thanks so much to u guys..s much s i love wud b much more exciting knowing that there are people reading it.. =) thanks so much peeps!!! well done my faithful listener...hehe

the number shows 3000 total spies..hehe


-thanks faithful listener-


i was looking tru various articles..n i saw this..s a normal gurl..i wud definitely think of this..haha..dieting wen its near my bday..hahaha

the article:

it is not easy to stay trim and slim (totally agree!) s it requires your self-control and discipline. you shud bear in mind some important points highlighted here..

1) avoid nibbling on sweet food like cakes, biscuits, sweets, lolipops, candies and chocolate. if u cud not stop from a sweet tooth, then go for carrots, cucumbers or apples instead of sweetened food.

2) do not overeat. prepare and cook only the amount of food you shud eat so that u wil not b tempted to finish all the leftovers. use a smaller size plate for a small serving purpose. cut down unnecessary diet which wil make u feel parts of your anatomy heavier. do not encourage supper or any meals after 10p.m.

3) exercise regularly to burn off those extra calories. alternatively, u can do sum household chores such as washing, mopping and gardening. apart from gaining health rewards, ur slim waistline could be maintained by doin such consistent activities.

4) increase food rich in fiber is a wise move to stay slim. cut down on red meat and eat leaner meat in smaller portions. avoid inflammatory foods such as trans-fats, deep fried meals. adopt diet rich in organic vegetables, fruits and grains.

5) it is advisable to boil, poach or steam food instead of frying. food high in oil content not only makes you put on weight, but also increase ur heart attack risk.

6) always drink a glass of good water before meal as it wil make u feel full and cause u to consume less food.

remember! do not eat for habit, but eat for hunger. do not overeat bcoz of stress or as an antidote to boredom. consider food as a source of energy. keep urself discipline and self control, if u are serious to make yourself look slim, trim and beautiful.

and effective weight loss program requires positive attitudes, consistent exercise and a low diet in sugar and fat content but rich in plant proteins, fiber and vitamins.


(im motivated..hehe..hope it stays for long..)

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

popcorn, meatball and mash potato awaits!!!

im only planning to study my controls urm..for the time jus waiting for buka puase time with my housemates..hehe..n of coz onlining..hehe...

i checked my email n i haf received my free bday movie coupon from its time 2 choose a movie..hehe.. =) least this free ticket cheered me up since i paid so much for my dear persona..huhu..

there are 3 must watch movie added to my list!!! haha...

date of release: 3rd september 2009
its the 4th edition..i loved all the 3 previous ones..cant wait for this one!!! i know i wil be taken aback tons of times..but im still gonna go watch it..hehe

date of release: 10 september 2009
from the seems like a typically chic flic movie..hehe..hopefully the story line is that i wont b fooled by an interesting poster.. =) hehe...

date of release: 29 october 2009
looks like a romantic movie...ahhh...i cant wait for this..hehe..its so my type of sure most of the gurls out there wil b booking dates with their love one to watch this..hehe =) many movies lined up..i think i shud really get ready to line my books those having tests and quizzes..all the best ya!!! study well n score well..hehe..

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500 bucks!!!!!

today i went to service my car at Proton..did all the basic things like changing of black oil, allignment and balancing, car brake, and other terms which i dunno..haha..but after all done..i asked the mechanic on duty to please check my car battery..n bad news!!! i haf to change it..(i never changed it since 2007 dec..)

change more = pay more

servicing = $243
+ battery = $287
- free voucher coupon = $30
total = $500

this has to las me for about 3 months..i need to start saving for my nex servicing..i mite need to change break pad next..huhu...!!!! this car has given me lots of convienience..but it has also made holes in my purse at times..especially the servicing part n petrol consumption..huhu...but i stil love u, my persona!!!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

selamat berbukak pose!!!

today..had pop quiz for techcomm!!! can u imagine..of all subjects to haf a pop quiz..worse quiz i ever sat for..huhu...dunno how to answer la..huhu...but done is done..gonna be more careful for techcomm nex time..hehe..(hopefully!)

after all my yati n chah drove to sri serdang..went to get dinner for bukak puase..we're gonna haf the mcd special promo tonite..

10 mc value @ RM5.95!!

its really worth it..i bought mc nuggets..yum yum!!! n in front of mcd..there is a i cud not resist my otak2 panggang...hehe..bought 10 sticks..hehe..

RM0.50 per stick...

gonna haf a great dinner tonite..its about to b time to bukak puase..mebbe another 5 hungry too since all my hsemates are malays..hard to find space to eat a lot..hehe..mus respect them too..hehe..

okie..chah calling me d..time 2 eat!!!!!! eat well peeps..dun tercekik okie..hehe...


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

my weekend.. ♥

i went to settle sum arrangements for my bday..i love the place..n i love the deal too..thanks to you! (u know who u are.. =D)..let me show u a glimpse of it b4 the day comes n i blog more about it..

pool side party?? wow!..excited..

after all the excitement n dealing..its time 2 go for shopping!!! i chose 1 utama..its been sum time since i las shop there.. =) i was lookin for a dress..but no suitable wan..huhu..after a while of walking..i was i went to cold storage to get a mineral i was lining up to pay..i spotted this unique fridge..

its kinda open air..but the drinks are cold.. =P

after quenching my thirst..i continued with shopping..hehe..but stil no dress that i like..huhu..but instead..i bought sumore stuff for my card making n scrap booking hobby..n oh..i bought sum cute stuff too..

i love these!!!

n my watch tells me i stil haf an hour plus to my muvee i decided to haf a manicure treatment at Nail Hansen for RM30..

thanks for the pampering..

nice nails!! yay!

by the time it was was almost time 4 i went up..get my jacket..n bought meatballs n pop corn..(mash potato out of stock..huhu)..i wanted the muvee proposal..but the seats left were very front..i dun wan my neck to nex muvee!! dance flick..its comedy...

not bad..rated 3/5

the muvee was funny..n i din feel it was an hour and a half.. =) means not the time the muvee was was almost 9..time 4 dinner...i had laksa!!! sumwer near subang..on the way back..the laksa is really yummy..the soup was rich with fish..yum yum..wud love to haf it again.. *thumbs up!*

i had a great weekend..its sweet n relaxing.. =) love it!!!! wish to haf more...hehe

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, August 21, 2009


its time 2 surprise nissa!!! exams for the week is over! so we can spend sum time celebrating..hehe..we made a plan with afwan to take nissa out til 7.30..haha..we (yati chah n i) went to buy the food..n they (kom, anita, mit n wen yih) wen n get the cake..

once we were back..we poured the food..a lot of food..haha..cleared the house n decorated the wall.. =P chah did sum colourful letterings..

thats us..nice deco rite?

we laid the food on the floor n got ready..we had tomyam, kailan ikan masin, ayam paprik n telur dadar..yum yum..n oh ya!! blueberry cake!! yum yum..

yum yum....hunggy..wer r the rest??

the cake is ready!

once all the 7 of us are in the house..we were getting more excited..hehe..anita keep spyin by the window..but no signs of nissa...haihz...its already 7.35..suddenly we heard we quickly lite up the candles..n haiya..not her!!!

take a pic 1st..since the candles litted up d..haha

suddenly afwan sms us saying nissa in on the way up the apartment already..ahhh!!! every1 was excited..hehehe..but i n chah stil in time 2 take pic..hehe

nice rite? =)

*sound of keys
*sound of door being open

SURPRISE!!!!! happy birthday!!!! i hope she enjoyed the surprise.. =) hehe..after that..we started much to eat..burps!..after that..we cleared up the place n took family pics..haha..

sisters by choice

after that..we decided to go for a movie..we watched 'i love u beth cooper'..i was a chic flic movie..but with lame jokes..there were scenes which were quite borink..haihz..felt it was draggy too..i wud rate it 3/5..hehe...

8 muvee tickets!

oh ya..almost forgot..b4 movie..we went for an hour of karaoke..hehe..sing our hearts out..(happy bday song was not enuf).. =P we spend $23 for 1 hour and green box..jusco cheras selatan..

me n the bday gurl!

nissa, i hope u had fun!

HAPPY 21st BDAY!!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

i had fun this gathering!

i should say well done shwe (the PIC of the week)!!!!...its mite not b as well organized..but i had fun!

this was the promo for the week!

we started of wit P&W..n i was the song leader..i was so amazed at how i felt God's presence..i felt sumthing special wen i sang the worship songs..i felt God's comfort.. =) thank u Lord!

after P&W..we collected offering..den we started of with our main activity..we were divided into 4 group was the cow n tyre..everytime shwe said cow..we had to make the sound of "MOOOO!!!"..n wenever she said tyre..we must say "BANG!!"...the other groups are like girls, cowboy, grandma and many more..after practicing the sounds we had to make..she narattted a story..n everytime we hear her saying the words we were in-charged of..we had to make the sound..hmmm...soon ours became BOONG!!! hahaha..tongue twisted!

another nice activity was to act out as a machine..different parts of the machine must b from my group..we had 6 ppl..4 were s the driver n i were the wiper..haha..n our group topic is 'Lorry Babi'..haha...there were more machines to laugh about wen we c different teams performing..i cud recall joshua thong as a lawn mower..haha..daniel as the fart disposer machine..haha..

after all the fun we had..we had a moment of silence for our beloved fren, gary..we watched the video again (shown during his wake service) was really sad looking tru the pics we had together..the different uniten programs we attended the pics flashed by..i jus cud not hold back my tears..i miss gary!! i miss him disturbing me..huhu..

mr mike (techflow's advisor) gave a short talk on how to manage grief n how to look at the brighter side of the was comforting to my ears.. =) thanks mr mike for the sharing..

there wil b an acting workshop this coming saturday..n a meeting for all cast, crew and committee this sunday..(it was a las minute notice for me..i got other plans already!)

i think this is it for my updates...take care peeps!!!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

happy bday nissa!!

my roomie is 21 d!!!! weee~! she is now sleeping..haha..n her alarm is usual she cant hear..hahahaha...(oops..cannot bully bday gurl rite?)..

she is the most blur in the home..haha..nice to kacau her..she wil jus bwat bodoh oni.. =P she wont fight back..nice rite? its like u bully sum1..but u x kene balik..hehe..

i hope u will enjoy ur bday! n the best ting bout her is that every small surprise we make will gif her a big shock..senang terkejut!!! hahahaha....

me, yati n chah shud b cracking our heads of wat to get her as a prezzie n oso wat surprise this time!!! haihz.....wen u noe sum1 for sum time..u can run out of ideas!!! but nissa kan senang terkejut??! shud b easier..hehehehe...

okie la..will update u peeps more on wat celebration we had!!!

bang!!! its ur bday..ur one year older!


-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

happy birthday gary!! u stil remember one year ago..we were celebrating ur bday? i had lots of fun..u were finally 21..hehe..n i was saying "ur a big boy d..haha"..a big brother to me.. =)

do u noe we are having a makan-makan at ur place tonite for ur bday? look at us from above sure ur laugh at us down how u alwiz laugh at me!! blek =P

me wit the bday boy!

did u stil remember how they tortured us to sing the song in 5 mins time? we cud not even recall the lyrics..but i beri muke to i jus sing la..hehe..made a fool out of ourselves..haha..

us planning for the song..nervous!!

i had lots of fun during ur big day!

gary..i hope ur having lots of fun celebrating ur special day wit Jesus n his angels..make sure u dun b so noty up there okie..take good care bro! miss u...

balloons!!! weee~! that was wat u said b4 snapping the pic..haha

-RIP, my buddy-

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, August 17, 2009


last saturday n sunday was uniten convocation! as usual..wen u dun graduate..u have to flowers..n sum teddys..hehe..

it was really hot waiting for my frens to b out..n wen they release the graduates..its so hard to find them..haih..the tall ones was easier.. =P i was happy seeing my frens grad..n mine is like 2 more years! ahh...malas la wanna study sumore! hehe..but working life is not fun as well.. =P

this is my 2 bro that i respect a lot..harin n suresh!

harin : my career fair boss..i was his secretary
suresh: the one who bullies me..haha..but he talks sense wen he is serious

thats my christian fellowship frens..phoebe, agnes, janice n sarah

phoebe: i worked wit her in the committee before..easy to work wit!
agnes: she is not in her robe..hers was the nex day! gonna miss her sharp high pitch voice
janice: a caring praying partner =)
sarah: nice boss..hehe..she was my boss in the committee for techflow for 2 years

frens out there that u haf grad n entered the working world..i pray that God wil guide u u in all ur decision making situations..i pray that u wil get good bosses n find favor in the eyes of ur bosses n seniors in the company.. =)

for those planning to do masters!! weeee~! means i can stil c u guys!! hehe..

take care peeps n dun forget to come back uni 2 visit us!!! gonna miss u all...


-thanks faithful listener-

happy birthday gelyn!!!

thats the bday gurl!!

its my bestie's bday!!! awww...i miss her so much now! how i wish i had a longer can spend more time with her.. =(

this gurl..i have her met for almost 11 years! let me tell u how we met..hehe..

it was during en talib's tuition..(bahasa classes) was during stdrd 4..i met her for jus 1 day i we only saw each other..but i din even noe her name..den life went on..for my nex class..i never saw gelyn attending it anymore..after 2 years..i met her the same the 1st class of the year..i saw her..the teacher asked me 2 sit nex to her..that was wen i knew her name..haha..after UPSR..we lost contacts again (at that time..we did not haf hp)..

i met her again in form 1..same tuition!! such a the 1st glance..i smiled to her n indicated we were gonna sit together..n she agreed..n starting from that day..we planned to attend the same tuitions..reserved places for one another..we made the most noise in tuitions wen we were together..almost every tutor knows both of us..haha.. =) thank God..we alwiz got the tutors the result they no scolding from them..hehe =P

wen i was form 4..i left to mrsm..can u imagine..we were writing letters to one another..(i cud not bring my hp there..its against the rules).. and everytime i was was time 2 really meet up..we wud go shopping.. =) after form 5..we had more freedom..less princess b back home by we enjoyed hiking..n many more..

we met in kl..wen both of us was studying here

it was before she left for canada i tink..

went sunway lagoon during her 1st trip back =)

she is a fren n sis dat i haf met in tuition..but the frenship we share was such a magical wan..we share a frenship way closer than classmates..childhood frens..and even sum sisters out there!..its like im never afraid to share my deep secret wit her..i noe she wil alwiz b by my side..even if we argue..i noe we will alwiz patch back (i think this never happen b4..)..

lately wen we went out..the only thing that made me giggle..was the one thing that never changed..choosing the place to hang out..we wud fight to not b the one who has to make the decision..hehe..but im gonna haf 2 wait a year to argue again..huhu...she wil b goin back 2 canada again in 20th aug..have a safe journey ya ge..gonna miss u!!!



-thanks faithful listener-