Friday, October 2, 2009

❉my reward❉

its all done for the week!!!! datelines for the week all definitely must haf sum fun b4 the horrifying week starts again..and since all of us (me, nissa, yati n chah) is free..we decided to go for a muvee..SORORITY ROW!!!

can u spot me? haha

its gud..its 18PL..thriller, murder n eewww....blood everywer..n as usual..i watched the muvee half tru my fingers n shawl..haha..the show definitely scare the crap out of us..haha..

we are sisters for life too..but no killing ya? =P

hmmm...let me share with u sum tings i did this week dat made me deserve this outing..haha..even if i dun really deserve it..i wanna haf a break!! haha..

me researching on controls project

interview with pn hasliza and her maid for techcomm

do u think i deserve a break? haha...but im sure the tenants of I3-01-01 agrees!!!!

at alamanda!!! =)

tomoro i will b goin to bukit jalil at 7.30 for training for my 5km run..God..grant me strength to finish!! hehe...i think i shud buddy is waiting for me...hahaha...

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. awesome.!
    when u're back in penang i can train together with you for 5km track. =)

  2. deriss..ur running too for 'run for the nation' in penang?

  3. owh heard of it but when is it?
    i thought is in kl or something

  4. its on the 10/10/09..all 14 states are participating..penang kl we have around 20 groups..all together covering 1010km..