Friday, July 31, 2009

hilarious & sweet

i jus came back from a muvee..i cant imagine i watch it on the 1st day it is was such a las minute plan..around 5pm..we said we wanted to go mines..den muvee came to our all those who cud join..left at 8pm for sum shopping..den 10.45pm muvee!!!

its a nice muvee..its hilarious!!! many nice funny scenes.. =) there were sum lovey dovey ones..hehe...jus love the muvee..its more of a chic flic muvee..awww...the scene about the wedding cake is my favorite..hahaha...and the part wer he changed is so this kind of muvees...cant wait 4 more..

i was browsing tru gsc website and i realize there wil b many muvees im wanting to least 2 muvees in a month!!! weeee~! but i mus remember my target to achieve this sem... =P

okie..gotta go to bed an appointment in dreamland..hehe..good nite peeps!!!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 deaths already??!! scary.....

till today..its getting from bad to worse..huhu..its so scary..latest news i read online is we already had 3 deaths..oh my!!! and the scariest thing ever is the last death is from PUTRAJAYA!!! ahhh...feel like running away to sumwer far...huhu...

many universities around us like UPM and UKM have already been quarantined...thank God..UNITEN is stil in the safe zone..(i wan it to alwiz b..please)

peeps..those with these symptoms please c a doctor!!!!

flu including fever, cough, headache, muscle and joint pain, sore throat and runny nose, and sometimes vomitting and diarrhoea...and anyone who has travelled to the affected countries..please have the courtesy to quarantine urself for at least 10 days..

wondering how to prevent??

1) cover mouth n nose wen sneezing and coughing..and remember to dispose the tissue properly..

2) wash hands with soap often and thoroughly..using alcohol based sanitizer wud b more effective..

3) keep ur hands away from ur eyes, mouth and nose..the virus can enter ur body from those parts!

4) a nutritious diet, good manageable stress level and adequate exercise will help maintain or boost ur natural resistance to infections..

haihz..its getting worse!! peeps start getting cautious...its not jus a virus but it KILLS!!! take good care okie everyone?..wil keep u guys in my prayer...may we be protected by His precious blood...

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science in BM?! oh my...

are they sure its gonna bring any benefits?? how can we learn everything in BM (besides english of coz) during our primary and secondary school?? den once in university..we wil b takes time 2 change all the scientific terms into english..lets c this example...

Our beloved and efficient government said we are going to teach Science in BM in 2012.

The whole world uses the language as an information and/or technology language. How dangerous it will be if we try to use BM, especially in school.

An example:-

Hardware = barangkeras
Software = baranglembut
Joystick = batang gembira
Plug and Play = cucuk dan main
Port = lubang
Server = pelayan
Client = pelanggan

Try to translate this:

That server gives a plug and play service to the client using either hardware or software joystick. The joystick goes into the port of the client.

Pelayan itu memberi pelanggannya layanan cucuk dan main dengan menggunakan batang gembira jenis keras atau lembut. Batang gembira itu akan dimasukkan ke dalam lubang pelanggan..

look at the example and lets visualize wat will happen wen the kids of malaysia start having those kind of translation..hehehe...

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

its all gonna begin???

its currently stil in the 1st month of the new sem..but everythin is starting to get a lil hectic..huhu.. *worried*

i can c myself running here n there..settling stuff here n there..

# i jus finished my controls quiz..(i was okie)
# i jus attended my 1st career meeting (gonna head the company visits..hopefully i can!)
# became leader of my techcom group..(wonder wat r we up to)
# gonna have power sys to hand up and most prob a quiz too 2moro!
# random pop quiz any time
# gotta run tru micro p..(i hate tis subject~!)
# got agm to attend to this 5th august
# got exams waiting for me too!!!

ahhhhhhh....i cant wait for this all to end..but in the mean praying for strength..(now i really need strength..i having cramps at the moment..huhu)

besides at a junction wer i dunno which road to choose..there are ppl asking me 2 jus stay put in beloved career unit..but sum say no ur suitable there too..but i honestly dunno which one i shud stay in..honestly..i like both.. =P but i have an instinct that one is a heavier task then the other..huhu..ahhh...God..pls show me the way..pls let my choice b rite wit u!!

i guess thats all for now..wil update u all soon! (its hard blogging now..huhu..internet n time is stealing my blogging moments!)

p/s: wish to achieve 5 in 2 weeks (wanna find out more..u gotta read more..haha)

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

king of the fruits!

heart shape king!

wenever we talk about this seasonal fruit, DURIAN..many girls wil shout "fattening!! pimples!"..parents wil warn us "heaty..ulcers!!" and sum wil even say "yuck..smelly!!"

haihz...but for me..its fattening..heaty n very fond of getting everytime i take durians..i wil need lots of water hoping i dun need bonjela in future.. =P

but suprisingly..i read bout this minutes ago..interesting!!

durian contains tryptophan which is used to treat:

* depression
* suicidal depression
* anxiety
* insomnia
* aggresion
* appetite (to curb the appetite)
* pain
* migraine
* premenstrual syndrome
* bulimia
* parkinson's disease
* obsessive compulsive disorder
* nightmares
* stress

suprisingly rite? but its true...the king of fruits indeed helps!! haha..but watch ur amount!! it works at a moderate amount..if too much..oh no!! it mite turn things the other way round..hehe =P

oh ya..a tip..(dunno how true..haha)..after eating water on the inner skin of the durian..use the water to wash ur hands n drink..its wil take away the smell from ur fingers..n also prevent u from getting sore throat.. =)

enjoy this special fruit while its stil around!! hehe

-thanks faithful listener-

all about food..yum yum!

food food food...such a bliss..hehe =P

i did try a couple of new places to eat..but haihz..i wanted to try the char keow teow..but close...but i did try many other food along the way.. =)

a few days back..i tried 'Padi House' in Putrajaya..its sumwer around the Mdec head office..the food there is affordable..big portion n tasty..the atmosphere is dim n very comfy..around the shop..there is a nite market..around 10 stalls..(tried my best not to buy anything..haha)

tuna sandwich & drink set meal @ RM8.90++

potato salad side order @ RM 4.90 nett

oh i went to tropicana PJ..its quite nice..many outlets too..manage to buy sum hairclips n earrings =) n of coz eat eat eat..hehe...

the 1st place we tried was 'Otak otak place'..lyke the name..its famous for otak otak..barbequed or stemed.. =) it was den around 4pm..tea we tried their tea time set..

this is their menu..(like school science log book..hehe)

steamed otak otak, toasted bread n tea/coffee @ RM5++

~they provide card to kill time while waiting for the food~

love the otak otak..yummy!

peeps..u guys shud try!!

after walking for awhile..we decided to try waffles at 'Daily Fresh'...we were not hungry..but greedy i its stil tea time..but this time no special cheaper deal..haha..

pandan kaya & butter waffle @ RM3.70

me enjoying my waffle..thumbs up!!

at tropicana city fm was there!!! they were conducting the show at 2009 career carnival too..this time they had a competition "Back To School" was between fabes, prem, nadiah and juls..its a competition where the DJs will answer a ques (they were tutored by students from secondary school)

the DJs in school uniform..haha

for dinner..we had food prepared in was MAEDAY celebration in church..(meet and eat day!)..we had chi pao kai, egg, 2 pork dishes, tofu and vege..its really yummy..burpz!! (oops..excuse me!)

the celebration ended around 9pm..den along the way..we stopped by "Secret Recipe"..i love the cakes n thick..slurrp!

new york cheese cake @ RM 6.50


im so full today..with a full tummy..i tend to b sleepy..ahhh!

but i haf a hectic week waiting for me..

# controls quiz (monday)
# hand up power sys tuto (wednesday)
# power sys quiz (pop quiz)
# random quiz (pop quiz)

i jus hate pop quiz..i hate having all the notes being at the back of my fingers..ahhh!

okie..i gotta stop writing..
need to either study or sleep early for church 2moro..hahahah... =P

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

slow internet means.....

means NO BLOGGING!!! huhu

i cant even sign in for the past few days..haihz..

had lots to update..especially on wer i ate..

will update more wen i haf time ok?

now im goin for char keow teow!!! yummy..wil tell u guys bout that too...



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Thursday, July 23, 2009

wen yih the bday girl...

ur 21 d...

happy bday wen yih!!! oops..its belated!! very very belated..her bday is actually on 18th june...haihz...

we din manage to celebrate it den coz it was our holidays during special sem break..after this sem started..this was the only time wen all of us cud make it..

we had dinner at steamboat n bbq near seri was delicious n very very filling..we ate 4 arounds of steamboat..the marinate bbq was so so tasty..i love the lamb, sting ray and honey chicky..burpzz!!! (oops..excuse me!)

we enjoyed dinner!!! yummy~!

so this celebration was suppose to b a suprise.. =) it was such a coincidence dat wen yih wanted to go to the toilet after as soon as she left..i n komala rushed to the car to take the it on the lower tray near our table..wen she came back from the toilet..we were shocked that she walked towards the tray..we were so scared that our plan mite b noticed..huhu..but to our suprised..she took a sheet of tissue..n went back to her seat..SHE WAS BLUR!!! hahaha...

we were so full that after cutting the cake..we packed up the cake n ate at home..(sum were kept in the fridge for 2moro)...i redecorated the base of the cake...

frens alwiz!! =)


may all ur wishes come tru..

n hope u enjoyed ur bday!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, July 20, 2009

silly parking..good cooking

u know wat??? 2day wen i drove to class..i saw many guard at the junction to the coe parking lots..i tot they were jus checking the car stickers of students..but u noe wat!!! students with outside sticker are the only ones allowed to park at the parking lots..the rest of us stayin in campus..we were asked to park near bv or residence hotel..(its not much difference walking from ilmu)..haihzz!!! so many of us were late for classes since there were not many parking lots at bv or residence hotel!!!

wat stupid rule is that? y cant we park there too? dun we pay the same amount? huhu..hate walking with heals so far!! (thats not the main reason) i have classes which is like from coe, coit den coe..back 2 back!!! how can i depend on the bus which is never on time n takes 20 mins to travel from coe to coit!! ahhhhhh!!!! the management shud think of us b4 carrying out such silly rules!

********** haihz..enuf of the complains *********

after tech comm class..we went to alamanda to buy sum stuff 2 cook..chah brought sum rempah from jb to cook mee we only haf 2 buy the lauk.. =)

all the ingredients

a) beef (can b replaced with chicken)
b) prawns
c) the soup rempah
d) bean curds
e) sawi
f) carrots
g) fishballs
h) fishcakes

jus mix all the ingredients according to which takes the longest time 2 cook...oh ya!! i forgot the onions, garlic n ginger.. not only taste good..but also smells good!!!

once everythin is well cooked..meaning the beef is soft..the carrots are soft..its time 2 break in the eggs n boil the mee or bihun...let it cook for another few minutes..den its READY!!!

dinner tyme!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

sunway lagoon ~18th july 2009~

early in the morning..around 7.30am we started out journey..reached subang at 8.30++..had breakfast at a mamak sumwer around the area..i had roti telur..after sum chit chat..we went to wer we were all excited about!!!! SUNWAY LAGOON!!

at the entrance

we were we had 2 we did wat we do shoot time..hehe.. =P around 9.45am the ticket counter was we queued up..bought our tickets.. 5 theme parks..wild wild west, waters of africa, scream park, extreme park and wild life..all in all for RM72 (with my kad)...the park opens only at we had sum extra we too pic with the sunway ducky... =)

the famous mascot!

1st..we went for tomohawk n also pirate ship!! it was quite we decided to go for scream park..(a break from all crazy rides) was cool!!! it has this prison break effect..3D effect..n oso the latest nite in the museum effect!!! i had fun..but honestly i freaked out!! =P...nex we went for more rides that cud get us a lil wet..the flume ride was cool..i was sitting in i was practically wet!!! the water bumper ride was fun too.. =)..after that..we went for the extreme park..i went for flying fox..n swan pedalling boat..was kinda tiring..but its a leisure from all the fast, breath taking rides..lastly we went to the water park!!!! i enjoyed that one the BEST!!! i love the float slides n oso one mat slide..weee~! HAPPPYYYYY!!!!

suspension bridge..shaky shaky!

flying fox..from the top of the tower..rite to the waters!!

good girls punished?? how can that be? =P

it was WORTH every single cent!!! wish Malaysia had more theme parks!!! =)

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Friday, July 17, 2009

jalan jalan cari makan!!

rojak sotong & favourite!

this rojak is by the roadside at ss15...check out the queue..everytime around 4pm..we i go there..i haf 2 queue up..its not expensive at all..the one that i like is RM3.80..n its YUMMY!!...n the good thing is while lining up..i can drink cendol..of coz its not free..hehe..its RM1.50..the gula melaka is very nice.. =) i love having them for tea during my saturdays! slurrppp...

pepperoni wrap at sungei wang@YUKI

this crispy wrap is tasty too..its crispy flour with pepperoni, cheese, onions, mayonese n black pepper..great combination!!! i love it..hehe..its RM7.25..(inclusive of goverment tax)..the line here is not so long..(thats a good thing!)..i only had 2 wait 3 minutes the las time i had it..but its quite i usual share with a fren..

thats the wrap!!

thats 2 of my favorite sure there wil b more 2 come!!! wait n c..hehe...find time in ur busy schedule n pamper urself to these yummy food!!! =) enjoy peeps...

-thanks faithful listener-


today..really happy.. =) lake called in the afternoon n said got free tickets to the musical play FAME..i wanted to go watch it..but it was not in my monthly budget.. =(

my class for the day ended at 6pm..met lake near jusco balakong at 6.30pm..den we went for dinner sumwer near lake's new house..

nicely decorated century egg porridge..hehe..

after dat..we went to sri cempaka cheras..melody (lake's wife) works there..its a production of her students..we arrived a lil had time 2 take pics..

-thats their main school building-

this is the hall for the play

Sypnosis: the drama was about a girl who cud sing n act well in her school..but wanted more fame in the reality world..she took drugs to mantain her slim figure..she tried to go for auditions to b a actress..but din really pass..n she din manage to graduate in Performing Arts High School because she died due to drugs..

the play was nice..lots of dancing n singing..i did enjoy it.. =)

great job sound engineer!!!

one of the main props used..

congrats mel!! -the stage production manager-

i definitely enjoyed the play..

WELL DONE CEMPAKIANS!!! (dunno is that wat they call themselves anot..hehe)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

sum thoughts to share...

today i went to TECHFLOW..uncle abraham shared about our theme..Love & was an awesome sharing..sumthing to strengthen my new start for the sem =)


uncle told us a story.....(this time no once upon a time..hehe)

there was a poor family consist of a hubby, wifey n daughter in law..they lived a very hard life..filled with difficulties, tears n day..wen the hubby went out to work..3 old man arrived at their door the wifey invited them to come in..but they insisted to wait til hubby was the wifey cud only entertained them at the door..once the hubby was home..they told the wifey to tell hubby their names..WEALTH, SUCESS and LOVE..n only one can come in their home at one the hubby, wifey n daughter in law had a short discussion..n due to the tears n arguements..they realized that they needed LOVE to b they invited LOVE 1st..but all 3 of the old man came in together..the wifey was surprise n they 3 old man said.."if u invite LOVE into ur home..WEALTH and SUCCESS wil follow in"

so peeps..GOD is LOVE and not LOVE is remember to invite God into ur heart..n WEALTH and SUCCESS will follow!!! =)

after that was time 2 teach us more on FAITH..

Forsaking All, I Trust Him!!!!

uncle shared his own personal touching testimony..

let me cut his story short..back in the 90's..uncle had an accident n his right leg n arm was suppose to b amputated..but he din wan it 2 happen bcoz he is the eldest in the family..his arm had 7 screws on it 2 hold it to his body..n after 8 years..all the screws cud b removed..n his arms now is like normal..praise the Lord!!!...about his leg..his hips were shorten by 1 inch and there were 4 plates in his hips..n that difference in length has stopped him from many promotions in his job..many ppl tend to doubt him wen he shares bout Christ..they tend to question him.."how can u say God performs miracles..but ur own condition is like this???" he went tru a hard hard time..n after 2 years..he felt a strange pain on his hip..a doctor even told him that he wud die in 2 years due to artritis..but wen he seek a 2nd opinion..the doc did agree that the x-ray was horrifying..but wen the doc performed a new x-ray..miraculously..there were no plates shown!!! only one screw...wat a faithful God i serve...uncle din go tru this painful experince wit a smile..he prayed morning n nite for a miracle..he had faith that the Lord wil bless n heal him..n indeed..our God never disappoints us!!!
Deuteronomy 7:9 - know therefore that the Lord your God is God; He is the faithful God, keeping His covenent of love to a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep His commands

1 John 4:8 - whoever does not love does not know God, because God is Love

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

double trouble...

she is the fren i had since foundation..most of our classes are alwiz the same since..n this sem..its all the same except for 1..lucky 2 have her in all my classes again.. =) hopefully it can b til our las sem!

she is not only my classmate but my housie..we have fun together most of the time...let me share sum of our pics..

chemistry lab..that was in foundation!! gosh..

on the eye of malaysia

in port dickson..we love the beach.. =)

taking pics in class?? our hobby..haha

celebrating chah's 20th bday!!

she has been a good listener..i remember class wen i was really down..i was practically crying..but she din bother bout the lectures..but instead..she calm me down n tried 2 cheer me up..thanks Ti!!!

this sem..her bf is back 2 msia (he studies abroad) weekends are reserved for we spend weekdays together!! shopping! eating! lepaking! haha...thats our normal routine..hehe.. =P

hopefully this sem wil bring our frenship closer..n may we enjoy studying together n doing well in tests n exams this sem..n i cant wait 2 enjoy this coming weekend with u and chah!!!! lets hit the rides!!!! weee~!

-thanks faithful listener-

monday blues...

early blues was actually rolled away.. =P but wen i was in campus..oh my..i felt so lazy to go to must b coz of the nice weekend.. =( i was so reluctant to go to class..wanted to jus sleep in my room n skip all the classes..n worse of all..i was lazy to iron my formal attire..huhu..(but i had 2 jus do it)

s i walk 2 my car..the haze was terrible..the smell of the air was like "open burning"..terrible rite? 1st class was controls..thank God..the lecturer is i din feel like dozing off.. =P nex was random..oh my..the lecturer was down wit sore u can imagine..her lullaby voice can put me to sleep..haha...nex was micro-p then..i was me n my fren was busy thinkin wat to order for lunch..haha..thank God the lecturer was jus explaining the course outline..din miss much!! haha...n out of the blue..i became the class rep for tech comm..n my duty started immediately..haihzzz...i must photocopy the notes for every1 by wednesday..hmmm...hopefully i can b responsible tru out the whole sem.. =)

after all my classes..i went to the gym..did sum treadmill walking n body jam launching classes..both lite exercises ni..not feeling too good..(hopefully i'll recover quick)..

i tink that about all wat i did today.. =) gonna read the bible..den sleep...


-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, July 10, 2009

im all fired up.. =)

i jus gone tru my 1st week of the happy..i got mostly all the lecturers i add n drop session was a breeze.. =) my classes are mostly 11 or 10 morning to 5 or 6pm..(no excuses to not go classes..haha)

thats my timetable..

this new sem is gonna b very special for me..its a sem to really rely on my roomie (nissa) n housie (yati n chah)..they are the closest ppl i haf in uni..(i know i can rely on them)..

thats my bed

i love the butterfly most (very special to me)..each soft toy carries a meaning.. =)

i really hope dat this sem is gonna b on my lucky side..i wanna get back my all-time wished pointer.. =P *fingers crossed* so it means..


a promise to myself:

*enjoy the gym
*enjoy the pool
*focus in class
*dun procrastinate
*read the bible

really hope 2 keep to my promise n never break it.. =)


-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, July 9, 2009

fun fair!!!

felt like a kid once again..changing tokens..lining up for rides..hehe.. =P

the fun fair (near jusco balakong) was not very crowded..i think its jus open..not many ppl noe bout it yet..we did enjoy it..wil let the pics tell the story..hehe..(lazy to type..wakaka)

persona passengers

kancil passengers

had dinner at nims island

excited!!! all time ferris wheel

queueing up for the air swing...adreline rushing..

bag carriers? hehe..they are not gonna play..scared? =P

besides all the rides...we enjoyed the fun fair games too..i loved the duck fishing wan..we had 2 fish out a duck n check the code under it to match it with the prize we won..was exciting wanting to find out wat prize we wud receive.. =P

another game dat i love was the betting game..all we had to do was bet which number wud we kinda got addictive but we stopped before our addiction got worse..altho we won at the lucky number 12..hehe..

besides all the extra token coins..we did get sum small cute prizes..i love the small bolster most.. =)

satisfactorial prizes! =)

after all the was time 2 go was drizzling too..


-thanks faithful listener-