Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A weekend at Perhentian Island

this is gonna be a picture post =) the pictures will make you feel like going!! =)

airasia flight to Kota Bharu =)
its approximately 90 minutes flight...

at the airport, we could buy tickets to the island
RM35 per person for return ferry tickets
RM60 for a taxi to the jetty

the boat ride was almost an hour
torture for me!! =(

checked into Shari-la
not luxurious but nice and cozy! =)

it was sooo hot so i needed ice blended!
dragon fruit ice blended! nice!


almost sunset after 3 hours of snorkelling
RM25 per person for snorkelling
we saw sharks, turtles and many fishes!!

the jetty

coconuts time!
was yummy but not sweet enough


RM18 for rice and a choice of seafood

mine is the crab and fish!! RM25 =)

nice stroll along the beach after dinner

canoe-ing the next morning
RM10 for an hour

love this mr sharkie =)

i will be back i hope!! =)
See you again perhentian island!!

 -thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Matterhorn Challenge @ Euro Deli

back in March..i went to Euro Deli for the crazy burger challenge!!!! RM120 for 1 burger!!

here is the ratio..

am i ready?! not really!!!
have to finish the whole burger in 45 mins

here it us!!! HUGEEEE!!!!


cant even bite in one mouthful!!

since it was ridiculous to finish it, i gave up before it started! hahaha..brought two of my other colleagues along..3 of us finished it almost 90 minutes..i asked the waiter if anyone won the challenge..only one!! i salute that winner!!!

the prize if you can finish it in 45 mins is RM100 voucher and another burger for free!! =)


-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dining in the Dark

a very special experience in KL to try! it is a MUST try!! =) this is at Changkat Bukit Bintang, above Werner's Bar...let me share my very wonderful experience..

i went there with my colleagues, 6 of us..we were all very anxious to wonder how dark is dark?! first of all, we were ushered to a bar setting to have our welcoming drink..and thats the only edible thing i could see for the night! =) we also had a mini blindfold game to start of the night!

how dark is dark?!

searching for paper clips among rice

here is our menu!!
OH NO!!! no clues found!

before we entered our dining area, we had to keep all phones, lighters, watches and everything that could light up in a locker. To my surprise, the waiters and waitresses are blind! it is really a tremendous experience to let the blind serve us.

thats to the best yet!! eating and guessing what is on the plate is very very exciting. some of my colleagues are even eating with hands cause they can find the food with their cutlery!! from appetizer, soup, main dish to dessert!! i managed to eat all i hope but it was really a great time to remind me how lucky i am to have all my senses!

 thumbs up for this wonderful dining experience =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, April 26, 2013

Asian Water Village

a few colleagues and I decided to have a BBQ party...some were bringing their families and therefore a place too far from KL is not really a good idea =) so after a few discussions..we are going to Asian Water Village..its only in puchong!

camping tents are available for overnights

once we arrive, we had to take a boat across the lake...approximately 5 mins ride only...the entrance fee already included water sports..so it was PLAY time!!!! the games are definitely must-try!! so much FUN!!!!!!!! =)

after almost 2 hours playing the in lake..it was time for BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so much food to BBQ!!!

food can only be ordered from the management

lets begin!!!


FIRE!!! hahahah!

great company

 great atmosphere!!!

 after eating for almost two hours..it was time to leave this small man made island...a place i would come again! =)

ME TOO! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi

when you are in Abu Dhabi..you must at least have a photostop here!! Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque!! i think its like a Taj Mahal of UAE!

so beautiful!
made out of white marble....

the inside also had many real gold pillars!!
really grand!!!! =)

this is me!!!
respecting the malay culture =)
if not i cant go in =(

this last stop ends my trip in Dubai for 4 days 3 nights.....will come back again someday for sure!!!!!!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Ferrari World - Dubai

time to visit Abu Dhabi!!! this is also our last day in Dubai =( the very famous attraction in Abu Dhabi is FERRARI WORLD!!!!

im here!!!

 ferrari here!!

ferrari there!

ferrari everywhere!!!! =)

a ride to see the history of ferrari...

it was not up to my expectation =(
and also the fastest roller coaster was under maintainence =(
however, we had 50 dihram because it was closed!

so its time to shop!!! WEEE~!!!!

if you love FERRARI..here is you 'heaven' =)

-thanks faithful listener-

happy birthday mummy!!

mummy turned 58 in Dubai =) today we decided to dine with mum in Al Mahara - world's exclusive restaurant in Burj Al-Arab...it was a soooo many course fine dining dinner!

the grand entrance

 we were first served with yummy soft rolls with all sorts of butter
seaweed, garlic and orginal

we were also served with a yummy fish soup to dip with the bread

appetizer: shrimp sashimi with octopus

prawn broth

pan seared scallop

my main dish: super delicious!!!
fish wrapped in basil!

before the desserts, we were given lemon sorbet
it was said to cleanse our taste buds!

lastly was our yummy chocolate dessert with gold leaf!

 this huge aquarium was right in front of where we sat!
this huge fish is George! cutie!

happy birthday and valentines Mummy!

a year older, a year prettier!

Happy Birthday MUMMY!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-