Friday, December 31, 2010

12 memorable months of 2010 feels like i jus welcomed 2010 yesterday in one utama..and now its time to recap was a year which i enjoyed..i laughed tru the smile and joy and i pulled tru all the downs and learnt from my mistakes that caused them..twenty ten was definitely a roller coaster that i would not regret goin on again! =) as i was looking tru my picture albums...i was so happy that each month has amazing moments to celebrate...


i had a short trip to port dickson, enjoyed CF camp at cameron highlands, celebrated yati's 22nd bday and we took her to the zoo!!!


this was the happiest month..haha..cause its time to collect angpaus!!! valentine's day was fun too..i also boarded a cruise and hike broga hill..breathtaking view =)


my cell group had a fun time at kuala selangor..the fire flies was such an awesome creation of God


i feel slightly older this month..huhu..i was doing my industrial training..working from 10-7pm everyday..not fun! =( but once we were done..we went to desa water park...and i got sunburnt!!


two of my besties birthday...koms and anita! =) and i went for BMW's very posh dinner..super grand!


i love reunions...borneo reunite! its been 5 years since we left borneo was fun catching up and now i feel young coz the rest are older! haha


im no longer stranded in uniten!! wee~! i shifted to kajang...and more reunions! with husna..i-city with her dslr was fun! i also met up with my convent girls..chit chat and laugh like old times..loves!


another cell group outing to skytrek! we are bonding really well =) and my mrsm frens are back from all over the its time to meet up!!! and i also celebrated the joy of being loved for 2 years...


puasa month is back!! means that eating a lot after 7pm will increase..oh no!! and the worse part is i dun fast but i break fast!! ahhhhh...FAT!!

this month is my bday too!! welcoming the two twos was fun..i went to singapore and has surprises from my camp mates, besties, housemates and of coz him!! =)


photoshoot at putrajaya with aisyah..and oh ya! it was 10.10.10 and i went out with 10 people for lunch..special date! can u imagine..i was there at halim othman's birthday..honoured! and it was also my besties bday..the japanese food we had was yummy!!!

NOVEMBER part of the career team! and my mum's kindy had concert..the kiddies are sooo cute! after finals..i went to malacca and bukit was a scary encounter with snakes!! grrrr....


this month is definitely an amazing month!! receiving MSC certificate, celebrating christmas and having my frens in penang!!! fun fun fun!!! *big big smiles*

its his turn! he is a year older..haha.. =P we had loads of fun welcoming his big day! many happy returns to u!!!

excited to see what 2011 brings....

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the 2011 me!!

i haf been thinking hard...wat should my goals for 2011 be??? hmmmm....finally i wrote down a list of things to do..all sounds realistic i guess..but some haf been my goals for years..n its still not achievable yet!! urgh!! will it be acheived in the year 2011?? i hope so! *fingers crossed*

#1: 365 project
this is gonna b my own project
i wanna learn to appreciate more
i will update daily what amazing thing God has done or taught me
i need to remember wat i learnt and also my blessings!

#2: lose some kilos!!
i need to shed off those excess weight!!!
not only to look better but healthier... =)
*this is wat i meant by goals not achieved for years!*

#3: be a great love one
i wish to b someone people around me can rely on
a shoulder for them to cry on..
a listening ear..
a trustworthy friend!
i wish to b a better friend!!! =)

#4: spend less!
i wish to b more kedekut..haha
i wanna save money!!!
less shoes, earrings and bags! =P

#5: He knows best
i wanna let God control fully my 2011
its not gonna b easy..but i know His plans are the best!
i need to let His will b done..not mine!
*this will b one of the hardest goals!*

#6: certified engineer
i wanna graduate in August!!
i cant wait to get my cert which i studied for 5 years!!

#7: earn my own $$$
i wanna get a good job!
earn n spend my own money!!
*proof of being a big girl..hehe*

#8: fly me away
i wanna haf time for my own too!
time to pamper myself and release tension
vacations help me cling on and get real happy with my love ones =)

#9: tidy and neat
i am definitely not very very tidy..haha
i need some of these traits next year!!
i wanna b a little more tidy!!

#10: going the extra mile
i wanna go the extra mile for everything i do
its time to give more than 100%..
i wanna b a blessings to others!

be a better me!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from Hat Yai

i welcomed christmas in Hat Yai...weee~! i had lots of fun..but one thing i dun really like being away from malaysia is the charges for calls and smses!! urgh!!! but otherwise..its amazing! and oh ya..u feel richer in Hat Yai..haha..1000 baht is only approx 10 ringgit =)

this is my lunch..yummy sizzler!

after lunch..i had sum fun at hatyai ice dome..its an event at a park where the place is only -15C and there were so many ice sculptures everywhere! i really wish to come back here with 

at the municipality park

this board is ice!! pure ice!

ice pillars of an arch

an icy roman church


mr polar bear..cold!!

hello klcc!!

after visiting a few tourist spots and also the shopping was time to check out their delicacies..nyum nyum!

these sotong bakar is yummy...n they are hand rolled!

these kuih kuih is really sweet..very unique!

i was very lucky to b able to join their national countdown..they had it early..the speeches was kinda boring cause they are all speaking thai..gosh! but i enjoyed their performances..especially their long finger those thai king rice advertisement..haha

the thai ambassadors on stage!

and back to the main reason i came to hatyai..hehe..for CHRISTMAS!!!! i celebrated it at novotel..they had carol singers and a orchestra..nice! but more important was the turkey, salmon and christmas log cake!! nyum nyum! and i love the lucky draw..cause i wont 1st prize....i get a free stay back in their hotel and also air asia points!!! thank u santa!!!!!!!!!!! =) proof that i have been a good girl..hehe


-thanks faithful listener-

congratz marion!!

marion caunter, a very pretty biggest loser asia season 2 host is married!!! i was not at the wedding of the i will let the pictures that i haf collected do the talking..enjoy!!

look at the pretty bride geting ready :)
love the long veil...

this must b the akad nikah

walking down to meet her groom..
her lil sis is her bridesmaid =)

the amazing dinner setting

ahhh..her wedding cake is so nice!! looks pink! =)

she danced her bachelorette life away..haha
wishing her married life lots of love and happiness!

she is definitely welcome in his family

her family is so happy for her!!! =)

congrats marion!!!!
big big hugs! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, December 23, 2010


yesterday was techflow's christmas nite..this time the musical play was entitled "BONDED"...and i was part of the audience..suprising? haha..i was so busy with careers unit that i din haf time to b part of the cast..huhu..kinda sad =( but i really wanna applaud all the cast and crew..they did a really great job!!! =)

mr mike..our advisor did the officiating

we had juwita suwito sing for the opening!!! ahhhh~! =D

this year..the play was about a pair of twins who were seperated when the hospital they were born in caught fire..the twin (Kelvin) was safe with his rich family..while the other twin (Sam) was mistaken and given to a poor family..after their graduation..they fell in love with the same girl (Maria) and Kelvin's dad recognize his lost son, Sam at Kelvin's and Maria's wedding..but with all the forgiveness..they ended up celebrating christmas together..with Sam's dad as well =)

~But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses~ Matthew 6:15

they danced!

there were those girlish gossipy scenes

they graduated after 3 years =)

they dated but their marriage were objected!! =P

the finale song was nice and sweet...



-thanks faithful listener-