Sunday, May 20, 2012

Russel Peters Notorious Tour 2012

MAY 11th 2012 marks an awesome date!!!!! i got to see the world's famous comedian, Russel Peters!!! i bought the gold tickets!! RM338!!! but its totally worth it!!! laughed till my cheeks and tummy hurt!!! and some point i just couldnt breathe anymore and tired of laughing!! hahahaha!

only a picture of me outside the stadium...
no cameras allowed!!! urgh!

 with my two favorite them!!!
had a great time LAUGHING!!!!!

come back to malaysia again!!! hahahahhaa
if he comes yearly..i do not need any anti aging products anymore! =P

laughing shall be my medicine to stay young!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nasi Kandar Changkat Jong

this is in Teluk Intan...some where on the way from Lumut back to we decided to stop over the famous nasi kandar for lunch..its a simple 'mamak' place but the fried chicken is to die for!!!! YUMS!

here it is!!
the yellow sign board is the shop!!

look at the many dishes..the curry and sambal are already empty!
but they top up all the time! =)

see what i got!!! YUMS!
its 6 ringgit!! =) 
really worth it....

-thanks faithful listener-

Amu Coconut Villa, Lumut

this place was our choice for was only 3 stars out of 5! was ok only!

here it is..
the location is very near the hindu temple where we had cendol..

every chinese shop in lumut has this chilli sauce!!! hahaha
KOH chilli sauce with garlic..

'choy tam'

 'kong po' chicken

 assam nyonya style sting ray

the food here is cheaper but less yummy than hailam seafood village make a good choice!! hahaha

-thanks faithful listener-

desserts in Lumut

since its a small town..and we decided we are not goin to Pangkor to get burnt..since its the HOT HOT season..we made this trip all about FOOD!! hehe..bye diet! (did i ever had one?) haha...


here it is!!!!

small shop with lots of the back store! =)

my order...yums!
i 'tapau-ed' another one!!

it was very not coconut drink in it ya..
it JELLY!!! slurrrp!!


its the traditional way..hand grind ice!! her gula malacca!! YUMS!


this is the shop!!
but i seriously dun recommend!!
its a biscuit filled with ONIONS!!!! eewwww~!

here is the dough maker...

here is the baker!!
very old fashioned oven!

here are your biscuits!!!
if u love onions...go for it!! =)

im sure u can see that we ate ate ate ate............ate all the way!! hahahaa...stay tune for more delicious food!!! =) YUUUUUMMMMMMSSSS!

-thanks faithful listener-