Thursday, March 31, 2011


i was really party time once my exams are over..haha..yati n i decided to go for shopping...window shopping i mean =P once we got in the car..KLCC was what we agreed on..can u believe it?? ahhhh...."budak uniten kan kaye?" hahaha..we always get that..i dunno what kind of stereotype is that..hehe..

so wen we reached there...i checked out harrods!! yummy macaroons....6 for RM15..there were 6 flavours..chocolate, coffee, orange, strawberry, blueberry and passion fruit...looks really nice!

saw those macaroons? my cravings...

yati n mr harrods..hehe

after that it was a lot n a lot of mr harrods..oh ya..let me tell u about a movie which was kinda boring..."dalam botol"..gosh!! its jus about a gay who did an operation to be a woman...kinda no relation with its we did more window shopping!!!!!! den we got stuck in the jam on our way home..hehe...

**********************PART TWO*********************

wen i got home..i decided to follow dear to the movies too!! he won "the ward" tickets last week from! our favorite radio station... =) 

hello to mr harrods again! =)

we bought a few flavours..i love chocolate the most!

its movie time!

this movie was awesome!! the story line is one of a kind..very unpredictable..the 'ghost' was not very scary but the story line worked it way tru..i would watch it again!!! good job to the directors n script writers..*awesome job*..this movie is not very famous..i dunno y..but it got me!!

we decided to have late late dinner @ 10pm!
chillis here we come..
its our 1st try!

ate our macaroons while waiting..nyum nyum!

trio fajitos @ RM40.90
this is yummy!!! the sauce is kinda spicy too!

nachos with sauteed beef and cheese @ RM22.80!!
i like it too..but i cant eat much..too cheesy i guess..

look at the amount we had for "dinper = dinner + supper"

that was not all!!
we had dessert, molten choc lava @ RM19.90!!
best of the day!!!
the choc melts in ur mouth..ahhh!


specially to nissa and aisyah, my two besties...
ALL THE BEST tomorrow!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Exams are over!!!

No more exams anymore... =)

im done with my degree~!

bye bye uni-life... =(

hello working world =/

im jus so happy that im done with ALL my exams..i signed up to b an engineer in 2006 n 5 years down the im finally done..its really sad to think of it..i know it will b very challenging in the working world but im also kinda happy i no longer have to drink coffee to keep myself awake trying to memorize tons of formulas and lots of facts!!! =P

to all my dear uniten-ers who are stil sitting for finals...


-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Right earrings for your face

nice earrings huh?

ever seen a celebrity wearing an awesome earring..BUT..wen u put in on...its not that awesome after all????! im here to help u choose the right earrings according to ur face shape!! =) if u do not know ur face shape..find out here..once u know ur face shape..find out the best earrings for u! =)


long, narrow earrings have make ur face look longer than wider

hoops earrings are NO NO!!!
they make ur face look wider...


earrings that start thin and gets wider is best!!
teardrop is excellent...!


u need dangling earrings...
shoulders dusters is perfect!!!
it compliments square jaw lines =)


the bigger the hoops..the better!!!

big chunky studs are awesome as well!!!

simple studs will do perfect as well.. =)

dangling earrings is a NO NO!!
ur face will look even longer then... =(

the best face to have!! haha
im lucky to be in this category... =)

quick try n find out what earrings suits u...
have fun!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, March 26, 2011


i was offered a job last wen i took my offer letter..i was asked to go tru a medical check up as well..scary!! i was worried i wouldnt pass..who knows rite? internal organ stuff... =P

i was given a long list was test that i was asked to go tru...

1) physical test - eye, height, weight, colour blind, coordination
2) urine test
3) blood pressure
4) ECG (i hate this the most!! dun ask y..hehe)
5) X-ray

thanks to yati for accompanying me tru out the whole took us almost 90 minutes..lucky i did it in a private clinic..if not it would haf took me a few hours!! gosh!! =/

my ECG report..perfectly fine..phew!
shud haf got this a lil earlier..
can use it for my project.. =P

my x-ray...
looking out my window tru my rib cage..haha =P

for those wondering (since many of my mates will need this b4 working)..i will post the total package here..

Venue: Al-Zaharah Hospital, Bangi
Test: all the above
Price: RM91
Time: for 2 hours (take report on the spot)
im a step closer to my company!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, March 25, 2011

moshi moshi...

a little continuation from the previous archery post...after having a great outing..the day ended with awesome japanese dinner at genji in hilton, pj...*nyum*

i got RM 100 voucher..thanks!

the dining area was beautiful..very traditional...

see the buffet area..very very nice ambience!

my favorite! salmon sashimi...

took lots of it..haha =P

i tried japanese pizza as well..not my taste.. =/

tempura!!! ahhh..very nice..crispy!

unagi...very soft n tender!!

tempanyaki beef n squid...

good job chefs!! =)

lastly my desserts!


i had a joyous time eating all the salmon i want!! hehe

buffet time: saturday (6pm and 8pm)
      sunday (12noon)
                price: saturday (RM 89++ and RM 99++)
sunday (RM 89++)


-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, March 24, 2011

robin hood!

haha...dun worry robin hood is not here..but i am!! valerie hood..haha... =P i wanted to go for hot air balloon rides in putrajaya..but..the tickets were all sold out!! oh dear.. =( n it was drizzling as well..the rides got cancelled i decided to walk around the stalls..many things were sold..but very muddy...eewwww!

den i spotted an archery booth..ahhh! i never played archery before..hmmm...give it a try!! RM8 for 12 arrows...good deal! needed to put on a hand gear..on my left arm and right fingers..




yay!!!! my arrow is on the board.. =)
haha...something im proud off..cause..
1) it din go straight to the ground
2) it stuck on the board at least
3) altho its not bull's eye..i stil got some points..hehe

hopefully hot air balloon next year! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my final year project!!

i am sooooo happy that i managed to pull through the oral software and hardware is working!!!! thank God! my oral presentation was at 2.30 n all was working only at 12.30..can u imagine??? im so lucky to haf a great supervisor..thanks sir! =) cant believe that my work is worth joining a competition..i was jus working on finishing it..n my examiner was impressed!! happy! =)

this is the 1st part..
PIC number 1

this is PIC number 2...

the difficult to program key pad!

usb programmer..
thanks to this all the downloading was made easy!

mr modem...
sms-ing was made possible by it.. =)

some of u mite b really confused with wat im talking project actually detects heart rate n sends n sms wen the heart rate exceeds the safe zone..stil dun understand?? haha..view the video for more understanding!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i jus cant believe it thats its my turn to say goodbye.. =( haih..wen u grow close among a group of people..u tend to make them ur family..techflow has been my 2nd family..a place i know im welcomed and filled with love and care..

its been 5 years bonding with this awesome bunch of frens..having fun during meetings, christmas nite, carolling and camps!! i am so happy to have served this group =) being part of the committee makes me love this family more..they help me grow spiritually and physically..haha..all the mamak and jalan-jalan cari makan activities!!

she has a great fren of mine..
the 1st close frenship i had in uniten..
*keep in touch girl!*

this year was the biggest group saying goodbye..*sobs* it was really sad to stand there and haf the rest come n shake our hands and bid goodbye.. =( the tears were hard to hold much memories in this family..gonna miss this part of my uni life!!! dear juniors..dun forget us, ur crazy seniors!! haha =P

the crazy side of us...

look how much we haf bonded.. =)


a special thanks to the committee for preparing us a handmade gift!!..its awesome =) as i opened it..i read a note from mr mike..n tears jus rolled!! im gonna miss the papa of techflow..he has always been there for us..n i haf always been bugging him especially wen im in the committee.. =P

thanks david and all the fes team!!

it may look like a simple book with my name on it..
but.......look closer!!!

thats my name..valerie!

if u turn the book up side stil says valerie!!
amazing fonts!! =)

i din manage to say something short n sweet on that day because i was too jus not used to saying goodbye this way =(

to all my is where u shud invest..this family will never put u only lifts u up with love, joy n care! for all who have been part of my life whether huge or small..thanks so much for blessing me..ur presence in my uni life has made memories..sweet sweet ones! to all leaving like me..thanks so much for ur frenship! im glad to haf crossed paths with u..the fun we had will always be remembered..where ever our lives may lead us..please keep in touch ok?? will b always thinking of u......hugssss!

big big hugs guys!!!!!!!

 -thanks faithful listener-