Thursday, October 15, 2009

my good fren is 21~!!!

that's me n the burfday gurl...shu yeen...that a long time ago pic..i think its in dec 2006...remember the bbq?? wen we gonna haf more? huhu....

shu..i haf known u since 6 years old rite? wow..thats like so long time u haf seen me grow n ive seen u grow..hahaha...

we used to go to the same tuition..n we study in the same school..n lived in the same apartment can u imagine..its like 24/7 i c her..n i remember in one tuition in our apartment..its 8pm..n i use to go to her hse..den go for tuition together..n we both noe the rite time which is rite after the chinese series ends..hahaha..we are usually the noisiest in tuitions..haha..remember goh hong peng's tuition?? wonder how he stands our gossiping..haha... =P

but evr since i entered was no longer the 24/7 seeing her..we had to meet each other by appointments..hehe..lives haf moved on..from the school gurl to now university teen..but 1 thing for sure..wen we meet..its never awkward silence..there is jus so much to update a good fren.. =)

i hope u'll haf a wonderful time on your special day..

dun forget to make annual wishes (to forever stay young)..hehe...blow those candles!!

n welcome to the 21 category..hehehe...dun worry bout getting old..its jus a year!! u definitely stil look young!!! =)


-thanks faithful listener-

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