Saturday, August 25, 2012

Part 2: Nissa is getting married!!!

after saying bye to was time to say hello to Johor and Aisyah! =) she picked us up right after her long journey from KL...thanks girl!! we were all very tired so there were no photos during supper..haha...

early in the morning..i mean 10.30am..haha..not that early after all..we went for brunch..MONSTER CAFE!!! rawrrrr....the food was good!

1st stop at monster cafe was fun!!!

since we are really full now..its time to shop!! =) lets go to JPO!!!!!!!!! shop shop shop!! but i dun like to pay pay pay...hahhahaha.... =D

look at all our shops for the day!!!
thank God we were only there for 3 hours!!

now its time to relax...photoshooting time... =) aisyah recommended puteri was really fun!! actually the vene doesnt matter..more importantly who we r with =) besties!!!

look at us!! dont u wanna join the fun?? =P

picture on left: 2008
picture on right: 2012
4 years!!! did we change? look younger i think!! =P

karaoke!!! our favorite activity =)

why do we get hungry after singing everytime???

having fun again while waiting for our food! =)

this is the joy we had while we were at home..
such a bundle of joy and cuddly!!!
big fat hugs, baby Maira...

i am looking forward to the next time we will meet, laugh loudly together and have lots of fun!!  =) in the meantime...I CANT WAIT FOR NISSA TO BE MARRIED!!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Part 1: Nissa is getting married!!!

as soon as nissa announced she was getting married!!! i was super excited!! i immediately thought of what to do for her bachelorette party!! and we finally decided to fly to Johor and explore Singapore...thanks to Air Asia =)

it was a 3 days 2 nights here is wat happened on day 1 and 2..from LCCT to Johor and then off to Singapore!! =)

we are ready to fly!!!! =)

after an was time to check in to Tune Hotel, Danga Bay...we had some "pillow fights", removed our make up and SLEEP!!!! off to singapore 2moro morning!

this is our 1st stop..
universal studios!!

we also checked out everything around universal studios..hehe..

i just love the candylicious store!!

next stop is SENTOSA!
just a short stop to grab an ice-cream..haha

here we are in bugis street! being silly! =P

4th stop was merlion park!!!

our legs were aching by now!!
6 hours of walking and photoshooting!
time to sit and snap! hahaha...

time to go back to sentosa...
love the red palace..
had a hard time waiting for red!! hahahaha =P

a great show awaits us!!
songs of the sea!!!! =)

finally back at universal studio..
our bus back to johor is waiting!!!!


stay tune to my next post of what fun we had in johor!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-