Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Lion King!!!

thank you hubs for the pedicab tour around central was expensive with the poor ringgit currency conversion but dear knew we wouldnt b able to walk even a part of it.. =)

our tour has just begun

love the colours..

the famous fountain..but not sure which movie was it featured..oops!

this is the love bridge! it was overlooking many celebrities houses!

after all the rush in central park, its time for the number 1 broadway musical!!!! THE LION KING!!!!!!!

we are finally here!


 it was kind of musical..but definitely not his..
he was bored!!! pffftttt!!! but thanks for watching it with me..
i truly enjoyed! the costumes were so colourful, the props were pretty, the singing were unbelievable!!!


 -thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Statue of Liberty!!

another exciting day in NYC! it is so surreal to wake up in a city where it somehow looks familiar because of the hollywood movies we watched!! =)

our breakfast..HOTDOG!

i found the handsome statue of liberty!! hahahah

we boarded the cruise along the manhattan skyline

love this skyline..i guess its one of the most famous skyline!

we finally saw the world's famous statue!
statue of was definitely HUGE!

after our cruise docked, we decided to walk the streets of NYC..our first stop was wall street..the world's finance district!

charging bull!

911 was really sad to see the names of victims carved around the hole..

 this is the new tower, one world trade center

cannot wait to share what we did in the evening...stay tune to the next post!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Niagara Falls!!!

we flew to Buffalo for the famous Niagara Falls!!!! i was super excited!

in the flight!!!
we were lucky enough to bump into a couple at the airport who also wanted to get to niagara falls, this means we can split the taxi charges!! yay!! =)

here we are!!! niagara falls USA...

we were that close to the fall!!
so awesome!!!! =)

we then walked across to canada!! yes, WALKED!!!
this is the border between two countries!!
we walked from USA to CANADA! how amazing! haha! =)

the view from this side really made me stand in awe..
its was majestic!!

a rainbow across the rainbow bridge =)

love how full the rainbow was!

it was freezing!!!!

fully wrapped..hahaha

some hot chocolate to keep warm

 i guess its autumn! but its freezes us like winter!

one more glance before we say goodbye

 love this picture of us!!!

i am soooo thankful for such an opportunity to see with my own eyes the beauty of such a majestic creation of God..thanks dear for bringing me here!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Off to New York City!!

this is a long over due post..this trip was back in 2015!!! *screams for procrastinating*

hubs was given the opportunity to go to atlanta for work so he suggested that we have a short trip to NYC after his event..of course i agreed! i was super happy!!!!!

hubs at work

i took a flight via Guangzhou to meet hubs after his event was over..flight felt super long as i was travelling alone..

Jamaica station..waiting for the train to take me to my hotel area..

since i arrived super early..i decided to check out new jersey myself..cake boss headquarters was my main target..hahaha

my first NYC breakfast..tim hortons!

i finally arrive at cake boss!

looks super yummy..jus like in the show!

i cannot decide what to buy..i want them all!!!!

im done! bought some for dear

before heading back to new york central, i walked around..there was a very nice pier..

stay tune to more about me checking out NYC!

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


it has been a great adventurous fun filled day!!! we started off really really early! i planned a really packed day as it was too expensive staying for many nights in this special island..

our cruise to tangalooma took us approximately an hour..

the island we are heading too!

as soon as we arrived we had to rush to the front desk..we were lucky enuf to be given seats on the first bus for sand without much we went..changed to slippers on the bus..hahahaha..

we got ourselves each a pair of goggles and sand board..
next task was to climb up that hill of sand!!

ive come so far..hahaha

we made it to the top..yay!
the view was awesome!

i ate some sand on the way..oh no! *choked*


next we had a short rest and then it was time for another bucket list adventure...WHALE WATCHING!!!

up on the cruise..we are ready!

whales..we are coming to search for u..hehe

the journey was kinda rocky..i definitely got seasick..womitted..sadly we didnt spot any jumping whales..but we saw some spraying fountains from afar..and a migaloo whale came near to us.. but it was said to be sleeping..huhu..thats y no tricks.. =( but i came to learn that migaloo white whale is one of the thats a plus point to have found it!!!

can u spot the migaloo?

 can you find the back of the whale?

after the whale watching cruise..we decided to check and have dinner..

look at the view from our room!! stunning!

at night, we had another bucket list activity ticked off!! DOLPHIN FEEDING!!!

we are ready!! got our suits on..hoping not to get wet..

almost 10 dolphins showed up..they are all wild..
so different days..different dolphin shows up..

our turn to feed the dolphin..
was such a fun experience

the waves were really strong and the suit didnt protect us from getting wet..huhu..

it was such a fun filled day..3 super cool activities in a day..

now its time to rest!!!

sadly when im writing this..we are already back in kl..
i miss you, aussie
we will be back in ur country someday! =)

-thanks faithful listener-