Thursday, January 28, 2010

★★ doubles ★★

im back in penang..haf been helping out a lot in mum's kindy..a teacher did a surgery a couple of weeks back n suddenly its causing a lot of pain..most probably sum infection i there is a shortage of since im back..i need to help!! so less time 2 blog..haha.. ~excuses~

wenever im back..of cause its good 2 go dinner with my bro..i miss him a lot!!! :) we went for dinner n movie..jus the 2 of us..hehe.. **doubles number 1** we ate in queensbay.. 'golden triangle'..they served indochina food..this means the food are mostly spicy..hmm..a challenge for me.. :P

c the typical cutleries?

menu: otak-otak, sotong kerabu, pandan chicken

thanks for the yummy dinner! :)

wishlist came true again! :)

the movie was 7/10 ★ was not very good neither very bad..we watched the 10pm movie..n i managed to stay up the whole movie..proofs its good! deserves only one clap? haha...but its funny!!! :D n on our way back..we stopped by 'GAMA' to buy sum groceries..n it was 'No Plastic Day'..argh! many rounds to the kitchen???

yesterday i spotted 2 unique incidents..let me tell u a lil bout the meaning of rainbows...its a sign of God's promise that the earth n everything living on it will never again be destroyed by a flood..n can u believe it..i saw TWO!!!! **doubles number 2**


wonder wat other doubles?? it happenned on the same day!..i was having my dinner n one of my dish is the herbal tea egg..hmm..yum yum..but to my surprise..wen im sliced the egg into half..i was shock to c that it has TWO egg yolks.. **double number 3**

twins?? hehe..

im goin back to kl soon! this coming saturday..ooh..its thaipusam day too!..jus cant wait to spend time there..hehe :) wonder will i b so lucky again to experience doubles again..or mebbe triples nex time..hahaha ;D

p/s: its all blooming beautifully ♥

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TECHFLOW camp!!!

this is like my fourth! but it doesnt mean im old k..hehe :) this time around..pastor ernie is our camp speaker!!!

that's him...!

we left uni around 4pm..den we arrived cameron highlands at approximately was a long long journey..n i definitely slept during the winding roads..hehe..once we arrived there..we had our dinner..n started off with our 1st session..den games!!! the ice breaking was fun..drawing on the balloons!! :P

the place we were staying..cant recall its name..sorry!

it was really cold at nite n early in the morning..huhu..the nex day was full of sessions in the morning till after lunch..then it kicked off with a workshop session..getting to noe who needs Jesus..

my team..RAISON!

after that it was time for games...yay!!! we had treasure hunt around camerons..tiring but really was like running in cold breeze..hehe..but we stil sweat.. :P

at our 3rd clue..MARDI

stole sum time b4 the 4th destination..hehe

weee~! we are the 2nd team to arrive...

after a tiring was good to haf a we had water balloon fight!!! :) n it ended up in water pail was really a chilly bath..haha... *shivering* nite..we had our annual camp event..the malam mesra..this time we were not given time 2 prepare..on the spot..they gave us an hour to prepare our costumes with the recycled stuff n gave us the theme 'cameron highlands pirates'...

cool??? haha

on our las day..after our 'sunday service'..we were allowed to go to brinchang..there i had a yummy strawberry jam added to roti pisang..tasty! :) den we stopped by at bobby'd strawberry farm..'Kasimanis Farm'..thanks to his family..we got very good prices!! :)

on our way to brinchang best games competitor..

special permission into the farm..

me n the owner..haha..

thanks bobby for the strawberry shake treat! yum yum

this camp has one way or the other taught me how to live right..taught me the clear purpose y im put in this earth..i have made goals or mebbe 'things to b achieved' list..n i pray that i will b determined.. :) im happy that for me..the theme 'jalan-jalan cari purpose' did work for me!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

programs after programs!!!

sorry for not updating my blog...its been busy busy busy!!! on wednesday..i was handling a free drink sampling day in it was from 11 to about 3..they were giving out 'C2' so thankful for the super nice coordinator, mr adrian..he sponsored 10 boxes to b kept for career fair..phew!!! :)

3 flavours..forest fruits, apple n lemon

even the promoters were in 'flavours'..haha

that event happened on wednesday..n i had dsp test 1 on thursday!! thank God it was a not so hard paper..n the lecturer was jus sitting in we cud look left n right a lil..haha.. :P that evening..i went to uniten's very own pc fair..there was not much things actually..n i dun find the things real i only got this one thing.. :)

wonder what it does??

it sticks up dirt at teeny weeny places.. :)

i shud haf blogged friday morning..but i was busy packing n getting ready for my camp in cameron highlands...wen i came back to kl..i was really no fingers on the key board please..hehe..n noe im back in penang after a 5 hours drive... :) gonna blog more i think..hehehehe... ♥ take care!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

learn & dine

yesterday..uniten careers unit organized a learn and dine session for almost 170 students in cyberview resort and spa..its my 2nd time attending im sort of not really that excited bout the knowledge since its also by the same speaker..Mdm Dolly Kee..but im more excited over the food..haha..thank God its way better than las year.. :P

the professionals..haha

we were taught on many things like the arrangements of the cutleries, how to eat the appetizer correctly, which direction to scoop the soup, how to pinch the bun provided, how to cut our meat, plaster our mash potato, where to put our napkins with the right messages for the waiter, how to wipe our mouth...all these sound small petty things..but u know wat? it is by all these small things that an executive can evaluate your table manners... :)

appetizer: citrus mixed GREEN salad

creem of potato & leek soup..yum yum!

main course: roasted chicken breast with thyme sauce

dessert: dark choc sponge roulade

i had to eat really properly, correctly and very very politely as i was sitting at the main table with the VVIPs..thank God i was sitting beside the i was less bored..haha

the main table :)

this dining had been real fun n interactive..i can see that the participants are having fun..n we even manage to get 3 vouchers..1 for spa..another for hi tea..n 1 junior suite for 2!!! wow!!

well done, may peng! the boss of this event..

we had 6 talks all together..n im so glad its all a success...well done teammates!!!!! :) *a pat on ur backs, guys!*

the back bone of career unit!!!

our nex mission: CAREER FAIR ~ 3rd and 4th february

-thanks faithful listener-

Polis bantuan maut dirempuh mahasiswa panik

KUALA LUMPUR 16 Jan. - Akibat panik dan ketakutan dicekup berkhalwat dalam kawasan kampus, seorang mahasiswa yang sedang berdua-duaan dengan pasangannya dalam kereta bertindak memecut kenderaannya untuk melepaskan diri.

Tindakannya dalam keadaan tergesa-gesa itu bagaimanapun mengundang padah apabila pelajar Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) di Bangi dekat sini itu gagal mengawal kenderaannya lalu terbabas dan merempuh pagar keselamatan di pintu utama universiti tersebut.

Rempuhan kuat itu mengakibatkan pagar besi di situ tumbang lalu mengenai kepala seorang polis bantuan yang kebetulan berada di situ sehingga mengakibatkan mangsa cedera parah di kepala dalam kejadian kira-kira pukul 2.30 pagi kelmarin.

Malangnya, setelah dua hari bertarung nyawa, mangsa, Mohd. Sufian Khamis, 25, gagal diselamatkan dan meninggal dunia di Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) pada pukul 4.30 petang ini.

Ketua Jabatan Ketenteraman Awam/Trafik Selangor, Supritendan Che Hussin Omar berkata, polis menerima dua laporan berkaitan insiden kemalangan itu pada Khamis lalu iaitu daripada mahasiswa terbabit dan penyelia polis bantuan universiti tersebut.

Katanya, kemalangan membabitkan mahasiswa tahun dua dari Fakulti Teknologi Maklumat itu dilaporkan berlaku pada pukul 2.30 pagi.

"Mengikut laporan, mahasiswa berusia 20 tahun yang memandu kereta Perodua Viva bersama seorang mahasiswi itu dikatakan gagal mengawal kenderaannya semasa mahu keluar dari kawasan kampus.

"Keretanya terbabas lalu melanggar pagar besi di situ lalu mengenai seorang polis bantuan," katanya ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata, mangsa kemudian dikejarkan ke Hospital Serdang untuk mendapatkan rawatan tetapi dipindahkan ke HKL selepas itu.

Selepas dua hari bertarung nyawa, katanya, mangsa disahkan meninggal dunia hari ini.

Che Hussin berkata, polis sudah mengambil keterangan daripada mahasiswa terbabit dan kes itu disiasat mengikut Seksyen 41(1) Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 iaitu kecuaian menyebabkan kematian.

Dalam kejadian berasingan, katanya, seorang wanita Indonesia yang bekerja menjual pisang goreng di tepi jalan maut dirempuh sebuah kereta di Jalan TK4, Taman Kinrara, Puchong, dekat sini semalam.

"Mangsa yang tidak memiliki dokumen pengenalan diri dan dikenali sebagai Siti sedang menjual pisang goreng di tepi jalan apabila dirempuh oleh sebuah kereta Proton Wira dipercayai dipandu laju dan hilang kawalan.

"Akibatnya, mangsa tercampak kira-kira dua meter dari gerainya dan terhumban masuk ke dalam longkang sedalam lima meter berhampiran tempat kejadian," katanya.

Beliau berkata, mangsa mati dalam perjalanan ke Hospital Serdang akibat cedera parah di kepala manakala pemandu kereta gagal dikesan sehingga kini.

Sehubungan itu, beliau merayu pemandu terlibat dalam kemalangan tersebut supaya tampil membuat laporan untuk membantu siasatan.

Katanya, orang ramai yang mempunyai maklumat mengenai kemalangan itu boleh menghubungi Pegawai Penyiasat Trafik Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Subang Jaya, Inspektor Rasha Azrul Shaffi di talian 03-894 2222.

this was taken from Utusan news paper..

our university has alwayz held on closely to the motto 'uniten generates professionals'...what is happening? behave like one please...dun put us to shame.. :( it only takes one to spoil everyones please be considerate in watever u do!!!!

-thanks secret keeper-

Monday, January 18, 2010

a whole day filled with 'animals'..hehe

p/s: since this is gonna a post about my one full fun day..bare with the amount of pics ya.. :P

we wanted to haf a fun time with the bday we planned a whole day outing..hehe..1stly early in the morning..i mean EARLY..7am..we started cooking..we prepared egg sandwiches for breakfast and fried bee hun for lunch..n at we go!!!

me n the bday gurl!

the journey was kinda long..about 1 hour was really jam at ampang..huhu..10km/hr..eeee! n finally we reached.. :) hmm..sum info bout the zoo..opens at 9am-5pm..n we were rushing for the 11am animal show coz the other one was only at 3pm..n since we paid RM20..we gotta watch it!! :P

at the entrance

waiting for the show to start

clever parrot raising the malaysia flag..claps!

jump damby jump! thats a sea lion..

after the animal was time 2 exercise..hehe..walk walk n walk..but it was fun seeing so many animals.. :) oh ya..there was a BEEEEEE muzium..surely i gotta visit it..hehe

not so cute ones..hehe

sang kancil..hi!

me n mek mek..or mebbe beenie :P

close to birds..scary!

dun jus show me ur butts!!


wan a ride? hehe

sponsored by am bank..haha

beside the animals..there is sumthing new..the insect and butterfly zoo :) it was so lovely to c so many butterflies!!! the entrance fee is not included..its extra RM5..

welcome to the insect zoo!

it was hard catching this pretty butterfly


we had so much fun!!!! by the time we are was almost 1.30pm n the sun is already so hot!!! we decided to say bye to the zoo!!! we ate bee hun in the car b4 goin to the lelong@blog bazaar...


i had quite high expectations..i wanted to get a nice high heels..a nice bag! but it was either expensive or not my type..n the website stated that there will b at least 30 stalls!!! but there was less that 20 i think..mebbe only 15 maximum!!! that was crappy..we planned to stay there for almost 2-3 hours..but i cud c everything in almost 15 mins!! so we went to haf cendol!! the yummy yummy one near asia cafe.. :) den we decided to go for movie..another wish list came true!!! n can u believe it..there was a zoo scene too!! animals again..! :P

its really a nice movie..funny!!!

movie tyme!

its dinner time now!!!! bumbu we come!!!! the food was really yummy..u dun really haf to fly to bali to eat their delicacy..u can find it in puchong!! :) n can u believe..there are animals at the entrance too..animals again!! :)

hmmm..wat to eat?

yay! grilled fish with bali kerabu..

nice ambience.. :)

it was so much fun!!!! thanks so much to all those who came..yati (burfday gurl), chah, nissa, afwan n prem!!! u guys made my 'animal' day!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

-thanks faithful listener-