Saturday, April 26, 2014

His 27th birthday!

this time..i decided to see Christmas in singapore with 'P'..and his birthday falls on the second day of our holiday!!! i wanted 'P' to try something we have never done stone grill!! took him there for his bday dinner... =)

we went to clark quay...romantic!

the birthday boy!!!

the chef of the day!!
cooking for 'P'!


 heavenly father,
i am so thankful for this guy that you have placed in my life..
i speak blessing into His life..
may streams of your blessing fills his life..
Lord, i pray for your choices blessing to guide Him..
thank you Lord for him..
i commit him into your hands!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, April 21, 2014

Singing carols 2013


last year..we got a very different agenda..its time to share the love of Jesus this season..we organized carolling!!!! lalalala =) we sang at our church member's homes and also Starhill Gallery!!! *excited*

singing at the poolside.. =)

singing at Amy's house

our team!!!
la ti do re...

what a great bunch God has made! =P

at Kambiz's home...
my very first Iranian family friend

those 3 kids are my darling students at ikids

a little more formal now...
hello Shook! at starhill gallery!

such a wonderful experience..
hopefully the people are blessed by our carols =)
and most of all..they are pleasing to God's ears...

 the amazing voices of the day and our conductor and vocal trainer! =)

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas!

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

dining in the dark @ changkat

i was browsing the internet and found discounts to go for this dine in complete feel what blind people go through..but this is an easier process as food is served to our table and its kinda fine dining meal =)

nervous and excited!!
hungry too!!! was really late til we got our table =(

before we had our meal..
warm up time...

blind folded games =)

now we are ready!!!
serve us please.....

the entrance to our 90 minutes dinner

we were served from appetizers, soup, main course, desserts and a glass of was really hard to guess what the ingredients were..i need my sense of sight for sure!!! we had to rely so much on the sense of touch to find our food which was on the plate right in front of us!!! was really that dark!! i cant even see 'P' right beside me! =)

what a great experience!
thank u Lord for our eyes... =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, April 3, 2014

3D Art Museum, I-city

finally we made it to the 3D art museum..a place i have seen many photos but couldnt imagine much.. *excited*!!!!

oh no!! shame shame!!!

angels made in heaven!!! hehehe

climb 'P' climb!!!

will cage you in my love bubble!!!

look at my cheeky 'P'!!!

feels like in New Zealand?? haha
'P loves fresh milk..
any more got to eat the cow! =P


'P': welcome to our home!

SUPERHERO!!! save us!!!!!!

this day was sooo much fun!!
just being silly...

-thanks faithful listener-