Wednesday, July 27, 2011

arsenal vs malaysia 2011

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! *can u hear my scream??* the day that i was waiting for soooo long finally arrived..the answer to this questions has finally been answered.."who will win..arsenal or harimau?" hehehe...of coz ARSENAL!!! =)

the whole stadium was so pack..lucky me..i parked my car in a very nice spot since morning coz i take lrt to work everyday =) i actually bought some burgers for dinner..n guess the entrance i cant bring it in! silly me for not seeing the 'no outside food allowed' sign..haih! =/ finally entered the stadium by 7pm..we were almost 2 hours early..oh no!! boredom strike..haha..but observing all the fanatic fans was fun!! hehe...

this are my precious tickets!!

all the fans are ready!!!
*blow hornssssss*

im ready too! hehe... =P

we were so early that i was able to see them warm up!!
hahaha... =)

finally they are out!! wooohooo! =)

this is a video of the 1st goal




note to myself: this is my 2nd football match..1st was wen i was like 10 years old or younger..only could remember eating hotdogs n nuggets..but this time..i was very excited..totally enjoyed!! im an official fan of Arsenal..hehe

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

arsenal asia tour 2011

ever since i heard arsenal is coming to soooo excited!! n wen i got to know that there is a limited pass for their training..i was even more excited..hehe..i rushed to the nearest store and bought my tickets n YAY!!! i managed to get those limited passes!! P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S

ta-daaa...the day that i have been waiting for!

mr mascot welcomed us..hehe

their training started
-passing of balls-
-tossing of balls-
-and sooo many more-
haha =P

after the training and a mini match between blue and red arsenals
they waved at us..ahhh.. *melting*

 cant wait to be back the next day for the real match

stay tune to how awesome the match was!!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

MTV World Stage 2011!!

WIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am giving away two regular passes to......

MTV World Stage 2011!!!

wish to be like those jumping and singing?

30 seconds to Mars!!!


pop shuvit!!!


1) be a follower of my blog
2) drop a comment by starting it with... "I want the tickets to MTV World Stage 2011 because..."
3) please put down the easiest way to contact you to collect your tickets if ur the WINNER!!!


1) contest starts 10pm, 23 July 2011
2) contest ends 12noon, 24 July 2011


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

nokia recyclimpics

ever thought of a new way to tot me something new..its not only paper, plastics and aluminium...we can recycle our PHONES!!! but dun worry..its not ur brand new phone..but ur rosak phone!! =P they were actually having the recyclimpics the 1st week of july at mid valley..n i was there!! lucky me! =)

a very very great cause!!
i now know wat to do with my rosak phones rather than throwing in the busuk bin..hehe

i love this idea..
recycle a phone, adopt a tree!!

look at mr recycled phone..hehe..
i was surprised to see my 1st phone in 2006 there!
its like a collection of all nokia phones from the 1st they ever invented =)

 thumbs up Nokia!!! =)

im a proud nokia user cause it serves a great cause too!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, July 15, 2011

CIAO ristorante

its time to meet the regional sales managers..its gonna b my first time meeting some of those i talked to on the phone previously =) we finally decided on a place to hold this dinner..we are off to CIAO..italian food!!! yum!!

i dont really know exactly wat menu they serve because we had our private was yummy!!! =) this will b more of a picture blog since i took many many pictures..hehe!

we are finally here! =)

nice setting..cosy n comfy!

look at the range of wine!

this is their surrounding..nice!

i like this outdoor swing..hehe

after everyone was time for FOOOOOD!

salad corner

main dishes!! the claims! =)

below will b some pictures of my colleagues...

i definitely had a great time eating!!!!
OM NOM NOM NOM........

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

magical musicals 2011, sunway lagoon

yay!!! i went to a a very happy person wen watching musicals..the cheerful type! =)

MAGICAL MUSICALS was a great choice!!!

thanks to ...i watched them for free =D it was held at the sunway lagoon amphitheater..the backdrop was all about new york times gonna let the pictures do the talking about how great it was!!! *screams of excitement*

we took a tram to the amphitheater
sunway lagoon was amazing at night..the lights were beautiful!

the story was mainly about these 3 couples =)

they had glow in the dark effect..nice!

can can!

sha la la...

all guys only please...hehe

jai ho!!! this punjabi drum was cool!

cheering on!!

saturday nite fever...nice!

EXPLODE!! hehe...

the show was approximately around 90 minutes...was very entertaining... =) really grateful for the free tickets!! and sadly one of the main cast..15 minutes into the show got badly injured and rushed to the hospital..oh dear! i kinda realized one guy singing alone without the 'girlfriend' and finally the emcee of the day made it clear that she was injured..felt bad and the whole production did awesome cause i din actually realize it was a "mistake"....*applause*

we were allowed on stage once it ended..
so my photoshooting began..haha =P

awesome night out!!!


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Monday, July 4, 2011

my easy recipe: japanese tauhu

its monday...another recipe!!! this time its japanese tauhu...this dish is yummy if u love the tauhu n its very affordable to execute.. =)

things u need:

japanese tauhu
mince chicken
oyster sauce
soy sauce

the simple steps:

cut the japanese tauhu..approximately into 5 slices..dun cut it too thin to avoid it being hard once deep fried..peel the prawns..slice the carrot and dice the garlic n onions...once everything needed to be chopped is done..its time to cook!! deep fry the japanese tauhu till golden brown then set aside..fry the garlic and onions till slightly golden brown and add in the chicken and carrots...once its 80% cook..add in the prawns, oyster sauce and soy sauce and stir fry till everything is done..after taste, if too salty, add in sugar..if not..sugar is not needed.. (healthier) your tummies are ready to be filled!!!!

enjoy those japanese tauhu!!
serve with hot steam rice..yummy! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, July 3, 2011

CONGRATS chris & peyton!!!!

ahhhhhhh my favorite two people from the bachelor and bachelorette family is gonna get married!!!

they're ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Lambton
i was rooting for him wen he stepped out the limo!!

Peyton Wright
din watched her bachelorette season but i was rooting for her during bachelor pad
she was the best kisser!!!
lucky Chris..hehe =P

after a year

HAPPILY ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im making a gift for them currently...hopefully they will love it =)

-thanks faithful listener-