Tuesday, October 13, 2009

dun look like that duck!! haha

final..part 3 - choosing make up colour

silver or gold??
try to hold a gold jewelery close to ur face..then a silver piece..try to determine which one look best on u..if silver..gif preference to cool toned colours..if u look better with gold jewelery..use warm toned colours..

cool or warm tone??
cool tone colours includes blue undertones :- pure white, black, dark blue, true red
warm tone colours includes yellow undertones :- orange, forest green, gold and brown

hair and skin colour
the skin colour and shade of hair can help to determine which colour looks best on u..if lite skin..dark hair..u can use a bolder lipstick..if lite skin..lite hair..pastel colours would suit u better..medium hair and medium skin tone..use more brown tones..

your colour choices
if ur really confused on these warm and cool shades..try thinkin of ur favorite colour..u mite gravitate on the colour that looks best on u..

u mite need to experiment to get the colour that suits u best..happy trying out!!! make sure u get the rite colous n dun look like that duck..hahahaha... =D

have fun gurls!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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