Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Israel Houghton's Concert!!!

A friend of ours told me that Israel Houghton, the famous gospel singer will be in town!!! one of the song he sang which i love is 'jesus be the center' =) time to buy tickets! was really excited!!!

gold tickets please!! woot woot! =)

 all 5 of us are ready for the concert!

of coz dear came with me! =)
we are eager to be ministered through songs!

ISRAEL HUGHTON is right in front of us!
he and his team are super skillful! super good! =D

A few new songs that i love!!

im so blessed by this concert!
its like a boost to the holy fire in my life!
and im reminded that i serve a living God whose love never fails!
what more do i need?

blue vs black =)

thank you Lord for such a great opportunity to worship like this =)

-thanks faithful listener-