Sunday, October 11, 2009

♡ 4S ♡

wondering wat '4S' means?? hehe...

Super Saturday, Special Sunday

finally the day for my 5km run arrived..around 8.50am..we arrived at 'pelangi damansara condo'..the previous group arrived 10 mins we started around 9.30am..while waiting..we took a group pic..not much time for more..needed to do stretching..

fresh look..haha

once we got hold of the prayer card..we started jogging..for started of good..den i started to feel tired..especially wen i reached the housing area..huhu..but the rest of my team was stil jogging non i had to cope up too..which was tiring..n it was worse during the slight uphill..but i reminded myself of the reason y i was running..i totally forgot bout the details in the prayer i prayed for the neighbourhood.. =) n God was faithful..the weather was great!!! not hot...hehe...because of my team's wonderful spirit n God's strength..i finished 5KM in 30 MINS!!!!! it was unbelievable!!! gonna try run more nex year..

yay..we did it!!!

while i was subject registration was goin on...thank God for frens...yati was doin my timetable..n im so happy i got my 1st choice of lecturers..thanks yati!!! =)


by the time everything was over..including lunch which was provided..we arrived home around 3.15pm..n i need to leave for mark's brother's wedding at 4pm..RUSH!!!!

congratulations danny & anna!!!

i went for the reception in church followed by the wedding dinner in batu caves...its was nice..i love weddings..its such a happy occasion wer the bride finally gets to call the love of her life 'husband'..i think its most girls' dream..hehe.. =)

love birds ice carving..

lovely wedding cake..

romantic dinner table for the bride n groom

the food was nice..especially the honey lemon chicken n one unique indian delicacy..i never had this b4..according to a fren of mine..he said its onions soaks in indian spice n fried.. keropok

me n mark..thanks for the invitation!

danny is mark's 2nd bro..n a few years back..i attended his 1st bro's wedding..n this time i saw their child, master theophilius..

cute baby...

that was all about my super saturday..very super duper rite? hehe..lets c how special my sunday was...

early in the morning i wen to was a nice sermon by my pastor daniel..he was telling us that Jesus did not choose his disciples from the highest rank..n he related his sermon to kungfu we watched a short part of the!!! one thing i wil remember alwiz is "the tide is rising..but God's mercy is increasing too!"

after church..we had lunch in kajang..i had my craving of claypoy lou shu fun... =) den i went to mid valley..jus window shopping..

cool lamborghini..

saw that bunny symbol?? playboy is down to promote their new range of perfume..not really the type of perfume i shud buy..i think its RM59.90 n if 100ml..there wil b a deodorant spray free!!!

miami, hollywood, vegas n one more! (cant recall)

2 story promotion booth!!

after realising that no perfume suits..i went to the pet world..saw various dogs n fishes..i dun like the noisy birds n furry small stuff like hamsters and rabbits...ewww! den i went to the 'asia adventure show'..

my visitor pass

there was tis hamster like game..nice!

after was time to go weekend was so awesome!! wish i cud prolong it..but its time 2 get prepared!!!!

all the best to u peeps!!! gud nite for now...

-thanks faithful listener-

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