Saturday, November 28, 2009

happy bday "nelson".... :P

another fren of mine is now 21!!!! those who noe him..are u wondering y "nelson"??? hahaha...stay tune... :P

he was one of the 1st few frens i made in uniten..we were in the same mass for orientation..n the polar bear incident will alwiz b remembered..but only between us k daniel..hahahha...

2007 techflow camp..malay version of daniel..

2007 muadzam trip...

2008 muadzam mission much we have grown..haha

2008 camp in penang..cute pic rite?

he is a really nice person to choose as ur fren.. :) please dun kembang daniel...he can produce noise pollution..he can make u laugh till u haf stomachache..he is one who can listen to u..but most of the time not seriously..hehehe... :P

okie the nelson celebrate his bday..we took him to milwaukee, balakong...we actually planned with the live band to play him a bday song..n out of the turned out to b...

happy bday to u..
happy bday to u..
happy bday to nelson..
happy bday to u...

huh??? who is nelson? even daniel was shock that "nelson" bday cake was for him..haha...we even tried to correct the singer..but he wud not change!!! so we followed the flow...

the green elephant is now nelson!!! haha

daniel's dish..the obscene chicken.. :D

all of us..... ★

daniel..i hope u liked ur bday party.. :) hope u had fun..n sorry for this late post..haf been really busy n its so hard to find time 2 blog...

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, DANIEL!!! **oops..nelson!**

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, November 27, 2009

2009 christmas production is back!!!!!

hmmm...its been sum time since i really on a very hectic schedule..techflow intensive week is like morning 9am til nite 10pm..huhu..n i only have 2 to 3 hours break and that is filled up for career unit u see now y i have no time to blog..n i oso cant play pet pet is getting poor.. :(

the 2nd main techflow event is coming up....

the second event is gonna be coming up soon too...our annual christmas production..this year is gonna b in Dewan Seri Saujana (DSS)...8th dec..8pm..

we have already been practicing for our production for about 2 was kinda tiring..memorizing lines..straining our voice for a high note..pulling off an extreme facial not very easy!!! but we had a lot of makan fun time... :)

we found the tomyam shop..weee~!!

our must have..banana leaf rice.. :)

there are lots more nice stuff we did..but kinda busy rite now..will post up more soon!!!! so patience ya..hehe....oh ya!!! b4 i forget..thanks shwe for ur cute bangkok souvenirs..

mine is at the most left..last row..cute rite? i gotta stop blogging..its time 2 stay focus...hehehe...stay tune for more pictures... :)

to those on the way back to campus..pls b careful ya..b safe on the road...n c my housemates soon!!! oh..btw..the house is really dirty!!! eeewww!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, November 22, 2009

blessed birthday, mr mike!!!

thats me n the bday man!! :)

mr mike..hmmm..i 1st knew him at my 1st techflow meeting in 2006..i din noe him that well then..he was jus the club advisor to me..

after my 1st cmas nite..1941 the memoir..i was kinda close to him as i sprained my ankle n he was so concern..since then..he was no longer the scary advisor i tot he was..haha...den wen i was in the committee..both his n my true colours came out..hehe..he was like the sporting advisor who understood the students...everytime we cracked a matter how unappropriate..he will go with our flow... :)

in the year 2007 i was adam..due to duties..i became really close to him as i need to seek for his opinion all the time b4 making a decision n he is really patient..he never scolds matter how irrelevant our suggestions may be..he alwiz explains things to us in a very understanding manner...wat a nice advisor to work with....

on his bday..the cast n i called him and sang him a bday sure he was surprised!!! hehehe.. :D n looking back on these pictures..i miss hanging around with him during committee planning retreats...hmmmmm...


the closeness we share....awwww

a short prayer for mr mike... :)

heavenly father..i pray that u will continue to bless mr mike as he continues to b a blessing to so many ppl around him..i pray that u wil walk beside him everyday..guiding him in everythin he does..strengthening his faith in u everyday and Lord..bless him n his family with ur love, joy and peace..bless him Jesus name i pray..amen!


-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, November 19, 2009

hello to miss B.U.S.Y back in uni on tues evening..i manage to spend some precious moments..hehe..i had dinner at a new shop in summit..i cant remember the shop's name..huhu..but i had chicken teriyaki n mushroom was yummy!!! :) after that i watched the!! it was 2 n a half hours..but it din really feel like was exciting..a lil scary..i should say its worth 8/10 ★....those who haven watch..make sure u do!!!! :P now back in uni..ahhhh!!! i haven even carried everythin out from my booth..yesterday morning i had to start calling the companies for fair is in this coming february..dun miss ur opportunity to meet with the company reps ya!!!

den in the afternoon till nite..i was busy acting..singing..dancing..haha..its time 2 prepare intensively for cmas nite...wonder wat role im playing?? come watch me at dewan sri saujana, uniten on 8th of december 7.30pm!!!!! haha...or if u wish to donate..pls let me noe too..we wil b donating to 3 homes...a shelther home, home for the orphans and also the spastic kids...

okie okie..enuf of promo..back to sum funny updates..there is a scene wer my fren, mark has to date with a foundation it was like on the spot match make..hahah..mark is a joker!!!! n with daniel there..oh no!!! mark jus cant b serious..we had a good laugh..n for the 1st time..mark blushed!!!! :P

all in all..i thank God for the smooth practice yesterday..most of the scenes are now falling in place..n i thank God for all that haf volunteered to help us the cast..especially in singing n dancing!!!! thanks peeps!!!

i better b signin off..gotta get ready for practice!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

last 2 days in singapore....

my las two days in singapore was a leisure ride..hehe...not much of rushing for scheduled activities...i was in the hotel till about 4pm..i did walk along orchard road..i did sum stops at the shopping malls..but they were the expensive malls unlike bugis street wer i can shop shop the package of the city tour bus that i had yesterday..i was entitled to choose either the 'jurong bird park'..'singapore zoo'..'mini toys musuem' or 'the nite safari'..n i chose the nite safari... :P

can u spot the wolf?? - this was during the exotic animal show

exciting tribal performance

i had fun finding for the animals in the dark...hehe

i was in the safari for almost 3 hours..n i was 60% scared..hehe..i was thinking wat if an animal was let loose in the dark..its gonna b so hard to find n worse if it turns out to b beside me...ahhhh!!!! :P once i reached back to the was late already..time for bed..hehhe...

my flight back to penang was 5pm...but i haf to check out by in the morning i wen to the national orchid garden..orchid is singapore's national flower...

its 5 dollars entrance..but worth it all if u love flowers..

the white species..haha..cant remember the scientific name..

the most common ones..haha

the yellow orchid lane..

it has a sign photo its a must to snap snap snap.. :P

since its november...the cmas decorations are up..n since im staying along orchard road..its really so in the cmas mood now..haha...i've got too many pics so i combined the ones i like.. :)

thanks to my mum for this trip!!! its like a holiday after the busyness n before the busyness..hehe..i had fun!! weee~! n there are so many other plans in singapore..i do hope one day i wud b able to go there with my frens..there are so many roller coasters coming has even branch out rite?? all in all for this alone i spend 800 ringgit...inclusive of chili to all places n accomodation...oh ya! n sum shopping!!! :)

this is love from singapore for that special someone..hehe.. (u noe who u are!!)

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 1 & 2

i arrived singapore around 10am on friday..this time i was not gonna go on a tour..more like my own plan of moving i chose to visit sentosa island on the 1st day...since sentosa island was a fun filled place..i enjoyed a few rides....

the flight i was on...air asia

a 3d motion!!!

sentosa sky tower..i cud c almost the whole singapore

underwater world..not many varieties..

singapore famous beach..siloso

i wen up the hill top in these...

and came down with these...very exciting.. *thumbs up*

time for history... :P

4 main people : malay, chinese, indian n eurasion

i enjoyed this show the most!!!

short preview of the show... :)

papa merlion

the 1st day was fun..but really tiring as i have to catch various buses to move around in sentosa island..but the buses are very very punctual!!! den i headed back to my hotel - the orchard parade...

the next was very much a non walking day..hehe..mostly was on their city tour bus and their hop on buses... :)

i went on an hour city tour...

40 mins ride in the singapore flyer..

this captain explorer was nice... :)

a different exciting experience...

see how my amphibian worked..hehe

isnt that cool?? accordingly these kind of transportation was used during the world war 2 to transport things from land to water n water to land....after that we took a bus to the nex destination....

singapore river....

the famous mama merlion

on the our side of the river...boat quay..i stopped by for their famous delicacy..chili crab...hmmmm....its was yummy!!!

chili crab @ jumbo seafood restaurant...

clarke quay...

after so much of sight was time for sum shopping..haha..i went to bugis village..i haf heard it a lot from my frens that there are a lot of stuff sold cheap stuff..sumting like a flea market...

i really did shop!! haha

hmmmm...i guess i wil stop writing for now...stay tune for wat i did on day 3 n 4 in singapore...hehe... :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, November 12, 2009

my bestie is 21!!!!

the one getting old..hehe

let me recall wen i knew this bday gurl....i think during form 4 in add maths tuition..rite nav??? i never saw this frenship coming..there was alwiz the 'shyness' thingy..but suddenly after miss lee's reunion...we jus kept meeting up n goin out lepak...thats wer it all begins......hehe :)

she is fun to be with...can go with any las minute plans..haha...for the las 3 years..we haf been real good buddies..we mite not meet often..but wen we meet..its never awkward..there is jus so much to talk much to update each other!!!!

our 1st big outing - bbq in ferringhi

cny in my house...her 1st time having yee sang..haha

meet up in queensbay

meet up in gurney..we had fun sharing love stories :P

the most ticklish experience..haha

cant wait for our nex meet sure its gonna b a lot of fun as alwiz... :) im sorry i cud not spend ur special day with u...but i wil make that up some day...haha...take care ya..n i hope u wil b blessed in many ways on ur special day....

hugs bday girl!!!!!!!!!!


-thanks faithful listener-