Thursday, July 29, 2010

flying chillies, gardens

my family gave me a suprise!!! they all came down to kl suddenly..gave me a call at 2pm saying they will arrive at!!! jus a nite stay! :) but it was fun..

 we stayed at gardens hotel..spacious!

dinner @ flying gardens mall

check out the interior..nice! cosy!

our dishes:



steam fish with lime juice

kangkung belacan

thai fish cake

chicken stir fried with cashew nuts

thop thim krap..thai famous dessert!

me with my daddy!! mwah~!

my happy family!! loves....

will c u soon in september!! raya break... :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ice room, bangi

1st of all...tauwfiq is back from uk..not ulu klang k..haha...he is my BFF's again if ur confused!! :) we met up..all 7 of us...since he jus came back n he wanted to pay the bill...hehe..he can choose the place to eat..ICE ROOM!! its new!

looks new n cosy rite?

grab the menu n order..haha

this place is more of simple asian food...the food is yummy too! my gums were not too good that day..swollen.. :( so i chose porridge..

look like sick people food..haha..but dun taste like one!

chah's spicy noodles!! more like wan tan mee..hehe

this looks good n taste awesome!! hehe..bento!

 haha..not sure wat he ordered..sum mee soup i tink! haha

i hope nissa din order her drinks to match her clothes..=P

 ahhh!!! monster bali..
the way he ate..proves how delicious his lamb chop was!

mango ice blend..this is their speciality!! yum~!

since its a gathering..of coz funny n sweet moments must b photo time!!!! snap snap snap...

looking tru the counter

gay moments..hehe

 me with mr ice.. :)

a happy gathering...*mr prem is missing*


muke tak puas hati nk belanje..haha
thanks tauwfiq anyway!!! =P

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, July 22, 2010

MTV World Stage 2010

its back in malaysia again!!!!!
i missed in it 2009..
n i dun hope to miss it again..
but im only hoping for free tickets!!
any1 kind enuf?? hehe

who's coming???

:: i want nobody nobody but u! ::

Katy Perry...!

Tokio Hotel!!!!!!

and our very own malaysian...
Bunk Face!


date: 31st july 2010
time: 6pm (gate opens at 4pm)
more info: check it here

if i win my share of free tickets...
hope to c u all there!!!!
lets party!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i-city through the lens of a nikon dslr :)

don't judge a post by its title..haha
i did not buy a dslr..
but my fren d..husna!!!
so of coz its time 2 take many many many pics..hehe

venue: i-city

this post will b jus pictures..sorry!!

kisses to bee...


sad or happy? im confused!

yati's favourite pose! look up!

wallpaper for our desktop! ;)

my all time bestie n classmate!

i love my girls!


our shoes matched!

shadow effect

i time this one so muchie!!!
frenship = love


such an awesome time with my girls..

definitely looking forward for more!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fullhouse, sunway pyramid

time with my girls is alwayz F.U.N!!!

~ 11th July 2010 ~

(hmmm..since there are many pictures..lets the pictures do the talking..hehe)

it was a sunday...

i picked the girls up n vrrooommm...
off to sunway pyramid!

hungry smiling faces.. ;p

its a must stop n stare! haha more pics..were is fullhouse??

found it! this car is their 'landmark'

waiter please!

1 chicken chop set!

2 grilled fish sets!

1 bbq chicken set!

the food did take sumtime to arrive...but cant blame them..
the place was FULLHOUSE!!!
so we went for photo sessions 1st..hehe

checking my food in the kitchen :)

asking the waiter to move faster..hehe

this must b the owner..haha

i love this sakura-sy!

i tried many accesories..n i love this!!!


ok-ok..back to it here already???

time to nyom nyom nyom..hehe
it was yummy..the mash potato is creamy..wee~!

our sets came with mini cakes too..
sweet tooth!

all together our bil for 4 pax was around RM150...
affordable! thanks husna!! (our mama 4 the day!)

thumbs up!!
*big smiles of satisfaction*

las shot b4 we go shopping!!!

p/s: thanks husna for the lunch & pictures!

-thanks faithful listener-