Friday, October 30, 2009

♥♥ the BOY and GIRL ♥♥

flipping tru the pages of my favourite story,
i saw a boy and a gurl both very happy,
occasions after occasions they celebrated,
together as one, each moment they remembered..

as their love grow deeper,
the colour of romance grew stronger,
every cheer the boy made,
it made the girl's frown fade...

the boy was alwiz pampering the girl,
no matter how much it made his mind swirl,
everyone cud c how lucky the girl was,
but the girl didnt show how much she felt it was..

as the boy painted scenes of his life with her,
the girl tore these pages in silence without fear,
all she thought was she cud produce better ones,
not knowing the dark colours behind her pieces..

bit by bit the boy found those paintings,
shock, anger, sadness, dissappointment were his feelings,
he did not know which part was to be forgiven,
the trust he once planted in the girl was all abandoned..

the girl did not know how to recolour romance or happiness,
the boy's heart was torn to the brim of emptyness,
the girl tries everyday different mixture of colours,
but there is stil in the palette of choices..

the coldness of the boy brings fear and loneliness,
the girl now starts counting her blessings in happiness,
she is blessed for still being able to listen to the boy's voice,
she is blessed with the opportunity to love the boy once again..

before the night ends, the girls says a prayer,
thanking the Lord for the boy who had once loved her,
praying that the Lord wil heal their love somehow,
praying to hold the boy's hands and paint the colours of a rainbow..

as she counts sheeps before she sleeps,
into her mind the boy creeps,
tears of regret, sorry and fear flows down to her chin,
losing the boy was the one thing she wud never wanna end up in..

the girl wil not stop praying,
will not stop mixing,
the girl prays that one day she wil get the rite mixtures,
wishing to paint a new story with her boy called 'BLISS',
and hoping to alwiz be his....

I LOVE U, my boy!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, October 29, 2009

car stealing?????

hmm...seems so long since i found sum precious time to talk to my faithful listener...the exams haf been keeping me away...sorry dearest blog!!!!

wondering if i was stealing a kancil??? haha..ur 50% rite!!!! fren 'ieka' locked her car manually and left the keys inside!!! OH NO!!!! asked for help from all over the world...ooppss..a lil too exagerate rite?? mebbe the whole uniten..hehe..n i was part of the rescue!!!!

we tried with the iron hanger..tried removing the rubbers of the window and all..but nothing worked!!! wat else cud we try????? finally..sum1 suggested a FORK!!!! seem impossible? but believe it or was a success!!! magic fork huh?

days of exams are really scary..its like a daily routine filled with books!!! ahhhh.....its like wake up at 8am..relax till til 6pm..9pm study again!!!!!!! i jus hate it!! urghhh...n wen im stressed..i tend to love food more..haha...n i tried the coconut tomyam in 'nims island' a few days ago..n its really yummy!!! =) *thumbs up for that special recipe*

hmmm...i gotta stop writing..time 2 get ready for the 2nd half of my those like me stil fighting the battle...ALL DA BEST!!! (cant wait for sunday to haf lunch after my exam)

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, October 25, 2009

chaiyok frens.......

hey...finals are starting 2moro!!! but luckily mine starts on wednesday.....altho days preparing for ur finals are gonna be crazy....but stay there!!! ur not struggling for my finals too...!!! uuwwaaaaa.....

u make sure u haf enuf sleep ya...dun b like that stick person..u mite learn n memorize everything..but by the time u wake up in the exam hall..its time to hand ur blank answer booklet up..hahaha...!!! =D ..n remember to pray for urself n ur frens having exams..(like me)..hehe..

okie goin for dinner..den gonna go back to nerding mode..hahaha...


Saturday, October 24, 2009

ur getting old chah...hehehe...

yesterday was the exact date of wen she (above) was born...23rd oct...she is a very good fren of mine..sorry i cud not blog this yesterday itself s we are in the library nerding..haha...can u believe it..aisyah nerding on her burfday??? hahaha.....

she is one person on earth dat i noe is the best candidate to choose if u wanna keep taking silly pics not stop..haha...i remember once in ilmu single..we tried to take 10 snap shots..n the pics wer really silly..cant show it here..its secret between me n was too silly..but yesterday..we did the same..but less silly..hehe...

cute?? haha...she is fun to be wit!!! cant deny it.....awwww...(terharu x??) haha...ive known her like since i entered uniten..i remember she was like the gurl nex door..we wud knock on each others door n go to classes together..n now we stay we jus have to knock on each other's room door.. =P but she tido mati wan.......oops kantoi!!!

one thing she is really good at is keeping our apartment clean..she has folded my clothes i think for like 20 times...haha...wen ever im so busy with programs...i dry my clothes n never keep them..den one day i wil see it folded nicely...awwww....dun u wish having her s ur hsemate too?? haha...

its been almost 3 years being frens with this sakai gurl...she is sakai coz.. if i tickle her..she wil shout.. 'xnk la..jgn..' den after awhile 'geli la..geli..x takut'..she already tahan..apela!!! haha...i love disturbing her... =P hope this great frenship that we share wil grow stronger n stronger.. =) den i can disturb her more..haha

tru this years..there are so many pics we have taken..n so many places we have been..definitely i cant post all here..but these are my favorites...

sticker booth

eye of malaysia

BFF - port dickson

food!!! - johnny's steamboat


hope u enjoyed the surprise we had for u....hugs n tickles.. ❤

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, October 22, 2009

im drown in my books

finals is starting in less than a week...ahhh!!! life has been really boring stuck with books in the library...huhu...but thank God so far im on schedule..but i really cant rite my micro p coding properly...huhu.. :(

its like a war..every minute is important..if u miss a minute..there is no way turning bak time..stress!!!! n wen im seems way more was quite sum time..but..this burger is really yummy!!!!

mc shah's burger

i had special chicken burger..its really yummy..especially if u love black pepper sauce n if u like it spicy..he has chili powder..its special..but for me..i dun fancy those..i jus love his original taste of mayonese.. :)...go try it ya..its at serdang!!! yum yum..for one of my dinner..cant recall wen..i ate at the tasik restaurant..i think i las had it in 1st year..haha..

floating restaurant @ uniten

sour orange juice..hmmm

chicken chop..

hmmm...i wud not recommend eating there..its not yummy at all..wen i was in 1st year..i love the chicken chop..but now no longer!! its hard n the black pepper sauce is so watery..n to make things worse..i wasnt feeling so good on that i wud never try that again!!!

hmmm..this post is making me think of wer to haf lunch..haha...n after lunch...oh no!!! i gotta get to the library again..huhuh....its like my 2nd home.. :(


i printed sum notes n the shop gave me a cute paper bag instead of plastic bag..good recycling habits..haha..tying rafia strings to the cover of the many rims of A4 paper they had..ta-daa!!! can save on plastic bags d!! :)

peeps..pls do pray for me as i prepare for my finals ya...okie..gotta get ready for my library outings..hehe.. =P

for those preparing too...ALL D BEST!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, October 19, 2009

surprise birthday + boating + movie = SUPERB!!!

its a sunday..haha...i mean yesterday was a sunday... =P we (nissa, yati n i) planned to surprise aisyah...haha...n luckily our plan turned out really well..she was surprised!!! we told her we were gonna discuss micro p..n she brought her notes along!!! hahaha....wen i cancelled the meeting..she was told to haf lunch in u can guess her dressing..haha =P

the cake is ready...

once i brought in the cake..all started to sure she was shocked..haha...can she the *blush* face..hahhaa...

malu la tu...eeee!

we were at old times kopitiam..the food was not bad..urm...7/10..we had cake 1st..since my food arrived late..i tried their fish porridge@RM5.90..not bad.. :) b4 its too late..but snap a pic with the gurl of the day b4 the cake is finished..hahaha..

ur old too!!! haha

after the lunch..we went for boat ride...weee~! fun...we took the south lake route...the water was way clearer that wat i tot..the breeze was nice......definitely took many many pics....hehehehe :)

me feeding the fishes...

us in the boat...

after the was movie time!!! i noe we are kinda late for this muvee..but so what!! hahahaha...

9/10..its really funny!!! aflin shauki never acts serious..haha..but the ending was touching..awwww....wonder y the title is 'papadom'?? go watch for urself.. =D

it had lots of fun yesterday..m looking forward to more times like this :) short but nice n lovely outing!!!! ~huggies~

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, October 17, 2009

wiping ceiling fan

step 1: find a dirty dusty fan

found it!!!

it was in yati's room..haha..the fan was too dusty that there was no wind even wen its spinning at number 5!!!! looking around for sumtin to climb on to reach it..chair?? to high enuf..huhu

step 2: look for sumthin higher

highest that we cud find was our study table..but stil not high enuf to reach the la then???

step 3: use the help of a broom

tadaa...the fan is reachable d!!! put the cloth over the stick..but the stick surface is so to wipe the fan surface?? the sides are easy la..but centre???

step 4: find sumting with a broader surface

put the cloth over the broad surface of the broom..yay!!! much easier now...after 15 mins of wiping...its finally clean!!!

step 5: eureka!!!

its now windy in yati's room!!!!! yay!!!!!!! clean rite??? no more dusty...hehehe

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, October 15, 2009

walk walk find food... :)

lets start with the nearest to the place i live..uniten COE foodcourt...there is this new istanbul shop open..quite sum time ago..but i din bother trying..till las week since i was having so many discussions in the foodcourt..

1st nite..i tried this..kebab with fries @ RM6..ratings : 7 out of 10 ★

2nd nite..i ate beef cheese pita @ RM5..5 out of 10 ★ not really a cheese i find it too creamy...

to make the istanbul taste a lil malaysian..i dip them in 'lady's choice' mayonise and 'maggi' chili sauce...hehe

thank God for these..hehe

lets move a lil further...bangi pasar tani..besides all the normal food sold in many pasar tani..i spotted these two...

kerabu mango @ RM4

i rate it 8 out of 10 ★...its really yummy but a lil too spicy for me..the spices are pounded in the 'batu lesung'..really traditional way rite? so its really the original taste unlike the blender wan..

baked potatoes @ RM3 each

its really delicious..ratings 10 out of 10 ★..we tried 3 flavours..beef cheese, pure cheese, sausage cheese...other 2 flavours were tuna cheese and chicken cheese..i love all 3!!!! =)

las place is a lil further..sunway pyramid..popeye's louisiana kitchen..its a fast food restaurant..kinda yummy..i shud say that their fried chicken is almost the same taste as our all time kiddy favourite KFC..hehe...n their unique mash potato taste nice..its dipped with mushroom sauce and mince meat..yummy!!! one good ting..its there is no service or government tax...

mash potato..yum yum

set meal @ RM8.95

im looking forward to trying out more new places after finals..hehehe...oh ya..the baked potatoes shop has been visited by the tv show..jalan jalan cari makan..not me 'walk walk find food' ya..hahaha...

have a good dinner tonite peeps!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

my good fren is 21~!!!

that's me n the burfday gurl...shu yeen...that a long time ago pic..i think its in dec 2006...remember the bbq?? wen we gonna haf more? huhu....

shu..i haf known u since 6 years old rite? wow..thats like so long time u haf seen me grow n ive seen u grow..hahaha...

we used to go to the same tuition..n we study in the same school..n lived in the same apartment can u imagine..its like 24/7 i c her..n i remember in one tuition in our apartment..its 8pm..n i use to go to her hse..den go for tuition together..n we both noe the rite time which is rite after the chinese series ends..hahaha..we are usually the noisiest in tuitions..haha..remember goh hong peng's tuition?? wonder how he stands our gossiping..haha... =P

but evr since i entered was no longer the 24/7 seeing her..we had to meet each other by appointments..hehe..lives haf moved on..from the school gurl to now university teen..but 1 thing for sure..wen we meet..its never awkward silence..there is jus so much to update a good fren.. =)

i hope u'll haf a wonderful time on your special day..

dun forget to make annual wishes (to forever stay young)..hehe...blow those candles!!

n welcome to the 21 category..hehehe...dun worry bout getting old..its jus a year!! u definitely stil look young!!! =)


-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~my wednesday~

yesterday i went to the gym...n oh dear..a kind samaritan wanted to help me lose weight faster..she taught me how to carry weights..its my 1st time dealing with these heavy stuff seriously..n today my body aches!!! ahhh...feel like an old lady walking down the stairs..feel like a jelly carrying heavy stuff..oh no!!! i think i shud go back to the slow and steady way..hahahha =P..thanks anyway to that kind samaritan!! =)


after exercising..i, yati n aisyah watched 'perfect getaway'..not in the cinemas but in our living no popcorn..but replaced by keropok..hehe...the show was not bad..but i wud not gif it a real high rating..(mebbe its bcoz i wasnt really focusing 100%)..but its okie if u wanna watch at home..but i dun recommend to watch it in the cinemas....

today..was our last techflow for the its 'sayonara'..wen i arrive..i saw sumthing funny..i wonder y is there a cone on top of the sensor bar??? anyone can explain?? haha...during techflow..we had games..n our alumni were invited back to share their experience during cmas nite..the main word all of them used was im sure its worth it being part of this production.. =) i was in the cast n crew b4..n this year im in the CAST n CREW!!! frens..its gonna b on the 8th of dec..make sure u come ya.. =) besides that..we also celebrated our president's and vice president's bday...(10 n 11 oct)

the funny incident

me playing 'burger, coke, fries'

adeline & timothy

one gud news for myself...i have set a few targets to b met in every 3 days..n im happy that my 1st target is reached...i thank God for the discipline, good time management, hardworking spirit n good memory!!! i pray that i wil continue to b able to meet my targets daily.. =) peeps, continue to remember me in prayer ya!!!

pray works wonders!!

there is sumtin that i wud like to share with u guys..its a 10 minute video..please download n c how talented this lady is..she tells a story tru sand drawing..n this story is really lovely!!! enjoy peeps...

for my foundation frens...ALL THE BEST FOR FINALS!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

ur one year older..hehe

that's the burfday girl!!! crazy fren definitely... =)

that pic was taken a few years back..i think 2007 rite? during plug-in camp in peace haven..i definitely had a lot of fun with u..being in the committee..was a lot more exciting with u!!!! hehe...

i miss the burfday gurl!!!!...she has gone to NZ..n she is married!!! cant wait to meet the 'wife' version of muss..hehe...can i call u mama nex time i meet u??? gotta take care of me..hahahaha =P sure ur gonna enjoy great time with ur u grow older..may u b wiser s a wife..hehe..prettier day by day..n crazier year by year..if day by day..i wil b scared to meet u next..hahahha =P

remember to call me up den ur back ok????? take care ya....(send my regards to ur hubby!!)


-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

dun look like that duck!! haha

final..part 3 - choosing make up colour

silver or gold??
try to hold a gold jewelery close to ur face..then a silver piece..try to determine which one look best on u..if silver..gif preference to cool toned colours..if u look better with gold jewelery..use warm toned colours..

cool or warm tone??
cool tone colours includes blue undertones :- pure white, black, dark blue, true red
warm tone colours includes yellow undertones :- orange, forest green, gold and brown

hair and skin colour
the skin colour and shade of hair can help to determine which colour looks best on u..if lite skin..dark hair..u can use a bolder lipstick..if lite skin..lite hair..pastel colours would suit u better..medium hair and medium skin tone..use more brown tones..

your colour choices
if ur really confused on these warm and cool shades..try thinkin of ur favorite colour..u mite gravitate on the colour that looks best on u..

u mite need to experiment to get the colour that suits u best..happy trying out!!! make sure u get the rite colous n dun look like that duck..hahahaha... =D

have fun gurls!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, October 12, 2009

happy bday timothy!!!

thats me n the bday boy in his hometown...seremban...i think we were playing by the waterfall then...

tim has alwiz been a good fren, listener n advisor...he is like a brother...

tim..i hope u enjoyed the 'embarassment'..u had jus now in front of BM theater..haha..

s u grow a year older..i pray u wil b stronger in the Lord..n wiser each year!!! hope u enjoyed ur special day..haf fun bday boy!!! take care....


-thanks faithful listener-