Sunday, March 30, 2014

KL Tower

my family is here in KL...will be meeting Ah Peng kuku and also kim kim was really a nice time that we bonded..Prem, my family and I =)

look at the little miss cheeky!

we had dinner at royale chulan hotel!!

ice creams before we call it a night! =)
nitrogen ice cream!!! whhoooosh!!

day 2: a trip to kl tower..

lets go!!!!

thanks to kor kor we are having lunch here!

nice view although a little hazy..
and then it rained! =(

he met them all!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, March 17, 2014

our day trip to Sekinchan

i decided to go with dear to Sekinchan after reading about it on a blog..seems like a simple life kinda place =) perfect for a day trip..

dear must stop request...

for his freshly steamed pau..hehe

the journey took us almost 2-3 hours with our pau stop..hehe...the only way to know you have reached sekinchan is when you see paddy fields!!!

or when you see this signage! =)

so green and nice!!!

stopped by the factory to buy rice too..

after buying some pearl brown was time for i decided to try BBQ beside the beach...when we arrived the beach, Pulau was too we took more photos..

pulau redang here we are...

not the cleanest beach..hehe =)

my boo! mwah....

his tea time..some popiah!

my tea time..some fresh oysters!!
sooo fresh and yummy! =)

soon it was sunset...

 always love sunsets... 

finally they are ready to serve dinner...

i present you the chef of the day..!

was a little tasteless since there was no seasoning =(

we ended the night with releasing wishing lanterns..
thanks to the was free! =)

such a memorable day!!! 
love getting out of the city with dear!

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, March 14, 2014

Day trip to Sekinchan

my colleagues decided to make a trip to Sekinchan..main intention was to buy rice, eat seafood and also check out the paddy fields.. =)

all of us in one van!! =)

we have finally arrived at kuala selangor for lunch! =)

all of us....
im so glad 'P' got along well with them! =)
eating seafood - ticked!

so serene!!!!
paddy fields - ticked!

higher!!!!! hehehehhe =D

we also bought brown rice here... - ticked!

fresh oyster was sooo yummy!!!
not planned..but glad we ate them!!!!
FRESHEST ever!!!

'P' playing on the swing.... =)
thanks dear for joining us..
and also driving us there!

- thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday Photoshoot & Romantic Dinner

**sorry for another super belated post**

a few months before my birthday, my boyfriend, P asked me what i wanted for my birthday..i told him..i wanted a surprise..maybe have dinner at a nice place where i can take lots of photos and also a nice cake...then nothing was said after that..

on my birthday..i got ready and he told me he was going to bring me to see our soon to be house..AGAIN! i really didnt want to since it was already late afternoon..too hot to be at a construction site in a dress..haha..

suddenly he made a right turn instead!! thats where we are going to have dinner! =) it was a private restaurant and dear had to 'pujuk' the guard to go in!! haha..and since we drove in with our canon dslr..some thought he was a photographer!!! haha =P

this is where the entrance of the restaurant is..

lush greens..with wooden deco..
feels like in bali... 

there is a lake!!!!

awww...thanks darling for cracking your head to make my day! =)

done with photoshoot!!!

dinner time =)
*hungry d*

such romantic ambience... =)

our western dinner..

my super lovely cake!!!
so blessed!!!

lets play!!! more lives please..hehe!

exactly a day more than i have imagined =)

thanks baby!!!



-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, March 7, 2014

ICC first ever camp!!!

sorry that this is super belated post..i have been really busy juggling work, travels and i am BACK my darling readers! =)

its my 'home' church ICC's 1st ever camp! and i am so happy that i and the boyfie 'P' are organizing it!!!! was not easy..but so worth it!! =)

this time its by the beach of Port Dickson!

us at the registration counter =)

hello pastor

us with the speakers!

witnessing our friends getting baptized!
such a great celebration!!!

all of us rejoicing!!

this baby is soooo adorable! baby Eleanor!

superman and superwoman!!!
i proposely bought this for dear and i...
speaking about commitment..haha! =P

 our family in Christ!!
such a happy one!

thank you Lord for all that You have guided and provided.. =) 

-thanks faithful listener-