Saturday, May 13, 2017

gardens by the bay, singapore

i visited hubs in singapore! =) this time we spent our time mostly just grocery shopping and chilling =) on  saturday, hubs decided that we should check out gardens by the bay after our anniversary dinner..

we were walking all over the city until dinner time!!
from suntec bugis..and then to raffles city..
had a funny time walking around the city with dear..

sushi tei for anniversary dinner!

thank you dear for the dinner =)

 its been 8 years with you..
im so thankful we chose one another to do life together
thanks for being such a great life partner
love u lots...everyday im thankful that you are mine!

after dinner..we took the train to gardens by the bay =)
a wonderful way to end the night.. *hugs*

brightly lighted up

beautiful view..we were seated on the floor watching this..
really romantic..however too many national songs..

 this part reminded me to deepavali..hahaha =P

one pose with the man made trees..hehe

what a great night!



-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Slappy Cakes

ever since i saw this place on the internet..i have always wanted to visit it with dear.. Slappy Cakes..somewhere we can challenge our artistic side and also eat..hahahah! =D

flipping pancakes time! =)

ready? battle! haha

our orders
choc and pandan batter
caramel, white choc and pumpkin kaya toppings

my drawing of the fun tourist time we had =)

love my kl tower? hehe =P

it was really so much fun!
to be adventurous in trying new things..

after almost a full half day outing..we needed some rest..haha.. *signs of getting old* OMG! in the evening we went for dinner at Ken Well Seafood Restaurant, a restaurant in balakong..seafood time!!! we had really yummy dishes! BURPS!

ginger onion venison

nyonya seafood

milk crabs

the best way to end our amazing day..happy tummy!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, May 6, 2017


this is one of the latest tourist attraction in kl..lets goooo!!!! also our first upside down house experience..

another part of our kl tower experience

taking photos around before our turn to enter the house..
it can only fit 15-18 people each session..

us and the house..
all upside down..haha! =D

at the entrance


 its our turn! yay!!!
there was around 4 rooms..

we definitely had fun here!!!

here are some information for you
operating hours: 9am - 7pm
adults with MYKAD: RM15
kids with MYKAD: RM10

off to our next activity!!!
check out the fun we had at kl tower - skybox in the previous post =)


-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

KL Tower Skybox

today is a public holiday!!! we decided to play tourist in KL..hehe..we slept til around ready and off we go!!! =)

time for our brunch
KyoChon 1991

we tried their spicy wings
seems to be the fav choice..

semangat hubby trying to do korean crossword puzzle..

lunch is here!!!!
food was yummy but kinda pricey.. =P

next stop was kl tower!
this is not our first time but we heard about skybox..
time to give it a try!

its was super windy at the open deck!

see the glass box there?
that's SkyBox!!!

queuing up waiting for our turn..
only 2-3 person allowed each session..yay!
this means there will be no strangers photobombing our photos!

it definitely is thrill up here!

hello klcc!

the height is sooo cool!!!

this is my fav photo of us... *love*

next..we are off to visit the upside down house!

for more info on the here
prices below


-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, April 15, 2017

fun in Malacca

we travelled to Malacca!! yay! luckily there was no heavy traffic although it was a weekend..the first place we visited was the christ church =)

new signage..hehe

little one now prays before she eats!
great habit!

chicken rice ball time! yummy!

it was a looonnnggg walk up here!
we finally reach St Paul ruins and that's St Francis Xavier
Shernette actually said that was Jesus..haha!

we also did a mini tour on the trishaw

we had satay celup for dinner..was really yummy! everyone enjoyed..yay! and in the evening we actually walked along Jonker Street..everyone was somehow really tired! and lil miss cheeky fell asleep around 8.30pm and woke everyone up at 2.30am and didnt want to sleep anymore! she started crying at 4am and i played with her till she fell asleep at 5.30-6am..phew!  

little miss cutie getting ready for a swim

photo first..haha

look at the excited face..hahah! =D

joined uncle prem in the gym..haha!

yoga! =P


love them!

-thanks faithful listener-