Tuesday, February 28, 2017


a new hype is found in SUNWAY VELOCITY!!! Original cake from taiwan has launched its FIRST store in Malaysia!!! Last Saturday, 25.02.2017, i dropped by thinking of grabbing one cake...look at the queue!!!

Level 3, Lot 3-29

it took 1 hour till that last guy (in black) got his cake!!!

i got mine!!
orginal flavour - RM18 (now promo at RM15)
cheese flavour RM23 (now promo at RM20)


cheese flavour (this is only half of the cake)
my review: texture is soft and fluffy
however, the cheese was not oozing out as it promotes
the cheese also balances the egg taste..love it!

original flavour (this is only half of the cake)
my review: texture is soft and fluffy yet it doesnt crumble when cut
i will prefer to dip this in something..maybe jam or milo?

here is how its served..
take note: it has to be carried over head and measured with ruler..

this is definitely a must try for yourself cake!
quick grab a slice before the promo ends!!
only 2 per customer..so bring a friend if you are planning to buy more!!!


-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Movie World Gold Coast

MOVIE WORLD!! a place full of roller coasters and movie stars...woohooo!!!! =) we were kinda early at the entrance..haha..to avoid queues..hehe =P *success*

hello movie world!!

this ride was scary!! but accomplished!!!

sorry marilyn..he chose me..haha..

that was another crazy ride..

this is definitely an awesome show..
they even invited some guest to shoot immediately and made it into a film!
im impressed!

break time!
we had some yummy burgers..

this is so cool..shooting, 3D and roller coaster!

we also spent some time on queuing up to take photos with the movie stars..

before we left the awesome theme park..we sat along the main street for their parade..time for a close up of the movie stars.. =)

looney tunes are here!

sylvester!! where is tweetie?



batgirl meets superwoman

sexy catwoman..hehe

handsome batman!!!

it was surely a fun day!! felt like a kid..hehehe

adult ticket: AUD79.99 (1 day pass)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gold Coast Outback Spectacular

after paradise country, we checked in our hotel..rest..and went for the famous cowboy show...high country legends!!!!

we were given free cowboy hats

super cowboy feel..hehehe

great country music too!

we paid for dinner (vegetarian meal possible too) and show as a package (AUD 99.99)
was afraid we didnt have time to grab a simple meal..

appetizer: pumpkin soup

main course: steak!

dessert: apple pie

the show was truly an exciting one..with lots of stunts by the cowboys and also horses..i truly enjoyed it..a lot of times i was cringing on my seat as the stunts seems too dangerous.. *thumbs up*

great end to our first day in aussie!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gold Coast Paradise Country

we are off to australia!!! yayyyy! but before we successful boarded our plane, drama happened!! we were only informed last minute that we needed visa, our bad for not researching as well! lucky that we could apply this online with almost instant approval..ahhhh...rush rush rush at the boarding gate..thank God all completed in time for boarding..

flying in hot seats, airasia!
we bought our return tickets for RM1100

after 8 hours of flight..we finally arrived at coolangatta airport

we rented a car for our 5 days stay (AUD 150)..and immediately started our journey..first stop was PARADISE COUNTRY (AUD 39 for adults with lunch)..time to see koalas, sheep and kangaroos!!

can you see the koalas behind? super cute!

next was 'billy tea'
we were shown how to make this kinda special australian tea..
it seems that the tea leaves wouldnt sink..hmmm

to me, it tasted like any other english tea..haha
im not a tea person afterall..

there were horse shows too..
we watched them while sipping tea in the cold weather..
hmmm..now i miss aussie..

sheep shearing..
the amount of wool they have! really 3 bags full..hehe

time to get some rest..the area is really huge

lunch time!! served at 12.30noon
australian BBQ with semi buffet side dishes..

there was also a small gold mine area..

now its time to see more animals..

so happy to be able to finally pat a fluffy sheep!

they were really chirpy!

last but not least the star of australia..

what a great start to our trip! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I-CITY Shah Alam

this week my family is in KL!!! yay!!! my niece, shernette is here too! the little cheeky one! =P

the little one having fun tying my hair..haha!

in the evening we decided to have some fun in shah alam i-city..snow walk and fun fair was our main thing to visit..lets go! for the snow walk, please bring your own socks, gloves and wear proper sports shoes..

it was freezing!!!!

the ice carving was nice

awww...love this!

sliding down was this little one..
she was already freezing..hahahaha! =D

it was so much fun experiencing snow world with my family..it was really cold...brrrr! shernette was so stiff in the cold..we spent less than 30 minutes in there! hahahah =D now off to some exciting rides..

ferris wheel!!!

this thing is cool..

mini roller coaster with miss princess..
she was really excited..we sat for 2 rounds!

after a full day of fun..the next day..we went to magnum cafe..yummy!!!! =)

love her smile!

blek! hahhaa

 ice all to herself? hahaha!
share please.....

im so thankful that my family came to KL..it was a really nice weekend!

 -thanks faithful listener-