Friday, December 11, 2015

Our first African Night

African Night!!! its a celebration that has been annually held in church for the past two years..however sadly dear and i never had a chance to attend it till this year!!! =D since its our first time..we were excited..haha..or maybe i was the excited one =P it was really nice to dress like our african family...hehe =P

we got ourselves african costumes!!!!

thanks Sandra for mine =)

thanks Phil for dear's!

the bullies..haha..
all in white trying to look pure n innocent!
try harder!!! =P

the lost sisters..
attending punjabi event instead of african..hahaha

with dear's mum =)

it was a really nice time of worship and dance together..had lots of fun!! thanks to all who organized it =)

Patah Sayap O!! hahahaha =P

-thanks faithful listener-