Saturday, October 17, 2009

wiping ceiling fan

step 1: find a dirty dusty fan

found it!!!

it was in yati's room..haha..the fan was too dusty that there was no wind even wen its spinning at number 5!!!! looking around for sumtin to climb on to reach it..chair?? to high enuf..huhu

step 2: look for sumthin higher

highest that we cud find was our study table..but stil not high enuf to reach the la then???

step 3: use the help of a broom

tadaa...the fan is reachable d!!! put the cloth over the stick..but the stick surface is so to wipe the fan surface?? the sides are easy la..but centre???

step 4: find sumting with a broader surface

put the cloth over the broad surface of the broom..yay!!! much easier now...after 15 mins of wiping...its finally clean!!!

step 5: eureka!!!

its now windy in yati's room!!!!! yay!!!!!!! clean rite??? no more dusty...hehehe

-thanks faithful listener-