Thursday, October 22, 2009

im drown in my books

finals is starting in less than a week...ahhh!!! life has been really boring stuck with books in the library...huhu...but thank God so far im on schedule..but i really cant rite my micro p coding properly...huhu.. :(

its like a war..every minute is important..if u miss a minute..there is no way turning bak time..stress!!!! n wen im seems way more was quite sum time..but..this burger is really yummy!!!!

mc shah's burger

i had special chicken burger..its really yummy..especially if u love black pepper sauce n if u like it spicy..he has chili powder..its special..but for me..i dun fancy those..i jus love his original taste of mayonese.. :)...go try it ya..its at serdang!!! yum yum..for one of my dinner..cant recall wen..i ate at the tasik restaurant..i think i las had it in 1st year..haha..

floating restaurant @ uniten

sour orange juice..hmmm

chicken chop..

hmmm...i wud not recommend eating there..its not yummy at all..wen i was in 1st year..i love the chicken chop..but now no longer!! its hard n the black pepper sauce is so watery..n to make things worse..i wasnt feeling so good on that i wud never try that again!!!

hmmm..this post is making me think of wer to haf lunch..haha...n after lunch...oh no!!! i gotta get to the library again..huhuh....its like my 2nd home.. :(


i printed sum notes n the shop gave me a cute paper bag instead of plastic bag..good recycling habits..haha..tying rafia strings to the cover of the many rims of A4 paper they had..ta-daa!!! can save on plastic bags d!! :)

peeps..pls do pray for me as i prepare for my finals ya...okie..gotta get ready for my library outings..hehe.. =P

for those preparing too...ALL D BEST!

-thanks faithful listener-