Monday, March 26, 2012

Blessed birthday, mummy!!!

my mummy is a year older!!! but many years more cheerful!! my mum is the best mum on earth...she might be strict at times and very naggy sometimes..but all that she says has her reason behind it which i have learnt to realize those words made a lot of sense.. =) thanks mummy!!!

my mummy has also been a great travelling partner to me..we have been to many many places together..thanks mummy for showing me the world!! =)

this is me n my mummy in Japan

us in Australia

like mother and daughter in Gold Coast

a mum and a friend in Hong Kong

last month, i went back to penang to celebrate with my mummy..and we took her to Rasa Sayang...she loves the fresh salmon there.. (now u know why i LOVE fresh salmon) hahaha...


hope u love your DIOR lipsticks....


-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, March 24, 2012

a special day to say 'i love u"

a month plus backdated post: sorry!!!!

yay!!! another reason to celebrate!! weee~!! its VALENTINE'S DAY!! big hugs to all.....hehehhe...this year we din celebrate it on the day itself cause it was on a weekday and we are working!!! we celebrated it the weekend after that..

this are our gifts..
a new handbag..thanks dear!
our new annual couple tee..hehe
spa for both of us!!!

this is for him..
sorry that i got it late..he is very picky!! haha..

here's the pictures of the actual day..we ate, watched movie and ate!! hahahaha.....

tea time at 'delicious'

oreo milkshake and red velvet cupcake
my sweet cravings!!

we watched ghost rider..then it was time for to Pastis at Gardens...

sorry..too late for picture..
ate it already!! =P

picture first of my appetizer
prawn salad!

his main course

my main course

i just love salmon!! yums!

his dessert =)

my dessert =)
it was too sweet!!!
but its ok for a sweet day =)

looking forward to many many more......

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, March 9, 2012

jalan jalan cari makan at port dickson!

it was the weekend when i was kinda free and having him out of i organize a one night trip to port dickson with many many stops to jalan jalan cari makan! hehehee...the drive from kl to port dickson is only approximately 90 a day trip is also possible =)

this is the 1st stop
lucky restaurant at lukut
the funny thing is..its not famous for seafood..haha..

they are famous for these!!!!
curry chicken bun....

ta-daa!!! looks and taste super yummy!!
i tapau-ed another one on my way back!!
its not expensive as well..this is feed 4 adults and only RM18! =)

that was our lunch..after that we headed to our hotel to check in..we chose tiara beach resort..the main reason was because it has a waterpark in the resort.. =)

us lazing on the bed..
feel like taking a nap after a yummy lunch..hahaha..
but we didnt..we checked out the facilities!

a fun kids area

fun for us...weee~!

i love the slides..
not too scary..just nice! hahahaha... =P

both of them wen cycling..i didnt cause i dun know how..oops my embarrassing secret is out!!! ahhhh! *hides under pillow* wen the sun was not shining like fire..we decided to go to the beach...weee~! sandcastle time  =) sorry i din have any photos cause we were too excited playing in the sand..hehe

but this is my favorite shot for the evening..

on our way back..time to look for food again!! dinner time!! hehehehe...we decided to have it at Norain's village..the place looked a bit simple and run down but food was THUMBS UP!

look at our yummy food..
we had tomyam, kicap chicken, taufu, egg, vege and rice
5 people only RM 38! =)

the next morning..we went for a swim again.. =) splash splash splash!! hehehe...den it was time to check out..time flies when we are having fun..just wonder why! hahaha...on our was time to look for food again!! hahahhaa....feel like a piggy! hahaha...

place for our lunch!!
can u guess what they serve?

woooo!!! ayam panggang!!
 very very yummy...their sauce is good!

here's the sauce! =)

what a great weekend with a very full stomach..hahaha..great food and affordable...amazing road trip!!!

goodbye port dickson (PD)!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, March 8, 2012

bears unite!!

last month, there was a huge bear 'fiesta' in pavilion mall...and im working nearby so of coz i got to know about it and i was excited!! its like a must go for me..hahaha..added it to my list! =)

see the line of bears??
this is like the few of them..there were many more!!! =)

this bear is filled with my favorite flowers!!

hello st. patrick!!

spot the pretty korean princesses??

just love this bear..he looks very garden-ish..haha

apa khabar?? hehe
this is our malaysian bear!!! isnt he cute?
love his snickers..hehe

this is the couple bear aka unity bear! =)
love this photo spot..glad i have mine!

thanks pavilion for organizing this!!
i think there were almost 100 bears!!!
BRAVO to all the artist! =)

stay tune for what i have been up to other than bears..hahahah...

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a must visit in Germany: Heidelberg~!!

i have been sooo excited to blog about this place i is one of the most romantic place that i have been!!! ahhhh! i miss Heidelberg!!! huhu.......

i went to this place with two of my newly met friends, Huo and Paerhati.. =) thank God i was not alone in this gorgeous town!!! we left our hotel at 6am just so that we will have enuf time in the town cause we could only have a day trip...

we ended up being too early!!
so we visited the zoo..hehehe

hello zebras...hehe

huge pelicans!!

cute sheep!! meekkk! =)

time for lunch!!!!
we got to choose our own toppings..yum!!!!

time to walk around the town.. =)
shop around for souvenirs..
we exchanged gifts too..haha..
since i mite not be meeting them anymore after this training..hehe

can u see layers that look like a tower?
thats a famous symbol for christmas in germany!

after walking for hours..we came to the end..
the famous river and great view!!
i totally fell in love with the scenery....ahhhh!

love the view that we couldnt stop taking pictures..hahaha
all of us are overwhelmed with how beautiful this place is!!!

 lovely rite???

time to visit the castle...
took the tram up to also find the biggest wine cell!

check out the view from up here!!!
i could just stand here for hours and admire its beauty!

ta-daa!!! this is where Heidelberg Gluhwein is stored!
hahahahha =)

time to say goodbye to this beautiful city!!!

a very special town - Heidelberg!

I MISS YOU, heidelberg!!!

thats all folk! this post ends my stories about germany! =)

-thanks faithful listener-