Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ur one year older..hehe

that's the burfday girl!!! crazy fren definitely... =)

that pic was taken a few years back..i think 2007 rite? during plug-in camp in peace haven..i definitely had a lot of fun with u..being in the committee..was a lot more exciting with u!!!! hehe...

i miss the burfday gurl!!!!...she has gone to NZ..n she is married!!! cant wait to meet the 'wife' version of muss..hehe...can i call u mama nex time i meet u??? gotta take care of me..hahahaha =P sure ur gonna enjoy great time with ur u grow older..may u b wiser s a wife..hehe..prettier day by day..n crazier year by year..if day by day..i wil b scared to meet u next..hahahha =P

remember to call me up den ur back ok????? take care ya....(send my regards to ur hubby!!)


-thanks faithful listener-

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