Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wat Arun, Bangkok

time to visit the heritage of Thailand, Wat Arun!!! it is located across the Chaophraya River...the jetty to board the boat is already over 100 years..antique huh?? haha...

this is me at the 100 year old jetty! =)

im amazed at the structure!!
its all made of porcelain...

love this angle!! thanks to my dearest photographer =)

can u see the details..
some designs are made out of porcelain bowls..

i just had to do this!! hahaha!! =P
dont we look alike?!

this was quite challenging...
i climbed up the steep steps to get up to the temple..
beautiful view from above!! =)

see!! its the truth isnt it??

the temperature in Bangkok is crazy!! 36'C!!! climbing up the temple was really a great experience...but the sun was scorching!!! when evening was time for more street food!!!

BBQ!!! sadly i din try the looked too big..haha!

seafood tomyam please!!! YUM!

it was really a nice trip so far!! looking forward to Safari & Marine Park... =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 1 & Day 2: Bangkok

finally my trip to Bangkok has arrived...5days 4 nights.. =) it was about 2 hours flight from the time i arrived, it was evening time to have dinner and check in and shop a little! =)

hello Bangkok!!!! =)

this is a famous sight...
i was stuck for almost two hours from the airport to the city!!!

my dinner thanks to Lily..
the chicken rice was quite similar..
i LOVED the tomyam and the mango sticky rice!
good start for FOOD!!

here's the Grand Baiyoke Tower hotel..
tallest building in Bangkok!

time to call it a day after checking in..reason was because most of the malls in the city closes at 8.30pm!!! super early right?? i found it funny..but it was good to rest since day 2 was gonna b packed!

tut mode of transportation to SHOPPING!!

here's my lunch..
beef noodles with fresh coconut!!

SAWADEEKAP ronald!! haha...

 here is the result from today's shopping!!
many many t-shirts and shoes!!
*platinum fashion mall*

stay tune for more about Wat Arun =)

 -thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


dont u think i have the cutest parents!! haha...

here's my mummy n i..
this was in japan...

we were in australia =)

i may not have the prettiest, smartest, coolest mum..but she is the best i can ever ask for! =) i dun love her nagging for sure but i know those nagging made me who i am today! =) my mum loves me more than i can ask for..she doesnt cook but she buys the most delicious food for me!! what more can i ask for?? LOVE YOU MUMMY!

this is my daddy!!

this is us in hong kong!!

my daddy may b very quiet but his actions show how much he loves me..he texts me once in a while and when im home..he buys me all my favorites!! kuih ciap, durian, mango, crab and soooo much more!! he loves me a lot i know.... =) LOVE YOU DADDY!!

my awesome parents!!

dear Lord,
i thank u for my parents..
at times i might not be thankful for them..i am very sorry..
they may not be perfect as individuals..
but they are perfect mum n dad to me and my kor!! =)
i pray that u will bless them with good health and longevity..
i pray that they will b happy all the time
and i pray that i will respect and love them all my life!

love this family picture!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Kennedy Grill

today im bringing u around Kennedy Grill Damansara, its near the strand. =) its a very cosy cafe with really yummy western grills... =)

here it is!!!

the team is all about Las Vegas and super heroes!!

some football too!! =)

starting off with my yummy pumpkin cream soup

the tender chicken grill

thumbs up sirloin steak with mushroom sauce

i had dessert pudding.. =)

this is for sure!!!
there is definitely more to life than this...
cant wait to go back and try more!!!
their burgers are TEMPTING!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Buen Apetito en La Gomera

thanks to Groupon, i bought a good deal to have a Spanish meal.. =) it was gonna be at La Gomera...its at Damansara area..

here it is..very cosy restaurant..
dim lights and yummy food!
*thumbs up*

look at all the chef preparing my meal..haha

spanish spice rice with mussels and seafood

side dishes - prawns, squid, lamb skew, chicken fillets

oops..a lil italian!
hello pasta!

 this is my favorite dish!!!!
can i have another one please! haha...

i had all these for RM32.90!! super worth it..thanks to this deal =) will b back some day!! BURPS...hehe..excuse me!

-thanks faithful listener-