Tuesday, December 16, 2014

mini reunions in Ipoh

since we were already in ipoh for a friend's wedding, we would put up a night in dear's aunty (aunty masi and uncle paya's) house..it was nice to spend some time and just get to know them a little more..

met up with Daniel for lunch..
we were suppose to go to Nasi Ganja
but was closed =(

walking around the famous area..
we ate beansprout chicken instead...
and also the famous soya bean!

now its time to meet dear's relatives... 

this is uncle paya n masi =)

spent some time with dear's niece too!
little aisyah is so adorable!!!

selfie!!! =) love her eyes!

hello from this little macho ultraman!

selfie again!!! =)

its was a really lovely weekend with his family..
see you all soon!

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Congrats Prateeba & Navin!

its dear's friends', Prateeba and Navin's wedding party..we drove all the way to ipoh..yay!

the girls were all asked to wear saree..the inital plan was to wake up really early so that someone could help me tie mine..but dear being his lazy self..hehe..decided to watch a youtube video and help me..hmmm...since i learnt the simple steps from Yasotha, my colleague..i was fine with his crazy plan.. =)

done in the morning!!
the saree better stay in place throughout the wedding..

congrats Prateeba & Navin!

im really surprise with the end result..
not much difference with the others who were tied by professionals..
love those pleats...hahaha =P

the saree was pretty till the party was over!

To the newly weds...
we wish you a blissful marriage
where unity, love, joy, peace and abundant blessing is overflowing
may this marriage last a lifetime..with many kids to bring you laughter!

congrats Navin and Prateeba!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, December 1, 2014

TECHFLOW - a hero's homecoming

its an honour to be invited to our university's homecoming dinner..a club that we felt like family..a club which we were very invested in..our dearest TECHFLOW!! =)

there is always some truth in every joke..
the lamb was his favorite..LOL!

super heroes..self declared..hehe =)

nice to see our batch mates!

and some seniors!!!
they have been a huge financial support during our days!
thanks! hehe =)

what an amazing day to meet all of them!
a group that we have worked together, acted together and grew together in the Lord!

the only ones with super hero theme..haha!

nice to see u Jess..my partner in crime for christmas plays!

a wonderful group!

thanks for the memories!!!!
a great club which was where him and i met! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello Penang!!!!

Penang in May, 2014

was a short weekend with my family..and mainly to meet my bestie angelyn..but sadly we were busy chit chatting we forgot to take a picture!!!! huhuhuhu... *sobs* and now i miss her LOTS! =( since i dont have any picture of the highlight of my trip..i shall tell u what other things happened.. =)

saw this cutie pie..grown so much!
so much more cheeky too!

enjoyed yummy seafood lunch!!!! CRABS!! =)

with mummy! ready to hammer..haha

somebody is sleepy!! hehehehe

musang king!!! WOW!
thick and creamy..thanks kor! =)

its always good to be home..
and its better when its with dear..!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy Anniversary Kuku & Kim Kim

everytime dear joins my family reunion..i always thank God for how far we've come..how much bonding we've made with my relatives..

this time was to celebrate kuku and kimkim's anniversary...

yummy fresh prawns!

steam fish....

crispy rice

dinner was really delicious!! thanks to aunty and uncle for the treat...so of course..the cousins brought gifts..hehe =P

a creamy oreo cheese cake!


happy anniversary!!! many more years to come!

a memorable picture... =)

after dinner..we went for grocery shopping...and aunty bought me sooo many healthy fruits!!!

sooo juicy and tasty!!!


thanks for the great evening!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, November 10, 2014

Aloft KL Sentral

thanks to Star Jobs that we got a 3D/2N stay at the luxury Aloft hotel =) best time relax!!!

we are here! =)
and its really in the center of the city..
right beside kl sentral ktm station
there is also a shopping mall beside, NU sentral..

our room for 2 nights

walk in wardrobe!!!

huge comfy toilet

but no singing! hahaha... =P

we enjoyed our evening shopping..dear bought a pair of dark brown smart casual shoes and they are now his favorite! =) for dinner..we took a slow walk to brickfields..yummy indian food!

our daily morning breakfast =)

you will always be mine..hehe
this was dear's favorite place to be after a heavy meal..

  i would take a relaxing swim..love it!

after that..it was shopping and more indian food!

 so blessed to be given a free stay!
fully recharged now! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, November 3, 2014

family trip to Langkawi

we planned to bring his family to langkawi for 3 days..so off we went by airasia..seems to be our favorite airline since its very affordable..we normally book early! haha.. =) we stayed at Chogm Aparment...comfy! great choice!

the pool of the apartment was really big!

we enjoyed an afternoon swimming!

meeting the famous eagle in the evening

the ladies in the family =)

that was the end of our first day in langkawi..were all tired after shopping from one to another duty free shop.. =) our day two was planned to be really packed!

first stop was at the underwater world..
love the penguins!!!

and many sea creatures!

next was the cable car ride!!
sadly the sky bridge was under maintenance

its been 5 years since we were here back in 2009!

at the midpoint station!

matching outfits with his sisters..hehe!

finally at the highest station...nice!!!

to end the day..
we visited the beach!
enjoyed our banana boat ride!! YAY!

was a very enjoyable 2nd day... =) more shopping that night..for kitchen utensils, luggage, wine and of coz CHOCOLATES!!!!

 look at the chocolates that we bought!!!!
gonna last for a long time i hope! hehehe =P


-thanks faithful listener-