Wednesday, September 30, 2009

stress-ley to smiley

i'm stress-ley..n i need help!!!

are u like stress-ley? dun worry..continue to read on n i hope the tips im about to share with u will help..
  • wen ur like stress-ley, take long deep breaths
  • take regular breaks from work
  • get regular exercise approximately 20 minutes, 3 times a week
  • eat a balanced diet
  • avoid caffeine, which is a stimulant
  • avoid depending on drugs and alcohol to help you relax. This can become a crutch
  • learn time management and organization skills (i need this MOST!!)
  • use humour to lighten difficult moments
  • seek the positive in every situation..view adversity as an opportunity for learning and growth
  • do not bury ur is a temporary fix at best..unresolved emotions can cause nightmares and physical illness
  • give compliments freely and smile'll b amazed how the mood around u will change and how in turn u will feel better
  • learn to really listen to wat others are saying rather than getting upset because u to find areas of common ground and work for a compromise

other special tips:

  • scented candles, soft music and a hot bath is a great way to relax after a long day of work
  • herbs such as valerian and kava kava help relaxation
  • meditation and biofeedback training can be an excellent way to control your body's response to stress

i hope after reading this and PRACTISING it..u wil look like smiley... =)

happy and joyful smiley!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, September 28, 2009

the thing i hate most in a semester!!!

yesterday..wen i was google-ing..i was shocked to c how google was being spelt..

double 'L'?? haha..for a second i tot i was spelling it wrongly all this while..but no i din!! it was their 11th its not 'LL'..but '11'..hehe =) ok..some of u mite b curious wats the thing that i hate on...

hate this!! FINAL exams are jus around the corner..i jus saw my exam time add more stress to my stressful week.. =( i dare not imagine how im gonna cope for that 2 weeks!! gonna b scary!! n im definitely not looking forward to it....

these are my exam dates:

controls system-------- 28th oct----9am
power system---------- 31st oct-----2.30pm
tech comm-------------1st nov------ 9am
micro p ---------------- 3rd nov----- 9am
random ---------------- 5th nov----- 2.30pm

let me share with u sum things that comes together with a package with this exam fever!!! of coz nothing good comes with it..

first of all..this building is gonna b my second home besides my current room in ilmu..

uniten, library

secondly is lacking in my beauty sleep...

im gonna b like this cat

im gonna have kungfu panda's black rings..ahhh..ugly!

thirdly is keep me awake..there wil definitely b las minute studying n revising...

my favorite brand out of all..but generally i hate them all

but sumtimes..nescafe cant do much after many many nites without the fourth thing in the package is junkfood!!! wen ur mouth is sure it helps lessen the urge of closing my eyes..haha..

any1 kind enuf to buy me some? =)

okie..i think after a break..its time to get back to my books!!!


-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, September 27, 2009

~*unique advertisements*~

sum1 sent me this email sum time ago..n yesterday i saw it again while i was i decided to search for the email n share with u peeps..

these are advertisements about "Life's too short for the wrong job"

she must b high in caffeine 24/7

he is gonna get crazy with numbers..haha

oiliest job ever!

blowing dry photos the whole day..

i wil never handwash clothes as my job!!!

had a good laugh?? hehe...hope these pics help u de-stress for a moment.. =) n now..back to assignments!!!!! yuck!

-thanks faithful listener-

las weekend of september...

hmm..let me recall wat i did on friday...

i din really do much in the morning..besides studying sum micro p..i got test this thurs!!!! =(..suddenly i miss those moments studying in the library with my buddy..haihz..but at nite..i did sumthing useful..haha..i cleaned up the was uniten cg's turn..but only bobby, prem n i cud make it..we cleaned up the place from 8 to about rite? haha...prem washed the toilets n helped arranged the chairs..bobby was doing all the vacuuming..n i was sweeping, mopping n wiping the chairs..



nice rite? look like those home makeover programmes..haha... =) after that, we went for dinner at a shop in serdang..the kambing is really yummy..but the smell of the drain nearby is yucky..

on saturday...i went for 'RUN FOR THE NATION' was at PJEFC..a church..haha..its gonna b a 5km run..10 of october..its gonna b a real meaningful one..all 14 states are gonna b participating at the same time, same date!!! all of us will b running n praying for our nation n country Malaysia...

my team:
1) prem - leader
2) william - team manager (not running..but driving us)
3) wen li
4) wen lin
5) jia yin
6) ME

to think bout scared..i mus really practice if not..i mite not b able to finish the race..n we are given bout 40 mins to finish 5km..

the 3 representative for team 7, area group 6

after that i went for dinner at a shop in kajang..mommommia cafe..its famous for it western food..delicious..any menu is yummy.. =) i tried grilled tar tar fish..n i oso tried the chicken and ham chop..yummy too!!! =D..the price is reasonable fish was RM9.50..

wan sum? hehe thing for sure is goin to they celebrated the september babies bday..*smiles*..blowing candles again..hehe..1 more wish can b made!!! yay!.. =)

fscc's september babies

after church..we had lunch in leong ya..this time no chi pao kai..bored of it d..haha..den i went to mines..wanted to buy ink refill n oso semilog paper for my controls system class..but the ink is so expensive..bought the diy refill..sumthing new..i stil dun really noe how to inject the ink..gonna ask for help later!..n i cant find my semilog paper..worse come to worse i gotta photocopy it..better den none!

2moro my battle begins..gonna start finishing all my assignments..n getting ready for exams..wish me luck ya..hopefully i wil b hardworking, disciplined n not procrastinating..

for those like me..


-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gary's memorial service...

as the poster said..there wil b a memorial service for Gary this 1st Oct (Thurs) wil b at Uniten's library...

this memorial service is more of a service to rejoice that Gary is now in Heaven with Jesus..there wil b slots for eulogies or tributes and also performances..if u wish to b part of contact Adeline or number in the poster.. =)

i wil b compiling pictures to b put up during the memorial service..if u have any pictures wanting to b put up..pls gif it to me ya..currently..i need pics of him during:-
  1. sao paolo
  2. moral project
  3. frens outing such as makan-makan or road trips
  4. IET
anyone of u with these pictures..pls pass it to me by 26/09/09 (sat)..can email me at or sms me to get it from u..0164818699..

gary, if u have any certain pics u wan to b put me ya..i love the pic ur on the beach..u look good..n the pic u took with to bears..cute!!! looking at all ur missing u!!!! take gud care in Heaven ya..say hi to Jesus! =)


-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, September 24, 2009

back to wer i have to be...

im back in uniten..haih..dunno whether to b happy or hmmm...*frowns*..i took 10am bus n arrived around 3pm..n u noe wat..the taxi these days are really costly!!! las time wen i was in foundation..i can find taxi at RM8..yesterday was RM12!!! oh my...thank God for my dear persona... =)

after that..i rested at home..den i went for dinner..i tried sumthin new..Canai's Cafe at sumwer near subang uptown..the food was kinda gud..but expensive..

tomyam @ RM6

the tomyam was nice in the beginning..but in the tasted a lil bitter..wonder howcome..hmm...wrong spices maybe...

coming back to uni earlier..i got a mission..haha..i mus study my micro p..n if possible power sys too..gotta catch a goal to achieve.. =) wish me luck ya!!!!

oh my..not to whole list of assignments..all my subjects has at least one assignment..sum even has 2..!!!! thats scary..nex week..gonna b on the run finishing them!! need luck again! haha..n wisdom from God of coz.. =D

hopefully i wont look like her in the end..haha

for all of u coming back safe n haf a safe journey!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

✎ dedicated to my buddy n bffs..

as i lay me down,
heaven hear me now,
im lost without a cause,
after giving it my all

winter storms have come,
and darkened my sky,
after all that i've been through,
who on earth can i turn to?

i look to u,
i look to u,
after all my strength is gone,
in u i can b strong

i look to u,
i look to u,
and wen melodies are gone,
in u i hear a song,
i look to u

about to lose my breath,
there's no more fighting left,
sinking to rise no more,
searching for that open door

and every road that i've taken,
led to my regret,
and i dun noe if im gonna make it,
nothing to do but lift my head


my levee's have broken,
my walls have come,
crumbling down on me,
the rain is falling,
defeat is calling,
i need u to set me free

take me far away from the battle,
i need u,
shine on me


i look to u,
i look to u....

this song is so beautiful..i dedicate this song especially to my buddy n oso to my best frens especially gelyn n my hsemates..i love the sentence sung.. "after all my strength is u i can b strong"... ☺

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, September 21, 2009

wan healthy shining hair???

1) Maintain a Healthy Diet
  • our diet shud include green, leafy vege, whole grain cereals, eggs n raisins..
  • hair is made our of protein..therefore our diet shud haf rich protein..
  • wheat n liver contains vitamin B too which is an important nutrient for hair..
  • outer coverings of cucumbers, potatoes and green and red peppers are high in can strenghten our hair..
  • vitamin E promotes hair growth n minimize hair fall..
2) Washing Routine

  • oily hair - wash more often
  • never use water that is too hot or too cold to wash hair
  • while cleaning or massaging ur scalp, you shud use your fingertips not a hard brush
3) Proper Combing
  • use a wide tooth comb
  • come downward so that u ensure that u are not breaking any hair
  • avoid coming wet hair because its the weakest wen its wet
4) Drying Your Hair
  • it is better to allow your hair to dry naturally
  • the heat from a dryer can cause your hair to look coarse and lifeless
5) Use of Shampoo and Conditioner
  • use simple formulated shampoo..the cheap ones are the most effective..
  • follow the basic purpose which is the cleanse the dirt and oil..choose a milder one
  • use conditioner..but do not over conditioned it..
6) Using a Good Conditioner
  • conditioner can help protect ur hair from sudden environmental changes such as the beach or a pool
  • your conditioner mus b able to protect your hair from chlorine, sea water n sun
7) Avoid using Harsh Chemicals
  • chemicals in hair dye n preming or straightening treatments affect the health n growth of your hair
  • avoid colouring more than one in 2-4 months..(no bleaching if possible)
8) Limit the use of Alcohol and Smoking
  • reduce alcohol consumption and also the usage on your hair
  • alcohol and tobacco causes hair to become dry, brittle and prone to breakage
9) Sleeping Pattern Controls Hair Loss
  • Restless sleep causes hair to break
  • if you are a restless is gud to use a satin pillow case so that your hair move smoothly causing less breakage
  • comb your hair gently before goin to bed and gently remove bands and clips during the day

i do follow these tips sumtimes.. =) n i love my thick black hair..gonna make sure i follow these tips closer for nicer hair.. =) weeee~! hope these tips will b useful to u peeps!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, September 20, 2009

✿ brother and sister time ✿

this time wen im back..its the best!! i was able to spend time with my ever busy brother..usually wen im home..he is busy with his events..but not tis time..yay~!!!!

on saturday..i went with with my koko to queensbay to check one of his events..a soft launch of a new sports shop..he wanted to get me a jersey..but no baby t.. =( nex time la k..hehe..can record in the buku hutang..haha..den we went for dinner at dragon-i..yummy!

my busy brother..24/7 on the fon..

after that..he suggested that we go to the fun fair near queensbay...weee~! its been sum time since we went on a ride together..we bought sum tokens..expensive la..rm2 a token..n every ride needs 3 tokens for adults..n 2 for kids..

fun in the ghost hse with koko..

koko is a scardy cat..hehe..he asked me to lead the way..oh my! im afraid too..u noe wat embarassing thing koko did?? he asked the person taking care of the entrance for a torch lite..haha..n we shine our way tru..i din noe my koko was worse than me..hahaha =P

after the ghost hse..we chose to go for a ferris wheel ride..its was fun talking up there..catching up on funny things in our lives..

koko n i n the ferris wheel gondola..

koko n i up in the air..

we had a few more tokens..but we din wanna go for any crazy ride coz we jus had dinner..later puke..bluek!!!! instead we went to play bingo..n luck was on our side..yay!!! i strike b-i-n-g-o!!! n got a cute water dispenser...

cute rite? =)

today (sunday)..koko n i had dinner..we were suppose to go to batu feringgi pasar malam together..but koko was busy..his fren fetched him from the makan place..must b sum emergency at sum i went there alone..scared..but at least koko knows im there..i had to repair a watch n find for a longer necklace for a nice pendant.. =)..n yay! all done!!!

look at koko's cheeky face! aiyo..

so happy to spend time with him..the best koko ever!!! he pampers me..loves me..n spoils me..hehe... =P


-thanks faithful listener-

happy birthday andrew!!

that's me n the bday boy!!!

may the good Lord bless u...
may the good Lord bless u..
may the good Lord bless Andrew..
may the good Lord bless u...

quick make a wish n blow ur candles!!!

andrew..ur finally 21..hehe..act like one ya..haha.. =D
he is my classmate..we've been at least in one class together since foundation..n he has helped me a lot in many ways..especially studies.. =) thanks ya!
i hope u had a blast on ur special day!!! may it b a memorable one...

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, September 19, 2009

selamat hari raya!!!

ampun dan maaf andainya

TERkasar bahasa
TERsilap bicara
TERmarah yang tak kena
TERtanya tak tentu hala
TERsasul yang tak sengaja
TERpukul kat mana-mana
TERpekik di telinga
TERhantuk di kepala
TERpinjam harta-benda
TERmoody tak semena-mena
TERumpat bila-bila
TERmacam-macam lagi
yang kena mengena

semoga dimaafkan kerana you lah kawan saya selama-lamanya!!

yati, chah n nissa..
maaf zahir dan batin..
halalkan makan n minum ye..
sorry for everything.. =)
jgn lupe bwk kuih raye blk uni..
share duit raye ek..hugs!!!! *winkz*


-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, September 18, 2009

thanks for the 'after' parties...

1st after party i had was on the 16th nite..we (koms, mit, anita, wen yih n myself) were playing cards in komala's hse..we fried french toast n sausages..hmmm..the bread tasted a lil plain..we forgot salt n pepper for the egg..huhu..but stil finish..quite a lot rite.. =)

10 slices of bread n 10 sausages.. pics of us..(only we know y..haha) oh..b4 telling u bout the nex after party..thanks mr mike for the frens at techflow sang the birthday song for me.. =) thanks guys!

the nex n aisyah spent time shopping at sunway pyramids around 3pm til 6.30pm..weee~! we took sticker pictures..cute!! will upload after scanning it.. =)

raya deco at sunway

selamat hari raya! so cute...

love this..credits to aisyah..

after that we met up wit nissa, afwan, yati n tauwfiq..we had steamboat at 'flaming' beside sunway..RM19.90++ i think..(they belanje..thanks!!!)


check out the cute fishballs..panda n star =D

i think since its bukak puase time..there was time limit given to us..7-9pm..but by 8.30pm..we were already so full!!! burps..hehe..den afwan n nissa gaf me a shock saying they wanted to take more food..but actually they went to take jelly cakes to surprise me..ahhh!! they did a good job..i did not suspect a surprise coming..

thats my cute jelly cuppies in a BEE box.. =)

thanks girls!!! sorry for making it so hard to surprise jus NOT blur.. =P

i had a great time..but i wish there was 7 of us..(u noe wat i mean..hehe)..but i enjoyed the muvee 'tsunami'..thanks for coming!!! =)

not so much thriller..but sad touching story..

i had so much fun..n these parties are definitely gonna b treasured memories all my life..xoxo!!!

thanks guys!!!

-thanks faithful listener-