Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Brother Restaurant & Grill

its time for my group of friends to expand!! =) nissa has a baby and aisyah is dating!!! =) YAAAAYYYY!
we were gonna meet at the we went a little earlier to hang out at ikea...

soft toys at ikea!! cute! =)

its time for the reunion!
venue: big brother (dear's recommendation..hehe)

his dinner...

my dinner..yummy!

my girls...

the first addition to our airil!!!
hello handsome!!! =)

our group is now complete with kamal!!
hi kamal... =)

wishing all of us happiness...
from getting married to raising a family...

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, July 11, 2014

Shernette turns ONE!

Wow!! my cheeky niece is turning ONE! and of coz kuku and ku cheong Prem will be flew home to see her!!

birthday girl!!! =)

for the first part of the celebration, we took shernette to Penang Hill...tram ride was a little scary for her..hehe

we are here!!!

holding on tight to grandma!

best way to see the view!

birthday lunch at David Brown's

 our first selfie!

also a belated birthday lunch for my mummy...

walking around the garden talking photos!
 love this picture!!!
 baby 'S' is soooo cheeky here!

ahhhhh! need to bite those cheeks!

my two favorite people! =)

 while walking around..see who we met!!!
Lim Guan Eng!! Penang's Chief Minister!!!

this is baby 'S' birthday dinner!

may you grow to be a God loving child, obedient, wise and forever cheeky!

-thanks favorite listener-