Tuesday, May 20, 2014

welcoming 2014

this year..we welcomed the new year at church with our lovely church friends... =) its always a great feeling to be able to thank God for 2013..to be so appreciative of all He has done in 2013..all He has given and provided..and to surrender 2014 to Him..from our relationship with him, with each other, our health, wealth, work, finances and everything!! and the amazing thing is He listens!!! =) kisses to u Lord!! mwah mwah mwah!

our first photo of the year!

presentation of our thank you song...
love the lyrics!

we shared our testimony of how God has paved the way for us to buy our home! =)
im just so thankful i have such a loving God!!!
im sure He has greater things for my 2014!

the second part of ushering new year is at dear's friend's home..
this are his uniten course mates! =)

blessed 2014 ahead.... 

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Part 2: Christmas at Singapore

this will be a post about one of the two main reasons why we came to singapore....ADVENTURE COVE!!! =) i was very excited with this themepark when i saw a write up about it..so i was already planning it and i heard that i could snorkel and feed sting rays!!! =P

sentosa island!!

we just passed by Universal Studios =)

and this is where we are gonna have FUN!!!!

the first thing we did!! STINGRAYS!!!!

waiting for our guide!!

boots and gloves ready!

safety briefing done too!!
lets start!!! *excited*

this is what we got ourselves into!!!
was kinda scared at first..they were huge!!
not like the pari panggang we ordered!! haha! *cili lebih!!*

such a nice experience..and im glad he shared it with me!
we fed them with prawns, squid, and fish..
their suction strength is so strong..like a vacuum cleaner!! =P

next..we are off to the water playground..
i was proud of myself when i manage to cross a rope challenge!! =D
the look on Mr.P's face said I did well! =)

the snorkel was so worth the queue!!! =)
its man-made..therefore only chosen fishes made it there!
pretty & colourful!!! and also cold!! hehe

finally its time to relax on the slow river

and also some fun too!! SPLASH!! =P

FUN FUN DAY!!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Part 1: Christmas at Singapore

we flew to singapore for christmas 2013!!!!! wooohooo!!! it was time to show Mr.P christmas in singapore..pretty lights!!!

thanks air asia =)

my travelling partner in crime, Mr.P

bye bye KL...see you when we see you!! =)

 hello Changi airport... =D

chinatown will be where we will be staying the next 2 nights

the must see places =)
marina bay!

mama merlion!

a brighter shot of the mama and the green mama too!! haha

reading at orchard road..
guys prefer reading than shopping! weirdos!

im going shopping for sure!!

time to get christmas-y!! =)

brushes as the squirrel! =)

hello santa!!!

my superman saves the day!!!

amazing day at orchard road!!!!

stay tune for our fun day at adventure cove waterpark!!!

-thanks faithful listener-