Tuesday, June 30, 2009

orientation time crawls... =(

its jus the 2nd day!!!! =( the time is passing so slow..haih!!! its either its not very enjoyable..or bored..or..i dun noe.. =(

today morning we had talks talks talks....den in the afternoon we had LDK..den nite its CGPA counting workshop..

i feel it now..huhu..its not that easy to control the new students n the fasi together..its killing my brains..huhu..sumtimes the fasi themselves get tangled up in the rules..wat more the new students??

today i got fever..huhu..went to al-zahara..gonna ask 4 half day break 2moro if possible..i think its bcoz of the tiredness n lack of water.. =( n 2moro is pharmaton day!! hehe...but this year no prob 4 any fasi 2 swallow the huge pill..hehe..

tonite there is gonna b a meeting..im sure its gonna end late.. =( end late means lesser rest time..huhu...

okie..time 2 go round the various groups to c if any student is sick or injured...hope 2 b healthy QUICK!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

i feel for him....

in my previous post..i went to the hospital serdang with a junior..there was an incident that made my very mixed emotions..anger..sadness..frustration..

there was this one guy..around the age of 25..but i think he is kinda "slow"..mentally weak.. =( i tink his visit to the hosp is becoz of apendix..the was holding his stomach tightly and his eyes were all watery..i cud c that he was in pain..

in his hands was the number 3019..n the number on the board was 3018..but instead of his number being called nex..they jumped the number to another category, 1024...so meaning he stil had to wait for quite sum time.. =(

after a few mins..i cud tears rolling down his cheeks..i felt for him..so i cud not stand the situation..i den called for the nurse..she asked me 2 tell him to wait..but he is in pain..how 2 wait???? i stopped the nex nurse..instead of helping..she said "tunggu tunggu"..walked to the counter n chit chat with her fren..wat is goin on??!! i looked at him in tears..i really felt bad for being useless dat i cant help him much..my tears rolled down.. ='(

wat kind of service are they tryin to provide to a MENTALLY WEAK, PAIN SUFFERING guy??!!! and they gif themselves the motto to serve with a friendly smile..really hope sum1 with more authority cud help him...may God bless u, guy... =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, June 29, 2009

ending of registration, starting of orientation..

last day registration..tired but excited to start activity with the newbies...there was this one parent..so fierce..haihz.. =( scolded my fasi..ish ish...

b4 the day started..we took pics.. =P as usual rite?? hehe

thanks 4 helping out at the help desk =)


it was really tired n sweaty..cant wait 4 it 2 b 12.30pm..haha..den can eat lunch n rest..but around 11am..sum students complain that they did not haf enuf daily needs like soap powder, bread, attire for orientation n so on...so i decided to go out n get for them the important ones only..so i wen around 12.30pm..went to mines..the one stop centre..haha...got all the stuff..den came back..by then..it was time 2 pack up n get ready...

really wanna thank all accommodation fasi..without u guys..sure i wil kelam kabut giler.. =P

registration is finally over..the battle begins..hehe..

all ready to face the newbies..

im my previous blog..i was writing bout my tag..this is it..nice?? its done by kirin, hamzah n husni..thanks guys!!!! this is gonna add to my collection! =)

at nite..we had a briefing wit the newbies at DSS (dewan seri saujana)..the high comm were introduced to the students..hopefully they wil fully coorperate with us..our life wil b a breeze then..hehe.. =)

after the briefing..the students went home..but we had to stay back 4 meeting..everything was over by 1am..(*yawnzzz*)..i tried to blog las nite..but i was so so sleepy..huhu..i think i shud call it a day..so i went to bed...


today..i was suppose to come down for riadah with the non muslims while the muslims pray..but u noe wat!!! i over slept! i woke up late!!! ahhhhh.......sorry guys...n thanks for those to covered for me..hehe..

today we had 2 settle a lot of things like tally the amount of food needed in various places...coit, dss, near the pool, near cendi...pening pening..hehe...n the amount of students falling sick is frightening..the medicine is finishing FAST!!! haihzz....

but thank God..so far so good..morning was all about talks..library..scholarship..insurance..mpp..i was practically dozing off..hehe...

after lunch..its time 4 mass LDK..dat y im so free to blog..hehe..after this is dinner!!! then LDK again...so im kinda free today..but i haf 2 handle n try settle all the defaults in the hostel..huhu..so many keys are not compatible to the door knob..toilets clogged..sinks leaking..fans not working..haihz... =(

hopefully everyting continues to flow smoothly.. (*fingers crossed*)

at 5pm..a gurl who has gastric asked to b brought to the hospital..nearest is hosp serdang..haihz..(hope the queue wont b long..huhu)..but to my horror..we were there 4 almost 3 hours..the number at the time we arrive was 4011..our number is 4020..can u imagine how slow the flow is???!

thanks kirin for tapau-ing dinner.. =) n i really pray for good health for each n every1 in the orientation..huhu..

hmmm..gotta wake up 5am 2moro..i shud sleep now..nitez peeps..(i cant b late again..haha)

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, June 27, 2009

the day has arrived...(*drums roll...*)

its registration day finally..haha..kinda worried..m expecting to face fussy parents..n of coz looking forward to face loving parents.. =) early in the morning..we took our boost of energy..PHARMATON!..got our tags..den had breakfast..by then..the bus was already waiting..so time 2 go back 2 the hostel n get ready..

once we arrive..i gave out the signages to b pasted up to the pillars..den we were given the masks to prevent H1N1 too...

look like ninja turtle?? haha..can spot me?

after that..early in the morn..the flow was slow..not many ppl..but later on after 10am..ppl came coming..n problems of being locked in the room..toilet flooded..fan not working..this n that not working..i was running all over..hahahhaa...

wen it was around 4pm++..we cud spare more time taking pics..hehe..

me n mithila..kom n weiting was not around d by then..

the las one standing..ehehe

talking about parents..this time they are okie..not dat hard 2 handle.. =) phew! n many cute kids..hehe...

isnt so adorable??? she is only 2..hehe

val: dik..nk tembikai (the red thingy on her hand)
dik: nk..(trus amik)
val: dik name ape?
dik: (shy..no reply)
val: nk tgkp gambr blh?
dik: (looks away but nodding..hehe)
val: mari la sini..
dik: (gave sweet smile)

so cute la this gurl..hehe... =)

at nite..we had briefing with the newbies..was not very easy 2 handle them..many din come down..haih..gave silly excuses..den i scary encounter happened..hehehehhe...one of the hostel door which was locked..suddenly opened without any1 inside..haih...(wats goin on???!!!) dowan 2 think bout it la..huhu

okie..wanna go down 2 gather d..2nd day of registration begins!

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, June 26, 2009

last day of induction.....

as usual its the light n easy day..hehe..we gathered at 7.30am den went to admin building..started of with a talk from the library officer..it was really boring..so i used the time 2 blog about the king of pop..hehe..den it was time 2 settle all the photostating n laminating of the signages for the hostels, flyers and notices...

finishing the editting jobs..

after all the discussion..time 4 lunch!!! was not feeling very good yet so ate chicken n vege without the briyani rice (very oily)...den the head of fasi said...this afternoon is REST time!!! (time dat all haf been waiting for..hehe..)..so me n aisyah decided to go get watever we needed in mines...

on the way back home...

at 2pm..we started to shift our things from cendi to ilmu..ahhh...so much things 2 carry..tired!! after that..we got ready n went to mines..bought all the necessity..6pm we had 2 come back d..must b in admin by 7pm..haihz...

aisyah: slacks, hand socks, stockings, mentos & pop
me: stockings & clorets

so happy 2 buy this..beeee...

at nite..the biro program fasis had a run tru of all the modules..n me..had 2 clip all the food coupons n check the signage n collect back the cendi keys..(thank God none missing =P..)

the gang who clip clip clip the coupons..hehe

after that we had a great time singing the 2 most wanted song..gemuruh n lagu fasi.. =) i enjoyed it..

non-muslim gang..hehe

oh ya..got one thing to share..during teambuilding..there was this one special thingy we did..all the various groups were asked to spray dots of paint on a long white cloth..den we were asked 2 cut out 3 of our favourite shapes..den the teambuilding masters will combine them together..n we got a great outcome..


m hoping for a great start of the orientation 2moro..hope the flow of the day is smooth.. =) may i b filled with patience to handle fussy parents.. =P

time 2 ceep..got to gather by 6am 2moro..huhu..

sweet dreams peeps!!

-thanks faithful listener-

tribute to the "king of pop"...

a very well known name MICHAEL JACKSON...dun tell me u haf never heard of this great singer's name.. =P he passed away las nite..huhu..i loved his songs...n i wish i cud listen 2 radio today..coz im sure there wil b lots n lots of his songs...awww...

this king of pop started singing since young...

-jackson 5-

one of his many songs dat i love most is HEAL THE WORLD...the lyrics of this songs is so meaningful...n til now..at many activities on unity..this song is being played.. =) other songs that is love is THRILLER and SMOOTH CRIMINAL...let me share with u the lyrics of the song..

There's A Place In
Your Heart
And I Know That It Is Love
And This Place Could
Be Much
Brighter Than Tomorrow
And If You Really Try
You'll Find There's No Need
To Cry
In This Place You'll Feel
There's No Hurt Or Sorrow

There Are Ways
To Get There
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Little Space
Make A Better Place...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

If You Want To Know Why
There's A Love That
Cannot Lie
Love Is Strong
It Only Cares For
Joyful Giving
If We Try
We Shall See
In This Bliss
We Cannot Feel
Fear Or Dread
We Stop Existing And
Start Living

Then It Feels That Always
Love's Enough For
Us Growing
So Make A Better World
Make A Better World...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

And The Dream We Were
Conceived In
Will Reveal A Joyful Face
And The World We
Once Believed In
Will Shine Again In Grace
Then Why Do We Keep
Strangling Life
Wound This Earth
Crucify Its Soul
Though It's Plain To See
This World Is Heavenly
Be God's Glow

We Could Fly So High
Let Our Spirits Never Die
In My Heart
I Feel You Are All
My Brothers
Create A World With
No Fear
Together We'll Cry
Happy Tears
See The Nations Turn
Their Swords
Into Plowshares

We Could Really Get There
If You Cared Enough
For The Living
Make A Little Space
To Make A Better Place...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me

You And For Me

this pop diva has created all sorts of news tru out the world..news of doing many whitening surgeries...

look at the difference..his nose went tru sum surgery too..

other news are definitely him doing concerts all over the world..n i love watching him on tv..altho its not live..its stil great!!!

check out his costume...phheewwitt..hehe.. =P

it has been long since he release a new song..but..his songs are evergreen..n of course his moon walk wil never b forgotten..haha.. =) i love singing his songs in the bathroom..wahahaha...may u rest in peace king of pop!!! (28 august 1958 - 26 june 2009)

-thanks faithful listener-


got up at 6.30am..wait for bus at 7.30am...hmmm...im very sure i was not really awake..my head was heavy..m really lack of REST!.. =(

started of with a talk from the security unit..wat a talk..so many fasis was unhappy with their service..every1 started to voice out their dissatisfaction points..the tuan was not able to answer us..he was "so kind" to gif us his personal hp number..wahahaha (hopefully he wont regret..hehe)

after that..was time 2 settle stuff..time 2 prepare the ilmu plan, coupons and all sorts of accomodation plannings...

in the afternoon..i went out to buy things for the fasi who needed stuff like food, top up and mainly socks..hehe...i went to serdang pasar borong..n sum of the stuff requested can b bought in Jasa..so i stopped there too.. =) (*baby scale for shopping*)

suddenly b4 dinner..i felt ill..my body was aching..felt weak.. =( den found out i was having fever..haih..wat a time 2 b sick..haih...hope n really pray for speedy recovery..

after dinner..was time 2 prepare my briefing about the arrangement of fasis in the hostels..i wil b having 37 helpers..weeee~! more than enuf..yay~!

after supper..as usual..there was a meeting among all MT..thank God it was shorter den yesterday.. =P

i gotta go ceep d..hopefully wen im awake..the ache will b gone.. =)

nite nite everyone!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a day full of taklimat..

from early in the morning..talks talks talks..huhu..boredom strike!!!

1st talk : accomodation
2nd talk : finance
3rd talk : academic

it was really tiring to jus sit in the theater n pay attention..wen all of the talks are over..its time for AEROBICS! my favourite part of the day...hehe..we did helium punches, kick boxing, latin cha cha steps..it was fun!!.. =)

after that at nite..i did all the signages that was needed..n after 2 hours..its all finally done..weee~! while the other fasi were upstairs doin module..we the MT were joking downstairs..it was fun to noe the funny side of these people..it sort of breaks the ice wen i crack a joke n all laugh..hahahhaa...

after that..we had MT meeting..from 11.30pm to 1.00am..ahhhh...sleepy!! i was yawning all the way..hehe...after sharing the probs we face n updated the task we accomplished..its was time to go back..

im so ceepy..its almost 2am now n i wanna sleep too d..2moro need to gather at 7.00pm..nite nite everyone!!

-thanks faithful reader-

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3rd day...

we (the board of committees) had a meeting las nite n the conclusion was..it was time 2 get serious..so things are gonna b "tegas" today..

we were asked to meet at 7.45 am in front of mph..den off we go to BA..the 1st talk we had was from kak sherry...after that we were split up into various bureaus..mine was special task bureau..only 4 of us..so all the planning started..we did the signage today..printed all of them d..yay!..

after lunch was time for group discussion again..more brain stormin..more direction signage..medication counting..giving out of fasi's most favourite "PHARMATON!!"..the largest pill to swallow..huhu..den was time 2 give out spritzer..thirsty!!! =(

after all that..its time 4 dinner d...but i had 2 sort out the clothes (baju batik..tee..caps n bags..) so by the time for dinner..the food din look very welcoming..haih..the giving out of baju batik n tees were terrible..certain sizes had so many..while some had not enuf..haih...messy process!..but finally around 10pm..its all settled!

den its time 4 supper..jus took an ikan bilis bun..den reach home..wash clothes..bathe..n now blog..nex sleep!!! hehe..need lots of strength 2moro.. =)

nite nite everyone!

-thanks faithful listener-

fasi induction..day 1 and 2...

this is my 3rd time being a fasi..n im stil kinda lookin forward for it..hehe... =P this time im under bureau TTK (as usual)..so im in charge of the checking in for the accomodations..we are all staying in Cendi(guys hostel) this time for induction only..hehe..kinda weird gurls n guys in the same hostel..hehe...

day 1:

i arrived at around 1pm..after church..den i wen to BA..got all the keys (so many of them!!!)..den started to wait downstairs of Cendi3..2.30 - 5.30 was check in time..the place has so many mosquitoes..huhu..my blood is so sweet for them...

got chah to help me..yati was later..

all 3 of us are sleeping in one room..hehe..

it was kinda confusing handling so many keys..but as time passed..i was quite used to it.. =) after all that..yati arrived..we got ready..den went for dinner... =) yummy..after dinner..there wil b a briefin in Admin Theater..

on the way for dinner..hungry!

us in the theater..noty gurl on the fon..hehe

it was jus a short briefing..everything ended by 10.30 pm plus..n we were told that 2moro wil b our team building!!!

team building = fun + running + sweat + screams + TIRED!!!!!

so that nite..i slept early..need a lot of energy 2moro..gotta wakey at 6.45am.. =(

day 2:

7.45am we gathered at the hockey field (but im sure we are not gonna play hockey..hehe)..we were introduced to a group of ex uniteners n ex fasis...they were to conduct our team building today...(is it a good thing or a bad thing? i dun wanna b bullied!! huhu)

1st game we had was the 'magic pipe'...it was excruciating..we had to drop the pipe to the ground lil by lil..it was not easy as it sounded..at times..the pipe tends to go up instead of the main motive to go down..haih....dunno y?! so the leader is to tell us DOWN DOWN DOWN...hehe....

nex was the 'spider web'...ahhhh...i had 2 b carried over a hole dat was not very high..it was so scary s im scared of trusting any1 2 carry me over a distance..haih...im worried of them baring my weight..hehe... =P n each time the strings shook..we had 2 restart from the beginning..haih! irritating huh?! but this is really team spirit 2 finish it.. =)

after that we had lunch..

den it was treasure hunt time (in the hot sun..2.30pm..)..it was hot!! each team has 2 take care of a coconut..break open it but ensure the water it in is stil there..thats like our 'amanah'..n one more instruction is 2 carry a team mate the whole journey..now that was hard..i had a gurl around 50kgs on my back..my hips are now crying.. =( it hurts goin the whole journey wit such weight..

1st check point:

the lake!!! there we had 2 answer a few simple ques..passed it all den kayak time..we had 2 kayak to the center then back 2 wer we started..many in my team is sesat..hehe..but nevertheless we enjoyed..so took our nex clue n left!

2nd check point:

the coe food court..there we had 2 answer deeper questions n more detailed ones..haih..there we managed 2 pull our way tru n ordered 10 cups of teh o (bes way to quench our thirst)..we only got 35/100 in this check point (so embarassing..hehe)..but we stil got our clue..!

3rd check point:

we were asked 2 go to the paintball place..near coit..wow! coe to coit..ahhhh! it was kinda late d by then..we had 2 reach hockey at 5..by this time its already 4.4.5pm..so after answering MORE ques..we were goin bak 2 hockey field (place wer were started)...

it had all together 5 check points..n we only finished 3..but my whole arm is now 2 coloured..huhu

look at how obvious it is..huhu..

dinner tyme!!!!

now its time 2 haf the last module for the day..we had to spray dots on a white long cloth..at 1st..it was spray without an aim..but the end result wen we had to cut out 3 parts of our favorite..after that the fasis combine all the dots of cloth to a very nice pic..it was a lite n easy module..but it was cool =)

supper time..den meeting..den sleep!! will update again wen im free.....take care!

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~dinner at penang hill~

today i went up 2 penang hill..wow! after urm..2 years i tink..the las time was wit my uni frens wen they visited me in penang..

dinner was suppose 2 b at 6..but i was afraid of the jam n all..so i left at 4.30..planning to reach at 5..the tram up to the peak wud take 30-40 mins..so shud b jus in time..but to my surprise...there were a lot of tourist..so the amount of tram trips to n fro added..so i arrived the foot of the hill at 4.45 (no jam!) den tram arrived at 5..reached up there at 5.30 (everythin is early!!! wow..no msian timing..hehe)

the tram was stuffy..huhu

huge rite? eeww..freaked me out! =/

once i arrive up there..i was kinda bored..nothin much 2 do..most of the spots were in renovation progress..so..haihz..i had my camera..snap snap snap time!

unique tree huh? grow from the walls..hehe

this place is good to view the scenery of penang island..

olden days coffee maker n toaster

im jus too modern for this..haha.. =P

then..at around 5.45..we decided to go to the restaurant early..15 mins wont make a fuss..so we planned to dine at david's grill...


the table we reserved..nice setting rite? garden dinner...

love this place..i was enjoying the breeze while waiting for our guests..

the interior of the restaurant

at around 6.15..everyone arrived..i ordered a rib eye steak..cream of wild mushroom soup..mango juice n lychee pudding...wow!! a feast! CALORIES man!...hehe...but it was yummy!! the price is kinda expensive..my set was about rm100++..ouch! the main point here was the nice nite view..its like my 1st time enjoying penang view at nite..

bliss..! =)

the last train down is at 9.15..so it was almost time 2 leave..took the tram down..this time no longer stuffy..lesser peeps..cooler breeze.. =) felt like a more comfy n shorter journey..hehe..wat a nice outing after some frowns..

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, June 15, 2009

childhood memories....

i went to one utama las weekend..there was this BARBIE PINK PARTY!!! i remember i love those parties wen i was a kid..(i tink im still excited now..hehe)..they had a the nice barbies displayed..from those wearing the wedding gown..swimsuit..evening gown..awww...i love them!.. =)

there was also a talent quest goin on for kids aged 4-6..so cute..

a few of the great competitors

the kids look all semangat 2 perform..sum sang..sum danced..one kid i recalled..did magic..i was enjoying.. =) *applause*

i am a fan of barbie since young..til now if i go shopping n passes the barbie section..i alwiz tend to walk around them n check out the latest designs..it has changed so much..now they have those who can sing..automatically move..i remember my favorite barbie is my very own 'butterfly kisses'..i had it wen i was 6..n im stil keeping it.. =) weee~! n u noe wat? i haf a barbie house in my room..n im proud of it..its fully furnished..hehe..

my favorite barbie..

i love 2 songs connected n two voices..

nice songs rite?? =)

me at barbie pink party..hehe

nex time i shud b updating bout my days in penang..b4 goin back to uniten for fasi..

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, June 12, 2009

i got my treasure n i broke it...

"we must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. the difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."

i haf definitely gone tru the pain of discipline..trying to get all my assignments done in a day is hard!! even worse..tryin to stick to a timetable dat i haf fixed..but wat is that compared to the pain of regret???

i feel so stupid..i feel like an idiot..i was given a chance to get wat i alwiz wanted..but wit my childishness..my stupidity..my ego..i lost hold of it..i know dat i cant live the way i want without this treasure..to get this treasure i had to face a lot of challenges..n i did..n i finally got this treasure..but y din i appreciate it??? im sure this treasure did not enjoy all the moments being in my arms..but this treasure din make trouble for me..but y jus one small weakness in this treasure..i made it a whole big thing? y??? y did i make it a big fuss??? y did i allow the treasure to jus slip off my hand? n now i lost it..i feel so empty..i feel so worthless..ahhhh!!! i wan my treasure...but how m i suppose to promise myself dat if i get back my treasure..i will not dissapoint my treasure anymore but instead make it feel happy in my arms..make my treasure feel treasured...the change mus come from me..my heart..not my mouth! :(

if so sorry..pls forgive me all this while for ill treating u..but pls gif me a chance 2 treat u with love again..i promise for a change to happen..i noe i haf given u many empty promises..but no longer this time! i promise...

really hope to get back my treasure..love it so much!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, June 11, 2009

a song that made me reflect..

i really love this song..it has very tru lyrics...most of our dreams wen we are all fired up for it..it seems like its possible..but things around us alwiz proof us wrong.. =( this lifetime battle wil not b won in a day..but its hard to sink this truth into my mind..how i wish life was a breeze..but wat i love most is..

the struggles im facing
the chances im taking
sometimes might knock me down
but no, im not breaking

in 20 years of my life..some struggles i face bring tears for days..but in the end..i noe sumwer sumhow..it made me stronger..it made me wiser in making a better choice in future..but its not easy to go tru it..the process making myself strong to go tru it alwiz stumbles..the fear of a bad outcome freaks me out..

currently..there is a fear in me..this fear mite las for more den 5 years..but i noe i haf to struggle..i noe every mornin wen im awake it hits me for taking the risk n having this fear..but i noe if i can pull tru..and fight my way tru..the experience plus the reward in the end wil worth a million..but this process is TOUGH!!! i admit it has given me a lot of tears..n its gonna bring more! but i keep my faith n believe dat im not alone..the ending of the song is:

keep moving,
keep climbing,
keep the faith!!!

its never gonna b easy..NO PAIN NO GAIN..nothing comes free...all i can do i pray..believe n find strength in everything i do... =)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

im done with special sem!!!

this whole special sem...i really wanna thank God for this group of frens i have...komala..mithila..wen yih n anita...i wud definitely b bored especially weekdays..(i do go jalan2 on weekends..hehe) but lucky..i cud blend into their group n lepak with them most of the time.. =) but..im really looking forward for my hsemates to b bak too.. :)

today..im done with my finals..but they stil haf 1 paper..POM..i took it las sem d..so i plan 2 cook them lunch..sweet sour chicken & egg...

that's me n anita..chopping the ingredients..

our washer lady..haha..komala..

the sauces!!!

its all ready!!! lets cook!

check list of ingredients:

sweet and sour chicken

1. big onion

2. garlic

3. serai

4. cili padi

5. potatoes

6. tomatoes (this time dun have)

7. chicken


1. chili sauce

2. tomato sauce

3. oyster sauce

prawn ommelette

1. prawns

2. eggs

3. big onions

other ingredients

1. salt

2. oil

**before cooking..jus cook rice..so it wil jus in time :)**

after chopping all the ingredients..time 2 cook...first..fry all the onion, garlic, serai & cili..den..put in the sauce...hmm..already smelling good.. =) den nex..put in the potatoes..and lastly our main ingredient..chicken..den wait til its ready..den..SERVE!!!

looks yummy??? =)

it was fun cookin today..n lucky it turn out great... =) looking forward to cookin more stuff..yay!

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, June 7, 2009

battle begins in 11 hours time... :-/

ahhhhh......im all tensed up..but i know i alwiz haf a stress releasing place..hehe...but still..argh....

i stil haf 1 chapter or econs..after reading all oso i m not really confident to try out the pass year finals...huhu...n i need to revise my german!!!! wh-questions...gender...things..adjectives..grammar!! ahhhh....spelling..so scary if i forget when im already stuck in the exam hall..no turning back!!!...

really pray for His wisdom..intelligence..good memory n good guidance on which formula to apply to various confusing questions..huhu..its like my more than 20 exams in that same MPH hall..but im still nervous..huhu...

really cant wait 4 2moro nite..im done!!!!!! =) weee~!

final exams!!!

its finally around the corner..argh...never ever wishing for it 2 b near..its so fast..it seems like jus las week i started special sem..but now..time for stress n craming all the syllabus again..ahhh...i wil b having 2 papers tomoro..huhu..scary!!! german in the mornin..econs in the afternoon..den im done for special sem...!!! yay!...cant wait..but i dun wanna go tru the finals...huhu....

wish me luck ya peeps... =)

okie..gotta pack my things 2 go back uni...den study a lil..den go back at 10am..pray for safe journey.. =P take care everyone..!

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, June 5, 2009

back home in penang...

it was a whole fun day b4 goin up the bus at 8pm.. (*no stories bout the fun..haha*)

the journey was quite long..the bus driver was slow..huhu..as soon s i reach..my "kakak" was waiting for me..to carry my heavy bag.. =P

now im home..but..i got exams..FINAL EXAMS!!!! this comin monday...gotta stay up n study..my target..2 chapters...huhu..hopefully i wont b sleepy...

peeps..do wish me luck k...hehe...okie..gonna study now!..tataz..

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


its kinda early in the morning i guess..hehe..its 10.15am.. =) a couple of seniors came to my mind...some of them wil b presenting their final year project today or tommorrow...scary!! thats the project that they haf to pass in order to graduate..if not..more money..more semesters..later graduation..huhu....wat a big thing in life!!!! (in uni life ni laaa...) they will oso be knowing their results on the spot..whether they pass or fail..ahhhh scary rite? huhu...

jus wanna wish all of them best of luck..do ur best..haf all the confidence in the world..jus answer the lecturer like a pro..even if u are not..hehe... =P ok ok..i shud not make fun..but i do really wish for all of u to succeed n no repeatation for this project...

enuf of studies....haha

300 days can actually fly pass by rite? wow!!! awesome..in 300 days..many memories can be made..many smiles..many laughters..n at times many tears too..but all in all..i dun love to keep those teary memories..but i treasure those sweet ones..hehe...jus love is 300 days!!!!!!! (peeps..dun keep guessing wats the 300 all about kay..? hehe...)

got to go now...time 2 revise for finals again...wil update u all soon!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, June 1, 2009

happy bday anita!!!

thats the bday gurl!!! nice in saree rite? hehe.. =) shud see her golden heals la..hehe.. =P
we reached there...kinda early..coz we were afraid dat we mite get lost n b late instead..but actually we din really lose our way terrible..altho we made a few u-turns..but all in all thanks prem 4 the great directions =)

us..at the field..

thats the uniten gang with the bday gurl..n the one on the far rite is her fren from her school days...love this pic..sweet.. =)

thats her bday cake..u see the 5 sticks on the cake? its actually writes her name..
A-N-I-T-A..nice huh? delicious too.. =P nice 2 c..nice 2 eat!!!! there was also an indian band..so called band la...hehe...they were singin so loudly n high pitchedly...my ears were buzzing...ahhh....we actually wanted 2 go home..but anita keep wanting us 2 overnite in her house..so the bday gurl has a lot of say on her special day rite? hehe...but we went to old town for a quite time..haha...n also 2 play cards..hehe..but..s soon s we ordered our drinks..anita said party nearly over..haih..so tapau!!!

oh ya!! there was an arch at the entrance..haha...so me n komala..as usual..hehe...took pics!!! =P cute rite? wakaka...

the after party was great..overniting..playing cards...but no pics allowed..haha... =P

(she got 5 keys!! share kay?)

-thanks faithful listener-