Friday, April 30, 2010

Life as an intern: Week 4

In my 3rd week as an intern, I did lots of research. So this week is all practical task. I have to put my knowledge from my researches to use..nervous at first, fun at last!

I was asked to set up the Find Me/Follow Me settings on Asterisk. These are the steps:

  1. Login to FreePBX
  2. Click the Setup tab at the top of the page.
  3. On the left side of the page click the Follow Me link under Inbound Call Control.
  4. Click the add button for the desired extension o n the right side of the page.
The following are the steps to conduct the Find Me/Follow Me test calls:
  1. Create a user account in the file editor.
  2. Register the subscriber account in Zoiper or other softphone.
  3. Edit ring groups either find me or follow me.
this is a sample of find me testing (the phones ring all at once)

Next task is to try out the 3-party audio conferencing. The steps are:
  1. Create a user account in the file editor
  2. Configure Conference Bridge Extension. (this will be the extension to dial if another agents wants to participate in the conference as well)
  3. Edit conference room options.
  4. Three different agents test the conferencing features.

one month done! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

KTM for women

kereta api tanah melayu

KUALA LUMPUR: The railway will soon have separate compartments for men and women in commuter trains serving Klang Valley, Rawang and Seremban.

This is to ensure the safety of women in packed trains during peak hours, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) president Dr Aminuddin Adnan said yesterday.

There are three compartments in each carriage and these will be designated for men, women and families or couples.

We will not ask families, old folk or married couples to take separate carriages. If we do that, it will create a lot of problems, especially for old folk who might need help.

happy...hi 5 girls!!

“Since 60 per cent of our commuters are women, we want to make their ride as comfortable as possible,” he said, adding that the railway had received feedback from women who preferred such an arrangement. Aminuddin said the inter-city coaches would not have such sitting arrangement.

He was speaking after presenting customer service awards to some of his front office staff including clerks, train drivers, quality inspectors and traffic wardens here yesterday.

Aminuddin said the railway aimed to cut the waiting time for a commuter train from the present 15 minutes to 10 minutes and “eventually to 7.5 minutes”.

To achieve this, it is waiting for 15 trains called electrical multiple units to be overhauled by October next year and with 38 new ones expected to arrive in the middle of 2012.

He said the Sentul-Batu Caves line serving people going to the Batu Caves area would be ready by June. About 120,000 people took the service when it went on a trial run during Thaipusam two months ago.

On the Ipoh-Padang Besar electrified railway double tracking project, he said about 42 per cent of the work had been completed.

The project, which covers 329 kilometres and costs RM12.5 billion, is expected to be completed by 2013. It is a continuation of the double tracking project from Rawang to Ipoh, completed three years ago.


i jus love this news so much!!! 2moro is the launching date..hopefully everything goes on well...then we dun haf to b sandwiched in between guys..we dun haf to b stepped by their heavy leather shoes!! i like!! ♥

thanks K.T.M.B~!

-thanks faithful listener-

best suitable hairstyle!

are you getting bored with ur current hairstyle? wan a new hair style? afraid that the new hairstyle wil turn out scary? NO WORRIES! i found a tool that can definitely help!


to start off...u mite need a ruler..then click go!

now..u can start filling up ur measurements..

once you have filled up all the 4 measurements...ur done!

this is my face shape n ultimate hairstyle!!!!

now time to hit the saloons!! weeee~!
have a try n c if u need a haircut :)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

my kuching trip....

this is a late post..sorry! i was a little busy with my industrial training... :P so this 3 nights 2 days trip was delayed...

15th April

lcct - kuching at 7pm

this means i took half day leave..hehe.. :) my main purpose of this trip is to attend the alpha it means..more work..less play..haha...but i think i had lots of FOOD! :D the 7 of us gathered in lcct..n started our 1st mary brown meal..thanks marcus n timothy for ur great hospitality! :)

that's me! haha..please ignore the aunty.. :P

once we touched was around 9pm..we went for supper! we had kolok mee n drank fair lady..its their speciality..the drink was very unique..its a mixture of brown sugar + milk + fruit cubes...yum! :P since our tummies are full now..time to sleep!!! haha...

16th April

beef noodles...slurrp!

that was my breakfast! it was quite as was hard to keep myself awake tru out the conference..haha..but with sweets! my eyes barely close for more than 5 minutes..haha..

the conference venue

there were almost 1000 participants

the 2 seminars i attended.. *thumbs up!*

for dinner...we had delicious seafood!!! the 7 of us enjoyed more than 7 was really yummy...burps!!!

ABC seafood..many tourist was there too!

sotong chilli

bamboo cockles

ikan bakar...sting ray!

oyster ommelette @ oh wa chian
very crispy!

bakso chicken
its my 1st time eating this..really good!

as usual...after our tummies are full...our minds will b switched off..haha...lets call it a day! zzzz!

17th April

for breakfast today..we had sarawak laksa...its so different from penang actually taste a little like penang curry mee..jus that the curry is brown in colour...can u imagine the sarawak laksa in ur mind?? hehehe....sorry no pics..i was too hungry! :P

more seminars to attend :)

the conference was officially over at we immediately went back to marcus' house to freshen up...our flight is at 9.30pm...we ate dinner at a very big food court on the way to the airport...101 food court...

kolok mee!!! im missing it!

satay pork style

thanks guys for the awesome trip!

i had so much fun!!!! :)
i hope watever learnt wil b used to bless others...

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, April 24, 2010

men VS women

this is a very cute video...i saw it on my fren's blog...thanks mary ann for sharing! i do think sum are true..haha...but sum are over exaggerated... :P click n watch it peeps! enjoy!

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, April 23, 2010

Life as an intern: Week 3

This week was filled with research topics....i personally don't like researching but i must admit i do learn a lot.. :) but before that, i was asked to configure an IP phone using Linksys SIPURA. After all the configuration was done, I could make and receive calls from another IP phone and also from softphones, vice versa.

this is the IP phone

1st research topic: IVR customization.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a computerized phone system that enables a person, typically a telephone caller, to make a selection from a voice menu. The selection is made using touchphone keypad entries or voice responses. The phone system plays pre-recorded voice prompts and the person presses a number on a telephone keypad to select the option associated with the voice prompt. This allows the person to communicate with the phone system and thus the computer system to either obtain information or to process a transaction.

this is a diagram of how a typical IVR works

2nd research topic: Find Me/Follow Me

Find me and follow me are two call forwarding services. Find me service allows the user to receive calls at any location while follow me service allows the user to be reached at any of several phone numbers. Find me and follow me services allows the user to have a convenient schedule. Customize your schedule according to the day, time and number to be reached right in your web account. This enables the system to dial the numbers according to your schedule when you receive a call. Besides that, find me and follow me services are very controllable and flexible. The user can simply modify the schedule through a phone or PC when an unexpected event occurs. Ways to be reached can also be modified at any time from any location.

find me/follow me

last research topic for the week: 3-party voice conferencing

Audio conferencing allows multiple parties to connect using devices such as phones or computers. This can be a solution for a number of problems that can arise when multiple parties need to meet. People who are distant and busy can save the travel time since the meeting can be conducted from a nearby phone or computer. A person who is bedridden can participate too. The cost that would be needed to book a meeting facility or host a lunch meeting can be saved.

There are numerous methods and technologies that support audio conferencing. Many telephone companies offer the capability of three-way calling. This allows a person to call two other people on separate lines and join them together to form a group. Each person in the group who has three-way calling has the ability to expand the meeting by adding to more people.

audio conferencing

thats all about my 3rd week as an intern...stay tune! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, April 22, 2010

:: earth day ::

it's earth day today!!!! n i din even realize that til 1pm today...oh dear! sorry mother earth :( wondering how i got to know? i was goin for my lunch..n i walked pass a booth selling really cute stuff made from recyclable things..

this is the 'love your earth' ribbon

me doin body art..haha

there were 2 people standing like mannequins..haha..they were there for us to draw on of coz i took my chance!!! weee...i drew a green ribbon..thats the only thing we can draw! haha..

postcards wer the green ribbon is spotted

save the trees..we got our postcards too :)

im really thinking hard since the slogan was "ur 1% effort can make a difference" can i contribute??? i think i shud use a tumbler instead of a plastic bottle...rite??? :) so now i haf an excuse to buy a new bottle..haha...

nice bottles rite?? so tempted to buy.. :P

hmmm...remember to put in ur 1% effort k..lets make mother earth happy... :)


p/s: i had 'nanah' in my eyes for 2 days..n today the swell is finally reducing...yay~!

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

raped orphan is also pregnant

this story is jus so unbelievable...wats wrong with our teenagers nowadays?? rape cases during recess time? oh no!!!

KUALA LUMPUR: Doctors examining the 14-year-old orphan who claimed she was raped by her classmate last week were shocked to not only find that she was already one-month pregnant but also discovered a pencil inside her private parts.

The girl who lodged a report on Monday alleging she was raped by a classmate during recess at her school in Rawang last Tuesday had complained of pains whenever she urinated.

The girl claimed that she did not realise of the presence of the pencil, which was 4cm long, until it was removed by doctors in Selayang Hospital where she has been hospitalised.

Gombak deputy OCPD Supt Rosly Hassan said the girl had told them that it was not the first time that she had been raped but had in fact, been violated several times in the past.

Police are still investigating whether the girl was raped by the same person, he added.

“She did not tell us the entire story when she lodged her report. We are still questioning her,” he added.

The assailant was detained at the school several hours after the report was lodged on Monday and has been remanded until 26 April since then.

However, Supt Rosly said police were still looking for another two suspects adding the identity of the father could be done through a DNA test after the baby was born.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i noe i can depend on YOU!!!

wondering who i can surely depend on??? my Lord!!! :) i really love this song..its simple..but the words are so meaningful...i have attached a video on it too!!!

♪♪this is the lyrics♪♪

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord

Our God, You reign forever
Our hope, our Strong Deliverer
You are the everlasting God
The everlasting God
You do not faint
You won't grow weary

Our God, You reign forever
Our hope, our Strong Deliverer
You are the everlasting God
The everlasting God
You do not faint
You won't grow weary

You're the defender of the weak
You comfort those in need
You lift us up on wings like eagles

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, April 19, 2010

a suffocating break

i dunno wat to say or wat to jus times we feel that taking a break can give us space to breathe..but it usually turns out the other way round..its a confusing mess!!!

at certain time of the day..i do feel that this short break mite help..but at certain time of the day..i feel dat im killing myself with this decision..but i dun wanna make anymore decisions..i cant tell which is gonna make me feel i think silence n time mite heal...

its hurtful cause im too used to the closeness we share..this break has choked me!! i dunno what gain m i waiting for from this pain...i noe we feel the pain..but it needs sum1 to b the "doctor"..n i dunno who wil it b?? :( **please save ur patient before death comes in the way**
i pray things will turn out alrite...things wil turn out the best for us..things wil go according to His will...

-thanks faithful listener-

signing off,
heart broken bee :'(

Friday, April 16, 2010

Life as an intern: Week 2

This is has been  more fun. I was introduced to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). The SIP is an ICTF-defined signaling protocol, widely used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP). The protocol can be used for creating, modifying and terminating two-party or multiparty sessions consisting of one or several media streams. The modification can involve changing addresses or ports, inviting more participants, and adding or deleting media streams. Other feasible application examples include video conferencing, streaming multimedia distribution, instant distribution, instant messaging, presence information, file transfer and online games.

this is a simple SIP

this is a complex SIP architecture

It took me two days to learn all about SIP and next was the application. I was asked to create an account on AsteriskNow. Its a server used by my company. My extension number was 2001. This enables me to call the other extension numbers and also my mailbox at extension 8888. I was given half a day to test the features on the softphone.

this is the softphone, X-lite

After having fun calling different extension numbers, it was time for some research. The topic was Host Media Processing (HMP). HMP is a term used to refer to a telephony system that uses the million of instructions per second (MIPS) of processing power on a general-purpose computer to process a telephony call's media stream rather than use digital signal processors (DSP) to perform the task.

Host Media Processing

Towards the end of the week, I was asked to research on WellRec 5600 and WellTech 6500. 

WellRec 5600 is a dedicated VoIP recorder for Welltech SIP network architecture. Just simply setting the subscriber or the target list to be logged in WellSIP 6500, WellRec 5600 will do the recording on demand no matter incoming call or outgoing call. Through the web interface, administrators can easily search and play the recorded VoIP call anywhere. It provides a very cost/effective solution to meet your VoIP logging service.

WellTech 6500 is the best choice to your convergence VoIP network which convert the requirements from enterprise to service provider. With built-in rich telephony services, WellTech 6500 enables traditional PABX features to your VoIP convergence platform. Also you can easily upgrade the license or provide the high available service according to the growth of your business without any hardware changes.

WellTech 6500

So far..this week has been good! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, April 12, 2010

creative cakes!!!

i was browsing tons of images..n i spotted some cute cakes!! cakes are a great add-ons in many many occasions...birthdays, anniversaries and of coz weddings... :)

this wud b great for a baby's full moon..hehe

i liked mario in my primary days... :)

this wud b a sweet 16 girl's dream cake...i guess :P

for my daddy?? haha

latest technology...wii :)

jus good 4 my bro...

i likeeeee!!! its like my! :P

the perfect 'key' cake for the 21st party..n i got it!! :)

i think one day i wud love to learn how to bake a cake like this for my loved ones...hehe.. **may this dream come tru**

-thanks faithful listener-