Friday, October 30, 2009

♥♥ the BOY and GIRL ♥♥

flipping tru the pages of my favourite story,
i saw a boy and a gurl both very happy,
occasions after occasions they celebrated,
together as one, each moment they remembered..

as their love grow deeper,
the colour of romance grew stronger,
every cheer the boy made,
it made the girl's frown fade...

the boy was alwiz pampering the girl,
no matter how much it made his mind swirl,
everyone cud c how lucky the girl was,
but the girl didnt show how much she felt it was..

as the boy painted scenes of his life with her,
the girl tore these pages in silence without fear,
all she thought was she cud produce better ones,
not knowing the dark colours behind her pieces..

bit by bit the boy found those paintings,
shock, anger, sadness, dissappointment were his feelings,
he did not know which part was to be forgiven,
the trust he once planted in the girl was all abandoned..

the girl did not know how to recolour romance or happiness,
the boy's heart was torn to the brim of emptyness,
the girl tries everyday different mixture of colours,
but there is stil in the palette of choices..

the coldness of the boy brings fear and loneliness,
the girl now starts counting her blessings in happiness,
she is blessed for still being able to listen to the boy's voice,
she is blessed with the opportunity to love the boy once again..

before the night ends, the girls says a prayer,
thanking the Lord for the boy who had once loved her,
praying that the Lord wil heal their love somehow,
praying to hold the boy's hands and paint the colours of a rainbow..

as she counts sheeps before she sleeps,
into her mind the boy creeps,
tears of regret, sorry and fear flows down to her chin,
losing the boy was the one thing she wud never wanna end up in..

the girl wil not stop praying,
will not stop mixing,
the girl prays that one day she wil get the rite mixtures,
wishing to paint a new story with her boy called 'BLISS',
and hoping to alwiz be his....

I LOVE U, my boy!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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