Sunday, March 17, 2013

family reunion - seremban

it is always a problem for my family to stay in touch closely especially with my relatives in seremban..this aunty is getting married and mum has decided to go!! =) this also means its time to say hello to all my long lost relatives..haha! =)

congratulations aunty and uncle!!!

not often met but once together..we have fun! =)

we also managed to say hello to mummy's pastor's wife..
they were the pastor's when mummy was in teenager cell group!!

im happy that i managed to pay respect to my great grandmother
they always call her miss ampangan! hehe..
she must be a hilarious great grandma =)

finally it was time to have an early chinese new year lunch together!!

 my first yee sang at teluk gong!!! =)

 families are always close to the heart no matter what!!
when the world walks out..i know i can count on them! =)

 -thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vince Chong

i am a fan of Vince since he was in Akademi Fantasia!!! he was the reason i voted my first happy that he made a special appearance in my church!! weeeee~!!! glad to see that after all his success and fame, he still acknowleges, loves and serves the Lord =)


autograph please!


wishing you all the best in the music and performance industry!! have lots of fun along the way and know that  if you lose all your here! =)

-thanks faithful listener-