Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bulgogi Brothers

this weekend i decided to bring dear for korean bbq!! we chose Bulgogi Brothers in mid valley...it was a very yummy meal..

corn tea! very unique! i like it! =)

korea is famous for little side dishes..
ours are lotus, pumpkin and spinach

also raddish, water spinach and kimchi!!
my favorite was the pumpkin..
dear likes the lotus best! =)

we were served pumpkin soup..

some steamed food before the bbq ones are cooked
to make sure we dun get hungry i guess =)
like the edamame!

the salads are to wrap the bbq meat!

 my date for the night! mwah!!!

our meat platter is here..love!!!

the chef for the day! hehe

one of the main things i love dear is because of his willingness to try new things with me =)
this is one of the kind of dates i love! =)


-thanks faithful listener-