Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pattaya Floating Market

time to explore Pattaya Floating Market.. =) its very commercial now! like the one in Hat Yai more...hehe..

here's the entrance..u need a ticket to enter the "floating market"

welcoming song by "pirates of the carribean"
this guy is very talented!

there was some boxing match in the middle of the "market"

this couple selling grilled homemade sausages..YUMMY!

this was something i wanted to try..but i dare not..
couldnt understand what was in that ball..hehe =P





if you have a chance to go to Hatyai..thats a better one..however if u are in Pattaya..den this floating market will do! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

silverlake, pattaya

this is a very nice area to be at..the air seems fresher and the whole garden is sooo european =) BEAUTIFUL!!!

the entrance of a garden full of flowers


look at this!! how can my heart not melt =P

row of flowers...pretty!

look at the windmill and wine barrels.. =)

i met some kids along there too..cute!

want a ride?? hehe

finally L.O.V.E

such a pretty place right?? took many many photos here..i heard a resort will b built too..nice place for sure!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, July 9, 2012

coral island, pattaya

early in the morning..its time to take a speed boat to Coral Island =) this island is famous for parachuting, sea walking and snorkelling..all about FUN! weeee~!!!

hello Pattaya!

waiting for my speedboat..hehe

weeee~!!! finally arrived coral island...

the sand is really soft and fluffy...

look at the crystal clear water..beautiful!!!

there were a lot of food along the beach too..some very exotic ones..haha...

dried grilled squid

shells!!! very glue-y i think =P

BBQ chicken n prawns..

pina colada..din try it actually!

sipped pandan coconut instead! sluuurp!

at night..i enjoyed some pattaya nightlife...ALCAZAR show..its all about transgenders!! goodness! some were prettier than girls!!!

 next up will be my experience at silverlake, a winery =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Safari World & Marine Park, Bangkok

its time to get closer to some animals!!! this is a very famous tourist spot in Bangkok.. =) Safari World and Marine Park is just next door...combination ticket is 900baht =)

here is the entrance to the Safari World

this is just next door!! =)

first i went to the safari..
no walking allowed..cause the animals roam freely!!! AHHH!!
camels, lions, tigers, bulls were near me!!! *freaking out*

in the marine park is full of animal shows...i was very amazed with the level of smartness the animals had..they could listen to instructions!! WOW!!!

orang utan boxing show!!
u can see some in bikinis and some in jerseys cheering!! hahaha!!

sea lion in action!!!
they are just too smart to be true!!
and i salute their balancing skills with the whiskers.. =)

dolphin show~!!!!!
my FAVORITE!!!!! i just love dolphinssssss!

 ahhh...look at the elegance!!
love the way they can save their drowning trainer..
super loyal and friendly! =)

crocodiles!!! eeeee!!
these are NOT friendly!! hahaha

love this cute bench =)

i had a really fun day..felt like a kid being excited over the tricks the animals did!! they were highly trained and professionals in the tricks they do!! =) APPLAUSE!

stay tune for more about pattaya, coral island!

-thanks faithful listener-