Saturday, October 24, 2009

ur getting old chah...hehehe...

yesterday was the exact date of wen she (above) was born...23rd oct...she is a very good fren of mine..sorry i cud not blog this yesterday itself s we are in the library nerding..haha...can u believe it..aisyah nerding on her burfday??? hahaha.....

she is one person on earth dat i noe is the best candidate to choose if u wanna keep taking silly pics not stop..haha...i remember once in ilmu single..we tried to take 10 snap shots..n the pics wer really silly..cant show it here..its secret between me n was too silly..but yesterday..we did the same..but less silly..hehe...

cute?? haha...she is fun to be wit!!! cant deny it.....awwww...(terharu x??) haha...ive known her like since i entered uniten..i remember she was like the gurl nex door..we wud knock on each others door n go to classes together..n now we stay we jus have to knock on each other's room door.. =P but she tido mati wan.......oops kantoi!!!

one thing she is really good at is keeping our apartment clean..she has folded my clothes i think for like 20 times...haha...wen ever im so busy with programs...i dry my clothes n never keep them..den one day i wil see it folded nicely...awwww....dun u wish having her s ur hsemate too?? haha...

its been almost 3 years being frens with this sakai gurl...she is sakai coz.. if i tickle her..she wil shout.. 'xnk la..jgn..' den after awhile 'geli la..geli..x takut'..she already tahan..apela!!! haha...i love disturbing her... =P hope this great frenship that we share wil grow stronger n stronger.. =) den i can disturb her more..haha

tru this years..there are so many pics we have taken..n so many places we have been..definitely i cant post all here..but these are my favorites...

sticker booth

eye of malaysia

BFF - port dickson

food!!! - johnny's steamboat


hope u enjoyed the surprise we had for u....hugs n tickles.. ❤

-thanks faithful listener-

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  1. hai sakai no 1..
    hahahaha.awww *terharu*
    enh enh.igt free ke lipat2 baju??
    bak duit.weks
    heeee.thankiu for everything:)