Thursday, September 29, 2011

all the best in your future undertakings!

last week..two of my colleagues chose to work in another company..both have helped me a lot tru out the 4 months im in the company..they have made me very comfortable with the company's technical system and of coz the technical and engineering side of my job scope! =) they were very patient explaining each and every detail which was very confusing to me..and thanks to them i got confirmed..hehe..and now they are leaving? OH NO! but i wish them all the best!!! i know they will excel wherever they choose to be =)

this is mieling..he is a german!
i think his flight back to germany is today!!
haf a safe trip and a wonderful new beginning!! =)

we'll miss u!!!!

this is gary..
the so called sexy wan in the office..haha
the medal speaks for itself?? =P

he is from my senior..
thanks for all the guidance and advice!
good luck in ur new job!

people come and people jus thanking the Lord for He made our paths cross =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

goodbye sabah =(

last day in sabah...oh no!! it was definitely hard to leave such a great vacation and know that when im back in kuala lumpur..the reality of all the work load is gonna sink in..oh no!!!!

for the last day..we din go around much..we went to places around our hotel only...waterfront was our 1st the sea breeze..thank God it was high there was not smelly muddy smell.. =)

spotted this huge prawn!! hehehe...
or is it a lobster?? hehe...

after that..we went to the famous wet market..along the main road to jesselton..bought ikan bilis (anchovies) there...its really cheap..big big ones..1kg for only RM15!!! =) since we stil had time b4 our flight..we went to Center Point Mall...its something like subang jaya's summit mall..hahaha...kinda dead..hehe..

tea time..hehe..
YOYO!!! famous in KK! =)

its here i got to try my tuaran mee...yums!! i oso ate ngu chiap..hehe =) 2 types for 1 lunch..gosh!! sooo greedy!! hehe...

heard of this?
i honestly never..i only heard of GSC, TGV and MBO! haha...
we watched two movies!!

finally its time to go to the airport...and oh no! our flights were delayed!! urgh! hate it...but its alright cause i stil love airasia for cheap flights..hehehehe....thanks Sabah for the great 5 days!

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, September 25, 2011

~day trip to manukan island~

today is the day i am most excited in the whole 5 days of my vacation in sabah...i went for an island trip!!! woohoo!!! remember the 'sarong' i bought during my 2nd day in sabah? for sure i wore it!!! weeee~!

around 8am..we arrived at the jetty..i was quite worried because the tide was high and the waves were rough..and i get seasick very quickly..urgh!!! =( so made all the arrangements at the jetty..its about 30 ringgit to get from jesselton jetty to manukan island..this includes the boat ride and also the tax..its a must to pay!! oh ya..this price is only for malaysian..not quite sure for tourist..sorry!

this is me at the jetty! hehe...

a closer view of my sarong..haha..nice?? =P

the guy at the counter managed to convince me to try out their new water sport..since i never did it b4..i gave it a GO! wooohooo! =) its RM70 per person...very worth it for the get adventure..

this is the new banana boat =P

ahhhhh!!! i was practically holding on to my life! haha
its like flying up down left rite!! gosh!

after about 30 minutes of ride..on a speed boat ya..not fly fish..haha..i finally arrived at manukan!!! weee~!! the water was not very clear..due to the terrible waves..but at the other end where we snorkelled was very clear!! =) so if ur planning to go..find the rite spot! =P

manukan island!!
please mind my hair..hehe..thats due to the crazy fly fish ride! =P

after putting all my sun block..
its time to say hi to the fishes of the deep blue sea!
i was really excited seeing all the fishes nearby! =)

a very happy me! =D

after 2 hours of swimming, building sand castles =P, was time to eat our snacks..wash up and go home!!! =( saying goodbye to such a nice crystal clear island was sad!! but i will come back..hehehe....

bye manukan!!!
see u again........

i totally fell asleep wen i came back to the hotel....zzzzzzzz! hehehe...after i am totally was time to walk around n look for seafood!!! ooooo....yummy!!!

seafood corner at waterfront..
u name it..they got it!!
the seafood are all rest assured about freshness!
any fresher..u need to eat it raw..haha =P

this coconut puding is something new to me!!
yummy yummy!!!
if u are a coconut lover..u must try this!!!
100% u will love it!!! sluuurrp!

my next post will b my goodbyes to sabah...awwww...stay tune!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, September 22, 2011

mount kinabalu

its the 3rd day in sabah..and i did some adventures activities..hehe... =) from kundasang we went to kinabalu park..not sure what part of sabah is that..hehe..mebbe ranau =P from the hotel i stayed last nite..Perkasa Hotel Resort & was really beautiful and the view was awesome!

this is the view from my room!!!
thats mount the two horns?

there is a spot at the hotel to snap this great view!
we woke up early to ensure we could see the peak..
if its too late it will b covered by mist! =(

after we went to kinabalu park..what i was really looking forward was the hot spring..but wen we arrived..our guide was telling us about this really long and high up hanging bridge..i was imagining a simple one in my we agreed to his plan..GOSH! it was a long hike up to the bridge..panting! sweating! oh dear! if i knew..i wont wanna climb.. =/

the tired me..

after about 40 mins of hiking..walking and finally back to the starting point..phew! time to soak in the hot spring!! its very hygienic here..each group have ur own tub..after ur done..change the water! =)

the happy me!!

our tub..thats hot water!!!
nice and relaxing!! but a lil too open! SHY! =P

after soaking and relaxing in the hot tub..of coz its time for a better relaxation which is to......SLEEP!! hahaha..i took a 2 hours nap and woke up jus in time for dinner..hehehhe...

our hotel, Imperial Hotel was rite next to the waterfront

see the nice view?? cant wait for my island trip!

not many shops open cause its 1st day of raya at that we decided to take the free shutle to One Borneo Mall...nice!! =)

we ate ikan bakar..yummy!! =D

we also bought some food for our picnic excited!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

close to nature at kundasang

on the 2nd day of my trip in kota kinabalu..i travelled for 5 hours from kota kinabalu town to kundasang..its time to get closer to the trees, flowers and breathe the fresh air..hahha =P i dun do that often in kl..haha..if i breathe deeply the air..i mite b totally poluted..hahaha =D

this is the hotel i stayed for my 1st nite...

after about 2 to 3 hours of journey..we stopped by at a market..bought some key chains there as well as nite beach 'sarong' for my island trip..hehe..

dong!!! hahaha..they had these at a market =P

do i look like a fisherman? or a farmer? hehe

i bought fruits too..refreshing! the journey continues...after a nap..we finally arrived at kinabalu park..time to say hello to God's wonderful creations =)

a monkey welcomed me..hahhaha!

time for flowers!!!
sadly the botanical garden stated that its not the blooming season =(

see the baby yellow orchid
looks like a jagung rite? haha

this is the rafflesia..
world's largest flower!!!
but this is not the actual size if not i will b like thumbelina..
this is jus a man made one.. =P

i cant wait to share with all of u the beauty of mount kinabalu in my next post..dun forget to spot the 'deer ears'..haha..

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'over the sea'

this is almost 2 weeks late..sorry readers!! as some of u mite know..i went for a 'over the seas' vacation...guessing where i went?? its kota kinabalu!! =) this time i need to really thank fly fm!! i wont their fabulous flyday with airasia!!

fly away to kota kinabalu..weee~!

the first on my itinerary was a city tour...i went to see many places that i haf heard of about this city...


menara yayasan sabah
looks like a rocket huh? =P

their 'floating' mosque

signal hill
this is where i can observe the whole KK..
i even spotted a really small round about..hahahah =D

atkinson clock tower
a very historical one..but i cant remember wat was it..

after the 4 hours city tour..its time to have lunch..and we chose to walk around the town and at the end of the road along my hotel, shangri-la...there was an italian restaurant..yummy!!

Little Italy restaurant
bill was RM90!! *boom*

luckily dinner was free!! hahaha...
included in my prize..phew!!!
it was bukak puasa dinner...yums!!!

day 1 in this city was really fun and i cant wait to find time and blog about day 2.. =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, September 15, 2011

after 5 years!!!

nowadays with work piling up and new workload..i dun really find much time to just sit in front of my lappy and blog..huhu!!! im not happy about that..but i promise to blog wenever i can.. =) hopefully someone out there is reading..haha...

during puasa month...oops..this jus proofs how much back dated this post is..sorry! ok back to the story..i joined my two good frens for has been 5 years since i met these two guys..idzwan and fikri!! =)

idzwan..studying in newcastle
soon to b doctor =)

fikri..studying in kl..but we seldom meet! gosh!
he is a doctor to be as well..
my medical fees in the future is well taken care of..haha =P

the only engineer among the doctors..haha

i was not so shock to see idzwan as i saw him back in 2009 for my 21st bday..but wen i saw fikri..gosh!! i was definitely shocked! he is very prosperous n healthy compared to back then..haha.. =P but im so glad that there were no awkward silent moments which means our frenship has not taken a break!! yay!!! =)

idzwan is now back in looking forward to meeting him n fikri again the next time which i dont know wen yet..but im sure wen he comes back..its a must to meet up!! =) all the best in ur studies both of u!! =)


-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my bestie is back!!!!!!!


my bestie of  13 years is back in malaysia!!!!

this means its time to meet up, chit chat and enjoy the frenship....

after spending 2 nights in my kl was time to go back to penang together..since her trip to kl was last minute..i already bought bus tickets back to penang to visit no matter wat..still go back lor..hehe...after work on friday..we left together back to penang... =) i had a great time with her in kl..having dinners together and catching up at night after work in my room! it was fun!! so im definitely looking forward to goin back to penang..our lovely island together..

the next day we met up..she came to pick me..she is no longer that good in her direction sense..haha =P i remember those days wen i dun need to tell her where to turn at all..haha..we decided to go to straits quay..kinda new mall i think..hehe...

activity #1: batik painting

my partner in crime
she definitely is the best person to try out new things..

we laughed at each other's painting..haha
but it turned out pretty!!!!

look at all the private cruise..
wen can i own one?? haha

activity #2: charlie brown's cafe for tea

welcome!!! please wait to be seated..haha

thats our batik..nice rite??
looks like painted by professionals..hehe

hello snoopy!

love this picture
angelyn: stop running away!!
snoopy: ahhhhhh!!

it was a great afternoon...i headed back to kl 2moro..not knowing wen we will meet again =( surely gonna miss her a lot!!! altho she is far away..she is always there to lend a listening ear...thanks ge! im sooo blessed to have such a great bestie!!! =) muahhhhh!

-thanks faithful listener-