Wednesday, February 24, 2010

him (,") ♥ (",) her

last sunday...after a long cny visitation..n followed by a heavy down was great takin a nap..hehe.. :P wen i woke was almost 9pm!! dinner tyme! after minutes of thinking wer to eat..i decided to eat at sumwer new.. :) taipan new foodcourt!!!

swing and eat..hehe

many varieties rite?

the food was not bad...mebbe 6/10 ★ i had fish paste noodles..of coz not as delicious as the seri kembangan wan...but ok-ok la.. :P after dinner..i jus felt like goin for a slow drive n enjoy the moment..hehe..n it was agreed upon!! yay~! we drove all the way to shah alam..i lost count of the many was really a nice n sweet drive.. :)

today i was kinda car was giving me some trouble..i could not move the steering wheel!!! its my key cant even turn an inch..this means no way to start my engine!!! argh!

y u merajuk n stay still??? :(

i was really worried..dunno wat to do..tried so many times (almost 100)..but stil cant start!! gave a call to mr forever there..n he told me to keep after EIS..i was shock to c mr forever there turn up!!! he came all the way to help... :) *im touched!!* but stil cant 2moro im gonna call kurnia to tow my car to the nearest proton for repair..huhu... PHM 8081 is sick! :(

but to turn things round..i was brought out for dinner.. :) yay~! n since i jus got my career allowance..i treated mr forever there dinner..NANDOS!!!

sumthing new again..

i wud not say that its very very delicious..coz most of it was 40% burnt..huhu..its RM26.90 i has 3 chicken wings, 1 sausage, 4 mini kebab, pita and cucumber salad..

after dinner..we were walking around in alamanda..n guess wat!! i got a present from mr forever there!!! thanks so so it loads!!!! ♥♥♥ *huggies!*

♥ i love this bee-loon ♥

p/s: thanks dear for alwiz being there wen i needed u most!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, February 20, 2010

star cruises : pisces

on the 4th day of n my bro wen on a cruise to the international waters..this Pisces Star Cruise is gonna b in Penang for 4 my brother n i grabbed the opportunity to experience it.. :)

at penang ferry terminal..weld quay..can c the cruise??

our boarding pass..yay!

before we cud do anything..bro wanted to check the room that was given to us before checking out the 12 storey cruise..

double decker..bro said it was like my hostel..haha

thats his best pose..ish!

our room view...nice!! :)

after resting awhile..bro decided that he wanted to pay for an upgrade since he din not pay for this hostel-like room..hehe

admiral class...upgrade success!

there is a sofa set in the new room! big n comfy!

soon it was time for dinner...there were many restaurants and coffee shops..but we were given a free buffet dinner...the food was jus ok-ok!

bro ling up d..hehe

economy rice style of buffet..haha

restaurant ala thai ;)

since we ate d..we got a lil more energy to explore the whole cruise..we preferred the stairs so that we can c what they have on each storey..

nail saloon



mahjong and black jack counters.. :P

at the pool deck

swimming swimming costume..huhu

since my bro new the management...i cud go to places with "crew only" was fun :)

safety manager from sweden

the other crew..cant remember their origin.. :P

thank you koko for this wonderful was my 1st time up in a definitely gonna save up to go again with my frens..gonna b fun!! :P

*thumbs up*

p/s: im back in uni alone for the nite..huhu

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, February 19, 2010

♠ chinese new year 2010 ♠

a week of chinese new year (CNY) holidays is soon gonna b over..i did haf lots of fun meeting up with my secondary frens n make this post not too long..i will show u peeps many many many pictures..hehe.. :P

new year's eve:

i arrived home around 2am plus..

spotted a special CNY plant at home: 'hong wan tong thau'

indon bird of the paradise..unique? cant deny my mum got green fingers :P

steamboat..yum yum!!

reunion dinner...


1st day of CNY:

angpau time!! *grinz*

a bouquet for my mum..happy birthday mummy!!!

2nd and 3rd day of CNY:

reunion dinner with relatives in ipoh..thats the longivity mee :)

5th day of CNY:

meet up with izrin..nice to catch up!!

nikki is back from miri!! :P

the girls meet up...feels back in convent..hehe

free drink on CNY..good start ;)

seems like i missed out my 4th day of CNY huh?? not to worry..i had a wonderful day..need a post by itself to tell u guys all about it...hehe...stay tune!!! for those travelling back this weekend...haf a safe journey!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, February 14, 2010

blessed valentines, my love ♥

you have taught me the meaning of love in so many ways...n i never felt bored being in love with u....thanks dear for the wonderful moments..sweet memories..amazing 'away precious time'..huggy!! ♥

my meaning of love

♥♥ This is for my dearest ♥♥

another reason to celebrate,
another reason to go on a special date,
another reason to fill my day with smiles,
wishing him 'happy valentines day' from 15 miles...

i am looking forward to seeing him,
spending precious moments to the brim,
for i know its gonna be fun,
whether under the rain or in the sun..
he is the one who is on my side,
even wen the world walks out of sight,
he noes me inside out,
without needing me to say out loud...

my life is filled wit colours,
he is the rainbow that brought wonders,
wen im sad and lonely,
he gives me the comforting hugs and kisses i need dearly..
everytime wen he makes me feel super happy,
i write a song that makes him feel super lovely,
i thank God for him, my sunshine,
that brightens up my day all the time...

at times wen we argue,
im sorry i hurt you,
i wanna thank him for alwiz forgiving me,
alwiz showering his endless love over me..

wen his cheekiness creeps to the bits,
he deserves sum bites and hits,
but without his naughtiness,
our love wil b so monotonous...
thanks dear for the wonderful love and care,
for a new joyful day with him everyday i pray,
im looking forward to writing more songs to sing to him,
my dearest valentine, may our love be blessed by HIM!

I LOVE U so much!!!


-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, February 13, 2010

taboos of chinese new year

1) House Cleaning

the entire house should be cleaned before New Year's day..all brooms, dusters, dust pans, brushes and other cleaning equipments should be kept for the fear that good fortune will b swept away..after New Year's day..all the dirt n rubbish swept must b taken out from the back door..if not the good fortune collected on New Year's day will b thrown away.

2) Bringing in the new year n expelling the old

shooting off the fireworks on New Year's Eve is the sign on expelling the old year n welcoming the new the stroke of midnight..all doors n even windows must b open to allow the old year to leave.

3) New Year activities set precendent

all debts have to b paid by this time..nothing should b lent on this anyone who does will b lending all year..

everyone should refrain from using foul or unlucky words..death and ghost stories are a total taboo!!! reference about the past should not b uttered too..

if u cry on New Year's day..u will cry all children are very lucky..even if they are very naughty..all spanking will b kept for nex year..haha :P

4) Personal Appearance and Cleanliness

we are not allowed to wash your hair as that would wash away your good clothing is brings a bright future..receiving ang paus are a sign of receiving good fortune..

5) More New Year's Superstitions

it is considered unlucky to greet anyone in their even the sick has to get dressed and b in the living room

do not use knives or scissors on New Year's day as it may cut off your fortune

nowadays..not many chinese believe in these taboos..but its still a tradition that we carry out..

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! may the year of the year bring you good cheer!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Career Forum + Hi Tea

this is our LAST career unit event for the year 2010... :) happy n sad at the same sure im gonna miss the hecticness in denim..n also the busyness of attending all sorts of meetings...this year's career unit has been the year i spend most time lepaking after events..this week its almost every day lepak with my ASA team..hehe :P

the forum

1) Dr Vigna - IME
2) Miss Shamini - UNITEN (moderator)
3) Mr Vic - Jobstreet
4) Miss Debbi - Shell

the so called 'attentive' listeners..haha

the forum lasted for about an hour..after that was hi-tea..the time we all have been waiting for!! :P once we were all done..i gave out the merchandises to all the committees..den it was time for photos...snap snap snap!!!

career unit 2010

gonna miss working with u guys...may peng & mastura

after the hard was time for another session of lepaking..haha.. :P this time a lil more exciting..i called miss v together..we went for movie n chinese dinner... :)

7/10 ★

after was almost 10 d..everyone was no late outings today!! hehe...
cheers to career unit 2010!!! was nice working with u guys except one or two... :P *a pat on ur back*..well done!!! for those graduating from the team..all the best n thanks for the guidance! :)

p/s : i cant wait to go home!! collect ang pau time!

-thanks faithful listener-