Saturday, January 28, 2012

☆ open house 2012 ☆

yay!!! open house again!! its tiring..but great to see people gathering in my house.. =) its like family....awwww...hehe..wish i had more frens in penang who would come..usually we have open house on the 1st day of chinese new year..that explains why most of my chinese frens cant come rite?? =P

all set up! weee~!!

food oso ready..
dun worry..we catered..haha =P

after around 9pm..most of our guests already finish was time for the highlight of the night...weeee~!!!!! =D

lion dance on STILTS!!
amazing!!! woooow!

a gift from the lion to my mum
i think it says, "everyday, a good day!"

next is fireworks!!! BOOM!

beautiful and romantic..hahaha..
but no 'love' there =P

after all the was time to settle down and chit chat with my two dear so happy they made it.. =) thanks for coming!!! had a great time catching up! =)

ge ~ me ~ iz

what an amazing day with funny memories too..hahaha...

1) when we were watching the awesome fireworks..a bird flew into my house and didnt know how to get out for more than 12 was scared so it kept knocking the 'locked' glasses and shitting everywhere! is this LUCK?

2) during the open house, our neighbour's dog ran in and also shit in our garden!! gosh!! more LUCK!!

seems like 2012 is gonna be shitty LUCKY!! hahahahhahhahahha....

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, January 22, 2012

❀ reunion dinner ❀

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!!! its the time of the year again to collect angpaus =) weee~!!! i just finish eating the reunion dinner with my gonna share a few things with u guys about my chinese new year..

here's a few things that are "must-haves" for my house during Chinese New Year..

mei hua with hanging golden ornaments =)
its like a christmas tree too..but just that the gifts are hampers! hahaha

the red cloth at the entrance..

this arrangement of fruits
this is really important as all these fruits are signs of prosperity and wealth

hmmm...other than the "must-haves" are the "must-haves" dishes for reunion dinner...

yee sang!!!
this year we got it from sushi king..hahahha

yummy steamboat with abalone!!


this is really a great time to be together with my family..its the time where we can really have fun at the dining table..hahahha..normal days we usually dont this is the time wer everybody as a duty in preparing dinner =) FUN!

tossing the 'yee sang'
wishing the year to be full of:-
good health
abundant blessings
great career advancement
romantic love! =)


-thanks faithful listener-

Christmas Market, Germany

one of the best thing when i was in germany was the christmas markets.. =) its really beautiful to experience christmas this way! everyone in the cities are enjoying it..its something like our 'bazaar ramadhan' but this is very nice and not so much food..but more of the a handmade lover so i really could spend days checking them out!!! ahhhh!! and lots of money gone since all the things are too lovely to resist!!! =P


the stalls selling pretty christmas gifts!

carolling...beautiful voices!

a very famous candies and cookies shop

a sip of hot chocolate to warm myself up! slurrp!

these are all handmade!! ahhhh!
i want them all.....

this is a special christmas market
-thurn und taxis castle-
5 Euros per entry..but the things sold there are very unique!

handmade fire carving...i bought one!! weee~!

homemade chocolates...

christmas market in haidplatz, regensburg


see the christmas pyramid? that is famous here!!!


 sipping the delicious warm chocolate..
its very milk-ish and chocolate-ish =)


see the reindeers?? love their lightings and christmas atmosphere!

all my warm chocolate mugs!!
memorable souvenirs!! awww~!!!

writing this post made me miss Germany soooo much...i will definitely go back to Germany again someday..this is one of the best christmas season i had!!! =)

stay tune to see what Rottenburg is all about..a great city... =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, January 9, 2012

a month in germany: regensburg

i was sent to Germany for a month for training...thanks to my office for this great experience..very fun filled and of coz flight there was approximately 13 hours plus excluding transit!! =P i flew from kuala lumpur to amsterdam and then to munich.. =) thanks to klm, deutsch airline...if u guys have been reading my sure u guys realize i love to take pictures..and this is a month!! soo i have TONS to enjoy...these post will be all about regensburg..

the journey there was long..but worth the wait! =)

gewerbepark is where my company is situated...
thanks to Mr Pecs who drove me all the way..
munich to regensburg at 210km/h!! haha

ta-daa..this is 1 out of 3 of the offices..
we have the building which does the processing, production and admin!
amazing!!! =)

these are what we do!!!

training on our products - OLTC

more training..hahahha! =P
that's what i came here for!

my training is usually only from 8am - after that i am let's see what regensburg downtown is like.. =)

this is a painting of david and goliath on the wall
nice to see the freedom of worshiping our Lord here!

i know im in europe when the buildings are this style =)

the christmas mood is sooo nice!
jingle bells everywhere!!!!

im lucky to be here during the christmas season..
my favorite time of the year! =)

regensburg's famous river..danau river!
love the view from here!

another picture of the danau river overlooking the old bridge

this is over the other side..lovely!

carousels in every square
now it makes sense why kids love christmas seasons.. =)

my company has the biggest indoor christmas wreath..hahahhaa..

this beautiful sunset from my office..awww~!

the famous Dom

this is just my 1st city that i visited and i fell in love with it already!!!!!

 german sausage bun at the christmas market
stay tune for more about the beautiful christmas markets =)
will be updating soon.....

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 resolutions took me quite sometime to really sit and think what my resolutions should be..and i finally can think of 5 main ones...hopefully i can stick on to it!!!!

i wanna finish the whole bible this year! =)
Lord, please give me the discipline to read your word...

i wanna save MORE money!!
2011 has been a great year..but this resolution stays!
i have been independent for 8 months and it feels great! =)

this has been forever my resolution!! gosh!!
2012 needs to be the last year for it!!!!!
i am not aiming to be slim like a model..but at least fit n healthy!!!
*my hardest goal*

like this picture says...
2012 would be the year i know what business i want in my future! =)
im gonna work on it!!! weee~!!

go for HOLIDAYS!!!!!!
i have 3 places that i have planned to visit..
i hope all my plans will come to past!
and i hope i will be able to own a DSLR before that! hehe..

only 8 out of 10 of my 2011 resolutions or achieved!
1 of them is discarded!
1 of them is continued..

Hopefully all my resolutions can be achieved in 2012..

-thanks faithful listener-