Saturday, August 27, 2011

we are 3 years old ♥

cant believe someone stole my heart for 3 years already..haha =P 3 might sound like a small number..but its actually 1095 days..thats a lot!! hehe..but i hope many more to come..

in this thousand over days..many would b a lie if it was all roses..there were definitely times went we fought by words and by actions..haha..wrestling maybe..hahaha..and of coz sometimes im smitten by his words and actions too =)

in this 3 years we have accomplished a lot too...i mean in my hobby which is travelling..hehe..we have now been to 3 countries together already and i am looking forward to many more too..weee~!!

a heart full of sweet ice cream..awww!!

the happy and blessed me.. =)
welcoming lil tomok..hehe

love this picture of us sooo much!
romantic..haha =P

i wanna thank God for sure wen God made me He thought about u..thats y ur fingers fit perfectly with mine =) thanks dear for always giving in, tolerating and understanding me..thanks for your care, comfort and love..i know i can never find someone like u who can make me angry but laugh at the same time..

I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, August 26, 2011

its been 2 years...

it seems just like yesterday you left..
things are definitely not the same without u..
i feel awkward saying this but i do miss your cheekiness..
miss u disturbing me!!!
cant believe i said that! haha... =P

oh ya..i was looking through my picture collection and look wat i found..
the long long ago pictures we took!!

at my 1st techflow camp

christmas at your house

road trip to my home

u could not speak and i could not use my hands!!


but all i can do is thank God for u...
i am very blessed to have crossed paths with u..
a great fren that i will alwiz thank God for...

till we meet again....

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

selamat tinggal Medan!

its finally time to say goodbye to Medan..but our flights are only at we could stil have lots of fun for the's itinery is more on shopping and holy visitations...

our 1st stop is the buddhist temple..
seems to have a touch from thailand =) trying to wake some monks up.. =P

the bugs there are huge!! eeeewww!

next was the velangkahni church
i was a little disturb by the physical structure..
very different compared to the usually churches we see..hmmm..

the princess-y me..haha
this is not a mosque ya =P
its the sultan's palace n i played dress me up there!
fun n silly =P

after tried being hot in the sun..its time to go for some shopping..we stopped at medan mall..its only 10% of mid valley i think..hmmm...we only took 2 hours to have lunch and walked tru all the shops there..can u believe it?? its not really a mall i think..should me medan hypermart...haha! =D

i had bakso for lunch..yums!

after was time to enjoy a lovely spa treatment..i had aromatherapy with lulur and a bubble bath!! awesome relaxation!! and something silly masseur was very strong..i was kinda suffering with the strength she was massaging i screamed 'kurang kuat'..suddenly she put more pressure..gosh!! my bones lady!! so i screamed louder..n finally she realize i meant 'kurangi kuat'..gosh!! jus and 'I' can make a whole lot of meaning!! hahahha =P 

my last meal in medan
murtabak indomie
i kinda prefer indomie itself =P

i had such an incredible journey for 3 days..experiencing new things in a new land..i will definitely save up and visit indonesia again..many states in indonesia im looking forward to... =)

jus leave ur comments if u need help about medan!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Parapat - Berastagi

sorry for this really late post..i have been very busy in my little working world.. =( ok so here is the continuation of my medan 2nd day in medan is way more fun than the first im really happy!!! =) since yesterday we had an early we woke up really early as well..

went around our hotel to take pictures

love the view from up here!!

once we had our was time to continue our going to cruise on lake toba..weee~!! gonna b so interesting...can u imagine many many years ago..lake toba was actually a volcano..gosh!! must b really HUGEEE!

i was fascinated with these drooping flowers..hehe

poor lil kids washing clothes by the lake banks.. =(
taught me how to appreciate my dobi n washing machine more!

this is the boat i will b on soon!!
will b goin across the lake to tomok village...

can u see tomok village behind me?? =)

welcome to king sidabutar's palace
looks like a kampung rite?? haha..

this village is a very unique one..their roofs are like our minangkabau houses..and they have really small doors..they kinda want public to respect them without a choice..u need to bow down to enter the king's respect respect already!!

this is a tomb..can u believe it?
their palace are so run down but the tomb is so modern..haha!!
realize the scarf? its called ulu ulu..a sign of respect too
oh ya! 99% of the people here are awesome!! =)

i bought my ole ole here.. =)

after tomok was time to say bye to parapat..time to go to berastagi...weee~! but the journey is 6 hours!! OH NO!

look at the lake toba for the last time..haha..
great creation of GOD for sure!

after 3 hours of winding getting very dizzy!! =( time to stop by and get some fresh air and tea break..makan time!! hehe =D

the not so yummy indonesian satay..hehe

the very yummy pisang goreng!!! i miss it!!!

there was a kinda dried up tomato garden..hehe

after about 30 minutes of head is finally back to more spinning around =P so its time to continue the other half of the journey...and after a nap..i finally reached berastagi.. =)

this is sipiso piso waterfall
the main attraction in berastagi!! =)
can u believe it i felt like fainting hiking back up!! urgh!

i went for a horse carriage ride..
the horse poo-ed!! gosh!! what a gift!

finally checked in mikie holiday hotel
we immediately settle down n left for some photo time =)

lovely purple flowers

love his photography skills..hehe!

beli beli beli...hehe!!!

there was a funland jus walking distance..weee~!

this is actually like a mini theme park


we din play team! haha

since yesterday we had an early night its not gonna happen we decided to pay our driver a lil tips as ask him to fetch us to a hot spring..hehe..

HOT!! look at the smoke!

we can even cook eggs!! haha...

after soaking up in the hot spring..i slept really well that night..hopefully i din snore! haha....cant wait to tell u guys about my last day in medan... =) stay tune ya...thanks for reading!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, August 13, 2011


 its the time of the year that i LOVEEEE! time to go for a vacation...weeee~!!! this time i went to medan..wondering wats horas?? its like 'apa khabar' or 'hello' =) HORAS!! hehe...

@ putrajaya express train station
its my first time on this fast train =)
only RM5.50 from here to lcct..including bus d..


i arrived medan at 8.30am (medan time) and my bro will only come at i decided to have breakfast..hungry!!

since im in indonesia..of coz indomie is on my list!!
yum yum.... =P

once my brother arrived..we decided to go for city tour on the last we went straight to parapat..the journey was BUMP, BOUNCE, ROCK, ROW!! dun worry..all that was done in a van..the roads were full of holes!! gosh! 

finally after all the bouncing..its time for lunch
we stopped  by restaurant simpang tiga.. =)
very very yummy ayam pop!

next stop along the way was a patent shop selling...
teng teng, ting ting, pong pong, ping ping
hahahaha...funny but yummy!
i love teng teng!! =)

after 6 hours journey...we finally arrived at parapat..i was quite dizzy cause of the winding roads..huhu..but lucky once we arrived..the air was fresh cause we were quite high up! =) n thanks to our driver, mr mukris..we arrived safely =P it definitely not easy to drive in medan!!

i bought cute lil mangoes
small n sweet

we finally checked into our hotel
looking at the nice pool n beautiful view
i cant resist taking a dip!!

i swam til it was sunset!! haha...
very very nice...wish i had dslr =/

after 90 mins of swimming and wen my skin all started to wrinkle..its time to get out of the pool! haha...den we had dinner at the hotel itself..parapat is a town that sleeps by 8.30pm i think!! oh no!!

the only row of shops open at nite..sad!

since most of the shops are closed and the massage at the hotel is fully booked..i called it a day by 9.30pm..good nite!!!

stay tune for more of parapat and berastagi =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Friday, August 12, 2011

tepanyaki express, pavillion

ahhh...eating at pavilion for lunch again.. =) this time we chose 'tepanyaki express'..its a japanese restaurant at their food court...tepanyaki is the total opposite of sashimi as tepanyaki is japanese cooked food! hehe..

first of all find a place to sit
its jus a stool comfy sofas.. =)

place ur order!!
i had oysters with chili and garlic sauce
this set comes with soup, rice n drink (RM20)
price varies according to the main dish

cut cut cut
fry fry fry
sawi..hmmm..not a fan of it tho..
but it also comes with tauge
FREE vege! =)

the chef is cooking our food
can u spot my oysters??
*i cant =(*

my lunch is here!!
lets om nom nom nom =D

such a yummy lunch!!

-thanks faithful listener-