Friday, April 29, 2011

the royal wedding: prince william & kate

i am soooo excited to be able to witness the royal wedding of the century..prince william and kate is getting married after seven years of dating..amazing faithfulness!! i love seeing them together as kate is a not sure if this is every girl's dream to marry a was my dream long time ago..but seeing all these protocols that comes together..i shall just be very very happy for them!! =)

the lovely bride and bridegroom to be

they dated like everyone else!!
i like that about them sooo much....

high school sweethearts!!

people around the world are soooo happy for them..including me!! hehe...their wedding is gonna b live on tv! wow! n im sooo sad i will b missing it cause i will b in my flight to hong kong.. =( their portraits were drawn in magazines, books and posters!!!!

cartoon prince will and kate..hehe

they definitely are so humble and keeping in simple! =)

there is even a game about their wedding!
gonna download it now..haha
 have a blessed marriage life prince and princess!!!


6pm in malaysia


-thanks faithful listener-

~final day in the merlion city~


in the morning we decided to go for easter service in the well known city harvest church.. =) the service was attended by 2000-3000 people!!! amazing!

look at the crowd!

it was a bilingual service
english & mandarin

there was a easter drama presentation too..
the whole drama was really entertaining..
the props were awesome!!! =)

soon it was time for lunch!!!
yummy steamboat!! =)

after was time to visit a few more attractions before heading to the airport.. =( huhu..i know im gonna miss this clean clean country..hehe =P

off to duck tours
our duckie was called katrina..haha

our duck could move on land and also water
this is us on the singapore river =)

next stop was marina sands sky park..56th floor!

check out the view!!!
amazing singapore...

dinner time!!!
seafood at jumbo!!!!
we had pumpkin crabmeat broth
brocolli with fresh scallops
chilli crabs
braised losbter!!!


after so much fun for 4 was time to head home...

headlines of the day:
our two frens missed their flights!! gosh!

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, April 28, 2011

hello animals of singapore!

this is our 3rd day in is gonna b a little closer to animals instead of roller coasters..hehe..we had two days of crazy fun is gonna b an animal old macdonald farm!! animals here and there..haha.. =P

our 1st place for the day..bugis street!
here is where i bought all my souvenirs
there is a shop that even sells 3 tees for S$10!!

 had lunch at bugis food court!
din really like my choice of lunch..but it was really cheap! =)

now the animal fun begins...we are off to jurong bird park!! =) this was also our 1st time to use the public bus..jurong is really far from clarke quay where our hotel was located..

hello pingu!

look at the cutie penguins swimming!!!

the most elegant flamingos

a must have picture of us at the lake! =)

oooo...feeding time for the pelicans!!
they eat 32 kg of fish a day!! wow!

after 3 hours of was time for some wild animals...we headed off to the night safari..but we were kinda early since it only opens at 7pm..

at the night safari..
the place where the lion sleeps tonite! =)

had my 1st ben & jerry ice cream..yummy!
*coughs getting worse*

we were in a cave in one of the walking trails..
there were bats!!! ahhhh!

we had lots of fun watching smart animals performing tricks and fun in the night safari tram..there was a tapir only a foot away from where i was sitting...exciting!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

universal studio singapore!!

2nd day in singapore and we are gonna spend the whole day is unversal studio!!! n it was great!!! u can never feel bored in here!!! =) by the way..the ticket during peak season was S$72..we were there on good friday!! their public holiday..but universal studio was very kind..they extending the ride operating hours to 9pm instead of 7pm!! so we went on all!! weee~!

the ever famous landmark!! =)

we were welcomed by woody-wood-pecker

love the english architecture..nice!

we decided to start off with a little slower rides to the crazy spinning over turning rides!! ahhhhhh! scary but i wanna go on i hold responsible if my heart drops out..haha =P

time to feel up our tummies b4 our crazy rides..
we were @ mel's diner...
one burger set cost about S$15

going on a roller flyer..reverse way!! ahhhh!

and now this CRAZY roller coaster
ahhhhhhh!!! screams all the way!
this is the best ride of the day!! weeee~!

after we were done with most of the scary was time to enjoy some shows..we walked from parks to parks and waited for the street them! love meeting all my favorite characters! =)

i like to move it move it! =)

is this counted??
baby dinosaur from jurasic park?? =P

marilyn monroe...phewitt! betty boop! =)

waa cha!!!
kung fu panda!!! so cute!!

it was a great day!! walking around with a map and many many showtimes and queuing up many hours of queues...felt like a tourist!!! =) wat a great day and it ended with a BANG!!! lakeside fireworks show! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

play pass @ sentosa island

i jus came back from SINGAPORE!!!! weeee~! a trip that was long awaited for..i think almost 8 months ago we booked the flights..hehe...

getting on the mrt from the airport to the hotel in clarke quay
ruck sack inn..only S$30 per night..
awesome place!!!

had our lunch before goin to sentosa
chicken rice @ Seah Im

we are finally here!!!
thats the papa merlion =)

we bought a play pass
S$64 for 13 rides

up at the merlion tower

dark n luminous...
check out our teeth!! haha

took a lucky ticket from the merlion
it made me win a mouse pad..hehe

we went up to the mouth of the papa merlion

cute!! i like this picture! =)

look at the view from the papa merlion's head

next was the images of singapore
we had the chance to view many different traditions

ahhhh! fire walking by the indians..hehe

off to desperados...shoot shoot shoot!
lucky i was not awarded the donkey shooter..haha =P

zoom down the luge ride!! vroom!

my 1st time on a segway..FUN!
it needs a lot of balance but once i got a hang of it..
i din wanna let go!!! so nice!

my dinner..yummy!
only at S$8...burps!

the last fun for the day...
songs of the sea @ S$10
the fireworks and fountain was amazing!!!!

oh ya...all the mrt n SBS buses were free for us..
tourist pass @ S$24 for 3 days... =)

stay tune for more of singapore.......

-thanks faithful listeners-