Tuesday, November 30, 2010

christmas @ empire gallery

hark the herald angels sing...glory to the new born king........♬ hahaha..bare with me..im already in the christmas-y mood!!! wooohooo~! and on of my favorite things to do during christmas is to check out all the decorations at all malls...hehehehe...

1st on the list....ta-daa!
empire gallery @ subang jaya

can u spot the train behind??
kids only..huhu

thats the track...very fun!!!
the kids were very merry...
jus wat christmas is all about...

they had great performances too...
this is the unique angklung performance..

fake snow too!!! 

stay tune for more malls' deco!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, November 28, 2010

happy birthday, mithaniel!

haha...i jus cant stop laughing wen i create that "name"..its mithila + daniel..my two close frens!! =) it was a surprise for them..n i think we successfully surprised them!! weee~!

in kenny rogers

fuh..the high comm of career team! =P

the surprise cake!!
baskin robins cake..wooo~!
mithila's hint got granted..haha

all of us...awesome!



-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, November 25, 2010

tiring but fun teambuilding!!

Career unit teambuilding is finally here again...and this time its no longer in PD..yay~! we found a really "back to nature" resort..Agrotek..its around 45 mins from Uniten..very far from town..hehe..we had no telecommunication signal for the 3 days..only at certain peaks there are one miserable bar which comes and go.. =( but we pulled tru and had fun!!! weee~!

the road that not many took..haha

we finally arrived!!

will b my home for 3 days..hehe

we had our 1st ice breaking game..
it was the usually "bird, stone, water" game..
but this time.. "human, gun, tiger" hahaha

we then celebrated the nov babies bday..
adnan and sameer was left out..huhu..

after lunch...Captain Ariva came to conduct a our teambuilding..he was superb!!! his modules were fun!! =) we totally bonded!

the bottle and string game

fillinf up a tall pipe!

water entrapment..haha

hula hoop games were fun!
we did worm squirm..cool =)

blue marine won 1st prize..congrats!

my team won 2nd place..
congrats Red Indian!!

3rd was purposely purple..

well done green cobra! hehe

besides all the planned schedule..we did some unplanned activities too..hehe...we enjoyed ourselves so much..splash!!!

my girls!


definitely looking forward to working with this new teammates..work load is piling up and so is the bonding sessions..haha...looking forward to a successful career carnival in 2011...

my awesome team!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

a day in the playground! ☺

dont u tink they are soooo cute??

"come to my house!!"

look at that cheeky face!

the "zhooo" that he made is too cute..

the excited look! haha


this is another cutie that i love..

look at how rough she plays..hehe

she almost got stuck..cute!

she loves the monkey bar..

i love this pic...all effort into climbing..hehe


my dear sweetie pie..


-thanks faithful listener-

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bluebells' 23rd concert!

for those who do not know...Bluebells is my mum's kindy...and last sunday was their 23rd concert..wow! its even older than me..haha...it was fun watching those cuties dancing and singing...some were really great dancer..some were so cheeky!! hehehe..below are some pictures for u to check out how cute the kiddies are.. =)

cool back drop huh?

love the arch!

getting some make up..so cute!!!

 she loves putting eye shadow..hehe..eveready!

great masters of ceremony

the native Flintstones costumes..hehe

the 2-3 years old babies..they can shake!

♪ im a little teapot... 

 some get a little cheeky on stage..hehe..

the alisan dance..a chinese folk dance..

a japanese dance..love the umbrellas..

the 6 year old students singing..the song was very nice..
cant remember the title...sorry!

well done to all the teachers!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-