Thursday, April 26, 2012

hailam village seafood, lumut

this is really an awesome restaurant...this place is quite deep in lumut town..but the food is 5/5!!!!!! sooo yummy!!! =) at the beginning when we arrived around 7.30pm..we were the only ones walking in for dinner..there were two uncles drinking tea and chit in my mind..i was like.."for sure this place is horrible!! no one eats here" but because i was hungry..we just ordered what ever the waitress recommended!

 simply restaurant right??
we sat inside where there was air-con =)
oh ya! and no mosquitoes..haha

nestum prawns!!!
RM15 for about 12 prawns!!!

seafood with homemade taufoo!!!
the taufoo is just so yummy!! smooth and not oily! =)
RM 8 i think perfect for 3-4 adults...

this steam fish in a claypot is 6/5!!!!
soooo delicious honestly!
the sauce is really special..its a special in house recipe the chef said...
RM 45..also perfect for 3-4 adults

can u imagine how full we were that night???!!! we were eating for almost 4 people!!! BURPS! excuse me! hehehe....

oh ya!! thank God that while we were eating..more n more people filled the restaurants!! after trying their not surprise they will b packed every night!! =)

if u ever go to lumut..this is a must eat place!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

swiss garden, damai laut

last weekend was my first vacation of the year!!! weee~!!! i was waiting since february for this weekend!! im sooo sooo excited and finally the day arrived!!! weeee~!!! we could only check into our hotel, swiss garden at we left kl a little bit late since it was approximately 3 to 4 hours drive..

directions: if you are coming from towards bidor..exit at bidor..then head towards lumut..and follow the sign board towards pantai remis..and soon you will see signs of the hotel!!! =)

after 4 hours...i was super duper happy to see this!!!
hello swiss garden!!!! =)

check out the golfing range surrounded by the lake

i could not resist this shot!!! had to stop before checking in..haha

they had all sorts of rooms..from villas to apartments and of coz hotels...we were staying at the hotel of coz..hehe...

check out the view from my room balcony!!!

after settling down and taking a quick was time for dinner...almost 6pm...we decided to have dinner at lumut town..check this post to see where we had dinner.. =)

after dinner..we drove around and found some places that we could explore and take photographs!!! hehehehe...

lumut waterfront!!!
nothing was drizzling and most of the shops are closed!
some are even empty!! not much tenants... =/

look wat i found!!!
dinosaur's remains in the center of a round-a-bout!! hahaha...

love this arch!!! gives me a great feel of being by the sea...

stay tune to see what i did the next day!!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blessed Easter!!!

today is a day that is the cornerstone for all christians... =) it is a day that our amazing Lord Jesus died and rose again!!! what a great God we serve!! a living, wonder working and real God!! im just so thankful for all this blessings, faithfulness and love!!

on Good Lord was crucified..
He was mocked and treated just like a criminal.. =(
but He still asked to forgive all those who have ill treated Him..
what a great God i have..
He paid the price just for me...

3 days later on Easter Sunday..
the tomb where He was buried was empty!!!

YAY!!! my God is alive..
even till today..He is always there!!
He has blessed me..
He has loved me and will always love me..
He is such a great Lord, Father and Friend!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, April 1, 2012


MY BESTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is engaged!!!
amazing day to witness my 1st bestie engaged...

thats us!!
sorry afwan..i sat with her on it 1st..hahaha...

we fought on it too..haha...

and we are friends again!!! =)

just a note to the newly engaged couple:
its gonna be the same.. =) ur gonna argue along the way and frown at each other as well..but always know that the love u guys share are very envious to many!!! stay in love always and i cant wait for our many double dates in the future!!! *hope u both are reading*

we just cant stop taking pictures!! haha


chah couldnt come =(

the double date is badly needed!!! =P

 congrats guys!!!
remember that wen u start a new chapter of life..
dun forget us..ur frens..
somewhere along the way..
we, friends need each other!! =)


-thanks faithful listener-