Monday, June 27, 2011

my easy recipe: asam prawns

its time for a new recipe..i tried out cooking asam prawns..its actually kinda yummy! =) i decided to cook 10 prawns..jus nice for two...

things u need:

asam jawa

the simple steps:

peel the prawns..leave the shell on..mix a small bowl of water with asam jawa and sugar..dun put too much..diluted mixture is alright to avoid the prawns being too sour and having too strong of asam jawa smell...marinate for almost an hour..heat up a pan with butter..fry those prawns and once they are fully cooked..add honey to bring out more balance the sourness.. =) once all done..the dish is ready to be served!!

enjoy those prawns!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, June 25, 2011

super GT 2011

its finally the week for the super GT supporting number 46!! im rooting for Masataka and Ronnie!! =) i bought the grandstand tickets..yay! there were lots of exhibitions to check out before the race..

awesome car~!!

awesome engine.. =)

there was a section something like

this interior has crystals and a mini bar!

perhaps a disco place too! haha..

this has a 32 inch tv!! gosh!

this should be the vintage wedding cars..hahahaha

cool right if the bride n groom were sitting where she was?!

this one is awesome as well..
i wouldnt mind any of these for my wedding..haha

the RACE is finally about to START!!!

many getting a closer shot at the cars

this is the pit stop

the cars getting ready...

ready, set, go!!!!!!!!

check out the video for a feel of the great sound!!

this is my 1st experience and i enjoyed it!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, June 20, 2011

I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dah hampir 2 bulan x jumpa!! i miss u all..........HUGS!!!!!! kite bukak la folder kite yang berlambak...oh my gosh!!! byk giler gmbr best ni je lar y ak upload sbb y lain censored!! hahahahah....especially time banjir..igt x yati n cah?? =P

one of our 1st picture together...

our 1st great outing...
jeram + egg sandwich!! favorite! =)

yati...ape tengok tengok!! =P
windu la nk geletek kau!! hahaha...

the craziest thing we ever did!!!
standing in the middle of the road n taking picture in putrajaya!! =P
ingat x???

big big hugs!!!! awww......

these girls are my great listeners..they have seen me laugh like a santa claus..cry like a baby..and be moody to the maximum!! we have celebrated birthday together...gone tru hard times together and helped each other tru rough moments..we have oso made exam toyols together =P ahhahaha...but besides all that..we TRAVEL!!!! weeee~!

us @ port dickson... =)

us @ perak!!! weee~!

snorkelling time!!

the fishes love us!!...hehehehe!!!


-thanks faithful listeners-

my easy recipe: tomyam bihun

its monday again!!! time for a new dish...its tomyam day!! =) again..the portions are for a couple.. =)

things u need:

1/2 packet of bihun
tomyam paste
salt & sugar
white mushrooms
baby corn
diced chicken (2 thigh meat)
small cauliflower
1 carrot
2 cloves of garlic
3 sticks of serai
5 chilli padi (depends on how spicy u like)

the simple steps:

boil the bihun and put it to set....heat up a wok and fry the garlic til golden brown..add in the chicken and stir fry till its 3/4 cooked..or for 3 minutes...pour those in the wok to a pot...add 2 bowls of water and the tomyam paste..the amount of paste depends on how thick u would like ur soup to be.. =) next put in the serai...leave it to boil for 2 minutes..den add in the carrots, onions, baby corn and cauliflower..once its boiling for another 5 minutes, add in the salt and chilli padi for taste and the white mushrooms...once everything is boiling and soft..its ready to serve!!! =)

have a yummy tomyam!!

-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

congrats terence & rachel!!! =)

ta daa!!! their cute banner!
love the 2 lovey dovey snails =P

all the pretty girls..hehe!

we were helping with the registration n door gifts
love the heart chocolates in it.. =P
oops!! no longer a surprise! haha

me n the bride!!! =)
hugs rach!!

their flowery wedding cake
its my 1st dark choc cake.. =)

congratulations terence & rachel
many many blessings in ur new chapter in life!!
may ur marriage life be filled with joy, laughter, peace and love =)


p/s: on the same weekend yong got married too and followed by kak ani..congrats kaks! many many blessings ur way too.. =) hugs kak!

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, June 13, 2011

my easy recipe : beef steak with black pepper sauce

ever since i started working in kl..i have also started trying out various recipes...very very simple ones..suitable for a small family =) im happy to be improving my cooking skills because food is the way to a man's heart..rite?? hehehe...

so every monday..i will b posting a simple recipe of mine..the amount is just nice for two..couple meals..haha..hopefully u guys wont find it too simple!! =)

today's menu
black pepper steak with french fries and toast bread

things u need:

2 rib eye steak
small packet of french fries
2 slices of bread
chopped onion
chopped garlic
light soy sauce
oyster sauce
black pepper

the simple steps:

marinate the steak with light soy sauce and some sprinkle of black pepper for about 30 mins..grill the steak or put it in a preheated oven at 200'..keep ur eyes on it to avoid burnt steak!! =) collect the juice that drips from the steak if adds flavour to the sauce..while the steak is cooking..deep fry the french fries till it turns golden brown..for the sauce..pan fry the onions n garlic till its slightly golden den add 2 table spoon of oyster sauce, a pinch of salt n sugar with 4 soup spoons of water...once it comes to a boil..sprinkle some black pepper and stir!! once all ready to serve!!! yay!!

cream of chicken

this soup goes well with everything western..haha..a great dip for the bread!

things u need:

a tin of campbell soup (your choice)

the simple steps:

all you need to do is pour a tin of the campbell soup into a tin of cream equals one tine of water..thats the best measurement..once its boiling..its ready to serve!!! add some butter and pepper for more taste! for me..i love to add an egg =)


have a great dinner tonite

-thanks faithful listener-

Sunday, June 12, 2011

snowalk i-city

i got to hear about a promotion goin on in i-city..there is this snowalk (a big room turned into a winter scenario)..the usual price for adults are RM25 and that includes the fur jacket..but the gloves are for sale at RM10...but the promo is RM15 for adults..good deal?? so i decided to explore!!!

this is a superman sled!!
pull me!! zoom!!! =)

there was an area for snow fight!! FUN!!!

this is part of a slide
i sat on the float and i was spun down the slope!!
weeeeee~!! it was a great thrill..hehe

there were also decorative things
good spot for photos..but..
good lightings is needed! =)
if not ur photos will b slightly dark like mine =P


-thanks faithful listener-

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

my 1st factory visit

i think based on my performance during the training..i PASSED!!!!

i can go out on my 1st local factory visit..YAAAY!!! =D

got my 1st safety shoes...
thanks protected now..hehe

this factory manufactures transformers
those are the windings

this is the inside of a transformer
the coverings are not ready yet

this are the cables used

and these are the high quality insulators

once they ordered a tap changer from us
the service team will inspect the connections
once its alrite..den the QC is approved!! =)

it needs to b 'baked' so there is no vapour
completely dry!! =)

this factory visit opened my eyes to sooo many things
now i understand y people say
"wen u work..nothing much comes from the text books"

-thanks faithful listener-

Monday, June 6, 2011

what my work is all about

i am basically dealing with tap changers from transformers!!!

so i went tru a 4 days was fun!

of coz i learnt a lot since i had my hands on experience..yay =)

this is a serial plate
here is where i can identify the specs of the tap changer

it can be M type

or maybe V type

this is the motor that works the transformer

and this is the gear that controls it

i learnt about the switching elements too

this is how the oil suction pipe looks like =)

all these are very new to me..

n im glad i feel a little smarter after this training..hehe

im starting to understand my job scope a little more



-thanks faithful listener-

Saturday, June 4, 2011

my 1st butter cookies ♥

one sunday..i felt a little chef in me saying lets i got excited n went to econsave..bought the ingredients and took out the oven n started my baking..tho my baking skills are not awesome..the cookies came out yummy!!! =)

looks awesome??
anyone want some?? hehehehe

♥ u!!
will make more next time..hehehe

a short post 2day..sorry!!
need to marinate my beef..getting ready for 2moro!
cooking day again! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

Thursday, June 2, 2011

magic plant

since my room is air conditioned...mummy suggested that i place something with water in my i had a few options...

1) a pot of water..haha
2) a bowl of fish
3) a pot of plant

i tot of the effort i had to put in..choice number one is easy but looks silly..i might jus topple over that pot of water..haha..choice number two is fun..but it will get dirty and i need to clean it often..oh no! the third choice is jus need to clean..jus add water!! =)

how to grow a pot of plant beautifully..

1) grow money plant since its the easiest..haha
2) buy the magic fertilizer
3) jus add water wen it gets dry.. =)

this is the packet of the fertilizer

soak them in water for about half an hour

wen the fertilizer is bloated..
put in the plant!!!!

mine has survived awesome-ly for two weeks..yay!!!!
and the plant has helped keep my hydrated as well
cause the water help my room from being dry! =)

-thanks faithful listener-